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  1. you can read this and if it applies to you https://www.dps.texas.gov/DriverLicense/reciprocity.htm
  2. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/05/opinion/2020-election-prediction-allan-lichtman.html Trump will be out in November . Thank god
  3. every state is different and the local laws apply. find out from DMV. no one will stop you if you want to learn to drive
  4. you are already a green card holder when you passed the port of entry. your green card status is activated on entry to united states. its just that you dont have the card. it will come in a month of two.
  5. Thanks this seems to be the definition Code 1 is for fingerprinting of all 10 fingers. This is electronically sent to FBI the same day, they run it to match thru their database to match it with criminals/persons of interest and send the results the same day (or the next) to USCIS. Code 1 is very important as it is part of your security/background check and determines admissibility for GC. Code 1 expires after 15 months e.g. FBI needs to check their database again. Code 2 (right index finger only+photo+sign) is for the generation of cards for immigration benefits e.g. EAD, GC etc. If you filed for EAD, you definitely need code 2 or the card can not be generated. Code 2 is done everytime we apply for a benefit. Code 3 (fingerprinting all 10 fingers+photo+sign) is a combination of both, when USCIS wants to get a security check done on you as well as generate card.
  6. come back here if you have any more questions. folks here have gone through the process and can give you more accurate information than the robots at USCIS
  7. i think it depends on which service centers are processing. California is old lazy bum while Nebraska, Texas and Vermont are scheduling faster. i think the issue is WAC petitions and those in Jan/Feb are stuck
  8. they are applying different rules to different categories. Iam EB based while i have seen the trend that FB based are not getting EAD without biometrics
  9. iam hoping everyone in Feb soon get biometrics. My first i-485 was rejected even thought i filed everything. Apparently the contractors who work at lockbox assumed i was a different category and denied by petition. they wasted 45 days to return back my petition. After that when i followed up with lockbox via email support they said it was wrongfully rejected and i should just send it back .i was like ####### and all of it has rippled effect. Hang in there.
  10. nothing in the last 10 years. so no idea what criteria is being used. its insane that they dont normalize it but instead some folks are stuck without out card even though their EAD's are approved.
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