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    My hubby (Canadian) and I (USC) met online playing a video game. We have had a long distance relationship for 11 years, visiting each other two weekends a month, and spending holidays together. Why so long to immigrate? We opted to wait for our kids to graduate high school (they are not immigrating) before moving in together. It's finally time to make the big move. We are excited to finally get to live together!

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  1. Hey all! I haven't swung by in six months. That's such a difference from when I'd be posting here multiple times a day. I love living with my hubby! Just starting our seventh month in the same house (after 8 years of dating and 2 years of being married). A funny thing happened the day he crossed - his passport visa was stamped with the wrong date. He crossed on Jan 1 2021 and whoever was in charge of updating the stamp only updated the day and month, not the year - Jan 1 2020. So his passport looks like his visa was already a year old as of the very same day he got it. Needless to say, we were super anxious to have that green card in hand. Although we got the SS# within days of his arrival, the green card itself arrived at the three month mark. We were delighted that it had been automatically updated from a CR-1 to an IR-1 since the day he crossed was our two-year-and-three-day anniversary. So although the wait was long, the final document was accurate and did not require any additional follow up. Sweet! Now instead of phone calls, texts, zoom chats and eager refreshing of our email accounts, we get to worry about grocery lists and who needs the car on what day. What a difference! Hang in there everyone! It's such an awesome place to be!
  2. Echoing @jackanddeona it isn't the move, it's the loss of previous insurance. Mine lost his insurance as soon as he activated his visa at POE. Here's a basic overview from WikiHow (read Method 2),"The United States government has made it law that health insurance companies must allow a special enrollment period when qualifying life events have occurred. These life events can include getting married and losing other insurance coverage (among other things).")
  3. Yes, except there is a waiting step. Once you are at the DQ stage, the NVC is holding your information until the consulate tells them they have available interview slots. NVC doesn't send your info to the consulate until they can schedule the interview. That's why although you are ready for the consulate/interview step, your information has not been sent over yet.
  4. I was able to add my husband to my insurance. It's insurance through work. HR had to tell them why he had no SSN yet and the company overrode the SSN requirement. So he has been added and I already have cards for him. In fact, thanks for the reminder that I need to give them his SSN now that we have it!
  5. Congrats! Watching you and others receiving documentation makes me wonder what the backend processes are that drive this, how do our paths and timelines diverge so much. For example, my hubby crossed the day before you, got his SSN 10 days after crossing, but has no GC yet.
  6. Lois K

    Registering car

    Hiya! This FAQ has some info and a link to another thread that might help you. Scroll down to Prepping For Move. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1k927pE5wqzTN5n0lPYZ1JQxgbmnzmNWX5hSteyii0BY/edit (The FAQ came from this thread https://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/748289-ir-1cr-1-montreal-dqd-private-message-group-goes-public/)
  7. Hiya! Come join this thread where we are all chatting about our Montreal interviews all the time.
  8. As we approach 200 pages, which I understand is the max for a thread, I'd like for this thread not just peter out, but end with purpose by including a link to the awesome FAQ (and of course a link to the new thread where we'll want to keep talking). We've posted 1800+ times in this thread and the info throughout has been incredibly useful, albeit challenging to search through. That FAQ has been key. For the sake of future VJers who jump to the end of a thread hoping for a summary, I suggest we provide the FAQ.
  9. SS card received Monday! It has a typo though, missing final letter of middle name. Still waiting on GC
  10. I meant greater mainland area, sorry. So it would be Dr Cheema in Surrey. That's the only option there. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Supplements/Supplements_by_Post/MTL-Montreal.html#med_exam_instructions
  11. As noted, very dependent on other factors. My hubby had his medical in BC, interview in Montreal on Dec 14, passport back in hand Dec 22.
  12. I recommend this thread for continual updates:
  13. We had the medical with Cheema on Dec 2, also electronically sent, and arrived in time for today's interview. Granted hubby is from the Vancouver area so this was actually more convenient than the doctors in the Montreal area. So sorry to hear about the 221gs. My empathy goes out to you, it's such a long journey and to have yet another hold up is rough.
  14. πŸ’—πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’—πŸ’–πŸ’• πŸ’—πŸ’–πŸ’• We're approved! Hubby's approved!! πŸ’—πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’—πŸ’–πŸ’• πŸ’—πŸ’–πŸ’•
  15. How am I supposed to sleep? His interview is in 5.5 hours! πŸ€ͺ Separate note, hubby has comments about his experience with Dr Cheema, mostly process and parking. But I don't see one specific thread about the medical stuff, there are lots of threads, and lots of comments woven into other threads, like in this one for example. If a main thread exists, point me to it, please. If it doesn't, may I suggest that, much like the consulate review thread, it would be nice to have a consolidated place for VJ'ers to post notes about the medical providers.
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