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    My hubby (Canadian) and I (USC) met online playing a video game. We have had a long distance relationship for 11 years, visiting each other two weekends a month, and spending holidays together. Why so long to immigrate? We opted to wait for our kids to graduate high school (they are not immigrating) before moving in together. It's finally time to make the big move. We are excited to finally get to live together!

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  1. My hubby and I see each other twice a month. I go up once a month and he comes down once a month. Lots of short visits with longer ones of up to two weeks. We've been doing this for 10 years, only the last 1.5ish while going through the visa process. Also, I recommend Nexus passes.
  2. Yeah, much of this process is. My empathies for all who endure it. Wow that there are so many of us too! Where are the 'OMG we all survived immigration" parties where we stand in our peers and admire each other and ourselves for the accomplishment. 😉
  3. Yes, and LOL at "we've got nothin on this person" 🙂 I don't want to say 'blank' though as it's got some legalese. Here's a redacted version for whomever is curious. Criminal Record Check, privacy, redacted.pdf
  4. Great. Then you have the data to answer your question. DQ is called Case Complete in the timelines. Is that what you're looking for?
  5. Super helpful! It took 26 calls before I got through with an an initial ring. Then I was on hold over an hour (stopped looking at the clock, not sure how long), but the guy was super helpful and gave me an answer in under two minutes. We are DQ for real!
  6. We are DQ as of today...maybe? See my lovely color coded notes below. 😉 We got two emails today. 8:42am saying the status changed and 8:43am saying we are DQ. When I log in, the CEAC has a new document request, "Police Certificate (Canada): Incomplete". (Note: We had already uploaded the police certificate, two different types, showing as "Accepted"). If we do submit the document again, do we risk losing the DQ? If we don't submit the document again, is having the 'incomplete' going to keep us from getting scheduled from an interview? I'll call and try to get clarification. Seems rather fast, we just submitted documents on Monday (holiday), which would have been viewed Tuesday, and we get DQ on Wednesday. But we definitely have the email saying we are DQ.
  7. I don't have an answer for you, sorry, but I have a similar situation so I'll share what I've done. I had enough income and enough assets, but between the I-130 and the I-864 I became unemployed. I do have a new job starting here in two weeks, again with enough income. But I didn't want to delay submitting paperwork. Nor did I want to risk a denial. So I asked my dad to be a Joint Sponsor (with mom's income added as a Household Member). (And yes, you are right, it was a lot of effort to put the I-864 packets together with my parents. Using the tax transcripts helped.) When I submitted all the paperwork via CEAC, I added notes that I'd value the opportunity to be the sole sponsor but I leave that up to their discretion. I don't know what they might do with that info yet. This is not advice, this is just sharing how I approached a similar situation.
  8. I'm the USC, my hubby is the applicant. We thought only our divorce documents were needed, and we did pass through I-130 with that (for each of us). But now at the NVC/CEAC stage, it asked him for a copy of his previous marriage certificate as well. Luckily he had a scanned copy, or we would have had to have waited a lot longer to submit the DS-260 documents. He's also ordered a certified copy to bring to the interview, just in case. (Heck, since we're being super careful, I made sure I had a certified copy of my past marriage certificate as well. It hasn't been asked for yet, but I'll have it if it's needed!)
  9. Same issue here, we just submitted our I-864. Our approach was to use my 2018 tax transcripts (ordered online), add additional documentation of my 2019 W-2s with a note that we'd bring the full 2019 tax transcripts to the interview.
  10. Agreeing with what's noted above. Adding what it looks like for you on the CEAC site: After we submitted, the documents all had status "Submitted" then their status changed to "Accepted". Later we got an email from NVC saying we were Documentarily Qualified. Nothing on the main page of the CEAC login says Documentarily Qualified, so you won't see it there. But there is a notification section on your CEAC main page. Click into that and when you have reached Documentarily Qualified, there should be a note about it there.
  11. I'm USC, hubby is Canadian. We both have Nexus. We each cross the border monthly, driving through Peace Arch or Pacific Crossing. We've been doing it 10+ years now. All our visits are either weekends, long weekends, or vacations (Christmas is a week, spring break is a week, summer is two weeks). It was nerve-wracking the first few visits after engagement, after the wedding marriage and after the initial I-130 filing. But so far, we've never been turned away. Best of luck to you!
  12. Regarding calling, I wouldn't mind holding, my problem is that I can't get through. I get the recording saying to go online or to call back later. I've called when they open, I've called right before closing time, I've tried calling 20 times in a row. I've followed this advice multiple times and get the recording (or a fast busy) every time, and no ability to wait on hold. I'm calling from the US on a cell phone (no landline) so I can't think what might be the problem. Any advice to getting past that? I don't want that risk for sure! Thanks you so much!
  13. If you update your timeline (https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/profile.php?id=333528 click Edit), then once updated, click Show Similar Timelines. That should give you some people in a similar situation as you. You can see how long they have been waiting. Or if you like sorting and spreadsheets, and you want to see people who are further along than you, go to the spreadsheet view (https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/k1list.php?cfl=&op1=3&op3=5&op5=&op6=All), click Enable Advanced Mode to view more data, choose your country, and click Set Filter. That may give you enough to make your calculations, but if not, click into other people's timelines right from the spreadsheet. Good luck!
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