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  1. Hi Longwait22. When did you have your interview? I applied 601 & 485 on April 2019. I don’t have any update😞

    1. Longwait22


      I Applied for waiver after my interview in April 2019 as told by interviewing officer to file 601 with in 30 days and got the decision now

  2. Thanks a lot. I applied for a waiver too. I applied April 2019. I just got my EAD card. So that means I just have to be patient.😢
  3. I’m an April filer too. I did my biometrics on May 10 & it still says “fingerprint fee received”.
  4. Did you get an EAD & AP before they approved your waiver? Sorry for asking too much. My lawyer sent my waiver April 2019. I didn’t get any update after my biometrics. Thanks!
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