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  1. in 2005 I have violated F1 visa, overstayed more than one year, I have been removed from states with 10 yeas bar. I have spend 12 years outside of us. I applied for visa from consulate twice, second time I have been granted for 10 years B1/B2 visa. since 2017 I have made 4 short visits to us. 18 days, 12 days, 5 days. My last visit 2019, I spend 5.5 monty in US and left to Turkey, but I did not exceed visa term I94, which was 6 months. I came back to US after 45 days. at the port of entry I have been ordered expedite of removal, because last time I stay too long. so officer might though I would violate visa term etc they didn’t satisfy to qualify me admit in US. They cancelled my B1/B2 visa and they ordered me to expedite removal with 212(a)(7)(i)(I) ……. under section 211(a) of the act. i file I130 petition and approved. I am trying to file I 212 waiver or consent to reapply … under part 2 in from I-212 which one should I mark, I have been ordered 2005 and I served my 10 years bar. that should bee erased. or that should be counted as second removal , then I should chose 1.c. if anybody passed through such circumstances before. thank you very much for any help note: criminal history, no fraud or misrepresentation.
  2. At port of entry, CBP asked me to 3 phone number, one of the phone number I gave him, was my friend who has pizza shop, CBP officer called him, he barely speak english, and in conversation with my friend CPB officer came up with conclusion that I was working in pizza shop. (by the way I have 12 years technology company which doing production, exporting, importing in my home country. in my 5.5 month stay with my bank statement I have spend 35,000 $, the money that i have on my home county account, I try to show that I don’t need to work in US, I have money ) I try to show my bank statement to officer, but he didn’t want to believe.They don’t want to overlook anything, that were rush to complete my removal. I have more than 10 different visa and many entry and exit date in my passport(China, Uk, Germany, Nijeria, Russia, Egypt etc) which I have attended many business conference and trade fair. I have been accused that I was working as pizza man, so I violated my visa with my previous visit. and they scrached my US visa page, and cancelled. I refused to sign that paper they try to make me sign, because any of accusation was right, after my removal, i hired a lawyer , try to drop charges, that way I won’t be bared 5 or more years. they refused too, do you think that will be considered misrepresentation? I had valid B1/B2 visa which I used this visa to stay with my fiancé and spend time together, or accused of being worked with my previous visa .
  3. thats true, since cover19 situation, most of the consular closed, not sure when they can schedule interview. in this uncertainty we would like to apply for a waiver ,so if consular ask for waiver we won’t be loosing much time to get it. otherwise, consular will give us interview date who know when, and we start to apply for waiver , who know when will approve… etc. I need to know if I need I 601 ?
  4. I checked I-94 , and they already checked on computer, there is no violation of visa. but for sure they don't like this much long staying,
  5. Now I need to find out, this two violation will require waiver, if so what kind of waiver. since I don’t have any criminal bacground or any fraud, do I need to apply for I 601 waiver too. or just I 212 is enough
  6. At that time I didn't know I didn't know about withdraw of my request to enter. I thought I was free to enter anytime I like, as long as I didn't violate my visa term, After my removal I started to investigateAfter my removal I started to investigate What kind of trouble I was in,, This latest expedite of removal will be consider second pine violation so I could bar 20 years or after first bar served and everything reset, and start from zero, regards
  7. I had F1 student visa violation before 2005 and volunteers departure (I overstayed more than one year), I served my 10 years bar outside of us. After 10 years bar I have applied for visa again through counselor. I have been granted for 10 year B1/B2 visa in 2017. I have visited us 4 times with this visa. Last time in may 2019 I have try to visit US from the port of JFK Atlanta(one of the worse in us), I have been ordered expedite of removal , my visa canceled and written on my passport 212(a)(7)(A)(i)(I), act 235(B)I. since then I have applied for I 130 spouse petition and marriage base petition has been approved,I will have visa interview in consulate most probably they will deny visa because I inadmissible , order expedite of removal one year prior my question is: do I need I 601, or 601 hardship waiver. I 212 waiver will be enough, since I had 10 year bar from my previous visa violation, after serving 10 years bar outside of us, will I be charged for second time removal or deportation. (first one was volunteer deportation second one is expedite of removal ) this expedite of removal will be considered second time violation, which will trigger 20 years bar, or I have 5 year bar. I will appriciated if anyone passed through familiar station, of anyone can give me advise.
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