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  1. My fiancee has here K1 embassy interview end of April in Warsaw, then I assume they take her passport and return it with the visa sometime later (I believe 3-5 days in Warsaw, but if anyone had a different experience, please let me know). So while we are waiting on the visa processing, we can't really travel by any means that require a passport, is that correct? We thought about travelling around Europe a little bit, but are we going to be stuck in Poland while waiting? Or I can assume we can rent a car and drive around the Shenghen zone since no passport required at the borders and see it that way. Any other limitations? If anyone has experience, would love to hear it and any suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi guys, My fiancee (from Russia) is having her K1 interview at the Warsaw embassy on 4/29. We are trying to plan our trip to the U.S. and trying to approximate the time it should take to get the visa back. On their site it says 3-5 business days after the interview, but when I emailed their support they said they cannot provide an estimate. Has anyone gotten the K1 visa from Warsaw recently and how long after the interview did it take you? Planning the trip back after 7 business days but worried that might not be enough. Thanks in advance for any responses.
  3. I did not realize that if the vaccines are not offered in Russia, she'd be exempt, that is huge. Will call them and confirm. Thank you!
  4. Hi guys, My fiancee is in Russia, will be going to Warsaw for her interview, just cleared NOA2 and NVC and waiting for the embassy packet. The question is, I am seeing different requirements online for the Covid vaccine, however, it appears the Warsaw embassy is saying a Covid vaccine by Pfizer or Moderna is required, that would mean 2 Moderna shots or 3 Pfizer shots with a month inbetween. Russia does not have those vaccines. If this is true, my fiancee would have to take her kid to something like Kazakhstan 3 times over a 3 month period to get the shots, which is obviously a huge burden. So if you have recent experience going through Warsaw or a similar situation, please let me know what options you had and any advice. Thanks in advance.
  5. Would someone confirm for sure Moscow is approved for the Warsaw interview? DId you have to contact someone in Warsaw and get permission specific to you or is this officially posted somewhere? Thank you.
  6. Hi friends, For background, we are working through the K-1 (and K-2 for my fiancee's son), my fiancee is in Russia, so will be going the "get to Warsaw to interview there" route, which adds some complexity. If there are any Russian members here, your experience would be super helpful. We just got NOA2 in the mail and are waiting for the NVC to get us the welcome packet. I am hoping to save time and do preliminary work even before the ID comes in, which looks like should happen within a month. I would appreciate an answer so some things that have been a bit unclear. 1. The NVC will request a bunch of civil documents, if I understood correctly - police reports, marriage/divorce certificates, name change papers, etc. At the same time we would be able to fill out the DS-160. Question - is getting the civil documents uploaded to NVC a critical path requirement before the NVC forwards everything to the embassy (or even processes the DS-160)? In other words, until we get all of the civil documents uploaded will our case be stopped in it's tracks, losing time or will the NVC continue to process and send the case to the embassy and we just need to upload everything at some point before the interview? I ask because my fiancee has lived in several cities far away and it would take several long-distance trips to track everything down. If we are stopped in the tracks until she does, that means changing priorities and spending more on more urgent travel, which is fine, but need to understand the options. Bonus question - any Russian applicants, would you be able to share in detail what police report is needed? I have not been able to find any Russia-specific example. Thanks so much for your help in advance!
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