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  1. I am so confused , my fiancé is in Jamaica and we just got a notification that our case was sent to Kingston from the NVC. The Nvc never asked me to submit any documentation . We then started the ds160. I was never asked to pay any fees associated with this form. So much is going on and we have so many questions and not getting any answers . 1. How do I pay the fee for the ds160 form? 2. When and how do we schedule an interview ? 3. How do I submit the I-134 ( affidavit of support)? 4. Can I submit the ds160 for my fiancé ? 5. Should I worry that the Nvc never asked for any documents ?
  2. Just Curious I had a question can the state of emergency be a good reason to request a expedite in your case? The record Death toll in the country last year, the United State increasing the travel level to 2 and the country itself enacting a State of Emergency in a particular region where your spouse live? How do you request a expedite?
  3. We have a problem! Our ceac status is stating “Ready” since May 30th after our interview. Has anyone experienced this same thing we’re just wondering why the embassy is taking so long to issue our visa!
  4. I been married to my foreign spouse for 3 years. We haven't filed for IR-1 yet because his mother was sick and he needed to stay to take care of her. Plus he wanted me to live in Jamaica instead of him coming to USA. She just recently passed away and I have convinced him to come USA because I feel like life would be easier for us here as a family. Now we are ready to file. The issue is I don't think besides pictures together, marriage certificate and multiple trips to his country, chat logs, affidavits and Western Union transfers are enough to prove our marriage is real. We don't have any joint accounts and have never lived together. Jamaica won't let me open an bank account there because I don't live or work there (being married is not enough). My employer won't let me add him to my insurance because he doesn't have a SSN. I work for a airline and I can't put him on my free flight privileges either because he doesn't have a SSN. That also means he can't be my beneficiary either on company paid health/life insurance. I travel to Jamaica to visit him several times a year. We communicate multiple times a day. I occasionally send him money. I'm very close with his family and two children (which I plan to file for along with him) I need help on proving my bona fide marriage. I don't even want to file until I have everything in order. Please advise!
  5. Greetings, My I-130 application was initially transferred to Potomac service center (priortity date 9/24/18) to the National Benefits Center 5 months later around February 1st. I am the USA citizen petitioner and recently received a notice to come to my local immigration office for an official matter on the 25th of March. The beneficiary is in Jamaica and NOT in the USA. The letter states to bring the letter, passports, marriage certificate, birth cert for me and the beneficiary and evidence of a bona fide marriage. I am confused and seeking any information as to why a request was made to come to a local office and is this request solely for me but why? My original i130 contained these requested documents along with i130a. We are not adjusting status as he is in Jamaica. The letter does reference his A number as he was already known to immigration. Thank you for any insight.
  6. Just finished my medical at Andrews this morning and thought I would share my experience should it be of any help to anyone. I live in the Cayman Islands and flew over to KNG for my medical and upcoming IV this week. My appointment was scheduled for 10:15am but thanks to this forum I arrived at 7am. There were already 19 people there waiting. At 7:30 we were ushered inside, given numbers and asked for our 4 photos with name on the back and our completed medical form (available on website). A super efficient gentleman was the maitre d of it all. As all my docs were in order, I somehow jumped from 20 to 11. Others were delayed by not having local contact numbers or photos. The room was freezing and I was glad I had a jumper. Once called, you head straight to the cashier. I paid just over J$23000. You are then ushered into various different rooms and seen by extremely efficient nurses: eyes, weight, height then back outside. Back in to see the doctor for the physical: undress to underwear, listen to chest. Tells me I only need flu vaccine. No ifs ands buts. Boom. Back out and pay 2300 for the jab. Ringmaster points to go outside to another building for blood. Boom. Then urine. Back downstairs and the ringmaster directs me to go get my jab. X-rays last. By 10:45am I was all done. It was a well-oiled machine! My advice would be to arrive as early as possible. By 8:30 the waiting room was standing room only. Best of luck to everyone on their journey! Fingers crossed for me on mine!
  7. Ok, so I received my Noa2 last month and I sent an email got my case#. I checked online and it says at NVC. When I read the portals and the pages its really all confusing and overwhelming. What exactly am I suppose to be doing right now? Please tell me in dummy terms because I don't know what I am doing
  8. Good day I am not sure how to get this thread in the Jamaican portal. But my question is did anyone have problems traveling to the US while consular filing for I-130 was in process? What were the circumstances? This is under the circumstances that you already have a visiting visa at the time the petition was filed.
  9. I am wondering if anyone has any updated timelines for the I130 visa process. We sent the application in for my step son in July and received our I797c for but we have not heard anything since. When I check the website it just says that it has been received. Does anyone have experience with the process recently involving Jamaica.
  10. Back story I sent in my husband papers back in November 2018. I was checking my account on February 12, it said last updated 12/4/18 but today it was last updated 2/18/19. So I checked to see his status it still says “Case was received etc”.....I’m not sure what this means 🤷🏽‍♀️🤔
  11. Hello... my fiancé had his medical on the 19th and just got a call he needs to go back again tomorrow with $1000 Jamaican... what could this be for we’re worried. His interview is the 5th of March. Anyone ever have this happen
  12. Got the news of approval today, 7 days after our Status adjustment interview. Will answer any questions to try and help.
  13. According to the U.S Department of State's website, my case was received by my local embassy. The last update was made on the 21st of November. The status on the website shows "Ready". Approximately how long should it take for me to receive my package from the embassy?
  14. Hi Everyone I just wanted to share how I arranged my husband I-130 packet and the process of gathering all our documents together. While visiting back home in Jamaica June-September for our wedding (married in August) ,we both work and put together proof of our relationship and to show evidence of our bono fide Marriage. Upon sending off packet I tried to research how other members sent their packets but was still clueless. A few days prior I made a post asking if I could send binder because at the time that was what I had all our documents in but with all the feedback I switch to something more simpler (clear evelope file bags from Doller Tree). I am so happy I listen and went with something simple because it made things easier so thanks to everyone who gave me feedback.
  15. ISO ADVICE: My fiancé and I filed our 601 waiver With the Kingston Jamaica Embassy June 6, 2017. We received our RFE August 20 2018 stating that we also needed to file a 212 waiver because our previous lawyer did not we hired another lawyer to file our 212 and it was received October 26, 2018.On November 20, 2018 I received a letter in the mail from USCIS stating that the Embassy in Lagos Nigeria does not have our 601 waiver and all actions and this case has been terminated(see pic below) we contacted the Embassy in Kingston Jamaica and they wrote us back in the email stating our waiver has been approved but I have been on the phone with USCIS since last week and they see no approval in their system. My question to you is what should be my fiancé and I next steps? And how much longer are we looking at?
  16. Such an amazing feeling today! Now the wait begins 😊
  17. So excited to announce I’ll be sending off Form I-130 for my husband this Tuesday (November 27)....I know we have a long way to go but I so ready to have him here.
  18. Is a wet signature needed for I-134? Some people say yes others say no, does anyone know with certainty about the Kingston location? If I can save money, them wheeewwwwhhoo but if I have to send it I would like to do so now.
  19. Ok so i am a single mother and I work for every dollar I have. I just got a new position at work where I am able to breath after I pay bills and spoil myself. I really want to go visit my fiance especially since its the holidays, but I know (i pray) in a few months Ill have to fly there for his interview then on top of that pay for him to come to the States. AM i the only one that doesnt get to visit their spouse? I only been twice this year once in feb. and then I went for his bday in April. I miss him so much nut tickets are 700.00 roundtrip for friday to sunday and thats a waste. Any advice
  20. My Lawyer mailed the IV and AOS package on Wednesday Sept 26 2018, I'm impatient so I called on October 1st 2018 to confirm that NVC recieved the case, I was informed that they did received our case on Friday Sept 28 2018. I check out case daily I'm obsessed at least 100x lol. Anyway I see on CEAC status went from Action required: send requested documents to At NVC and also our AOS fee section disappear. From research I see when the AOS fee disappear and status change to At NVC you can assume your case is complete. So I called NVC and I was informed that our case was in fact complete.....yaaaaay so we are in line for a interview to be schedule and case to then be sent to embassy. Just waiting for notification of the update.
  21. Good evening all, I am wanting to get a jump on vaccines because I was told that they are pretty expensive when it comes time to take the medical. Can anyone tell me what vaccines are needed. My husband said that he's had all his vaccines since a child but was not sure if there's more that he needs now that he's an adult. I have searched the web and found a super long list of vaccines and just wanting to know if there are certain ones he will need to have before hand. Thank you!!!
  22. My niece is 16 and finished high school one year early in Jamaica. Shes interested in coming stay with my family here in the U.S. to do what would be considered here, her senior year. She has been approved for a visitors Visa and has traveled once during last year to stay a time with family here in U.S. What steps does she need to take to apply for a student Visa? I'm confused on how exactly to go about it because school has already started here and she has just brought this up to us. She's applying to a community college in Jamaica but otherwise has no schooling left as a youth in Jamaica. She'll be 17 in December. Would she even be able to take this year to go through the application process and then (if approved) enter U.S. high school as a senior next fall?
  23. I was just wondering how long it has been taking in general for the consulate in Jamaica to deliver the visa once the interview is approved? That is without any Administrative Processing issues please. I will check timelines but many are not updated from recent times.
  24. Hi ! Has anyone thought about applying for or has applied for Jamaican Citizenship based on marriage? or based on descent for your children with your JA spouse? I am in the process of registering our kids births and just wanted feedback from those that have done it or are thinking about it. Also, thinking about filing for citizenship based on marriage (it goes both ways right ) In my opinion, it should. Thanks!
  25. Hi, I was looking at processing time graphs for NOA2. I saw graphs for CSC, VSC, TSC, NSC, NBC. But I didn't see one for YSC (Potomac service center) Can someone tell me where I can get that info? Thanks.
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