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  1. Oooh thanks, we'll need to wait and we see in couple weeks maybe
  2. They asked my affidavit of support , and Medi-Cal sealed envelope, criminal record and birth certificate and gave those documents to them, so they never asked anything anymore at all
  3. The letter said the consular officer Refused to issue my visa, and decided to put my case in additional Administrative process
  4. Hi Guys I just wanted to make sure if it's a done deal or Something normal, I did my k1 interview today, and interview consular decided to put my case through administrative Processing time before the consular establishe if I'm eligible they kept my passport and said they will contact me,
  5. I know I’m not the only one here but Tomorrow march 23 was gonna my Interview day and the appointment was cancelled because of Coronavirus Embassy closed and said At this moment, we cannot make any guarantees about when visa opens will begin again is there any hope that will open embassies soon!? 😰😭😭😰
  6. This is what my embassy answered Me Thank you for your email. The form DS-5540 is required for anyone interviewing for an immigrant visa on February 24th or after. If you are interviewing after this date, please bring the completed form to your interview. Best, Consular Section
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