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  1. We entered through, got passport stamped and cleared US immigration in the US Custom and Border Control Pre-clearance operation in Montreal airport and flew into the US via Dallas as if it was a domestic flight. We put Montreal as the point of entry on our AOS forms with no problems.
  2. Oh wow. This could be a two-edge sword. Either more interview delays or approvals without interviews who knows.
  3. If you happen to get a job there, please grab our files and place on on top f the stack.
  4. Case Status changed to "Ready to be Scheduled for an Interview." It may not mean much more than the fact that there is someone at USCIS still working on the AOS/I-485
  5. There is a mega thread with all kinds of answers to question like yours. Hope this helps.
  6. The best estimate anyone has at this point is the one VJ provide if you have a timeline completed. These estimates are based on the timeline averages of other VJ members. They seem to project later and later approval dates as the Covid19 situation drags on. You'll have to remember that those are estimated and no one really knows. The common wisdom on this site though, is not to make any final arrangement or purchases until you have the required USCIS documents in hand.
  7. We used Italian regular mail to ship boxes to the US. It is fairly cheap. We sent 5 boxes and it took about 3-4 weeks to get to the US. If you're not in a hurry, it works like a charm. I know USPS is operational. Not sure if post offices are operating in Italy nowadays.
  8. For the joint account, we walked into Chase and handed them our identification (DL & SS card for us citizen; and passport for petitioner) and the banker did the rest. They asked for a piece of mail addressed to the petitioner sent to the bank account physical address. No problem here, we gave them a copy of USCIS NOA for the AOS and that was that. Few simple questions as well as sign here, here and we were done. They did not go into specifics about immigration status at all. We also opened a bank account with the bank of America in the petitioner name only. Same thing. No problems at all. I think because of the sheer size of Chase and BOA as well as their nature as multinational banks, it seems like they are well versed in unique situations and special immigration status like fiancee visas and AOS folks who want to open an account. Best of luck.
  9. Chase and Bank of America. All they ask for is the passport and a piece of mail addressed to the foreign citizen sent to the mailing address of the account. documents for the US citizen is the usual.
  10. We recently received a letter from USCIS stating that biometrics from other source were used for the AP and that there is no need to do them again for AP. I assume the other source could be the earlier biometric appointment we had for AOS, EAD, at the point of entry or at the consulate in Naples. Who knows. Hopefully, you'd get a similar letter soon.
  11. Ask your lawyer. He may have a very good reason, specific to your case. If you don't get a convincing answer, get a second opinion from a second lawyer. Most of them offer free or low cost initial consultation nowadays.
  12. I just thought I'd lighten the mood up some. Bidets are real common in Italy (unlike northern Europe and the US) and I had one installed here at the house when I moved to the US. They're cheap and can be easy installed. They eliminate the need for toilet paper at home. All you need is the Bidet and a small cotton towel for each individual in the household. We haven't gotten to this point yet in Oklahoma but hey, I'd rather go that route than having to use old newspapers and magazines for toilet papers . It's not like I don't have enough being stuck at home unemployed waiting for that darn EAD.
  13. Wow Congrats. Hope the rest of us on this thread have ours as fast
  14. Ditto. Our appointment was at 1. Arrived at 12:30, got in and were out by 12:50. Now the long wait.
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