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  1. Yes, I already had had my medical. All that was left was the interview.
  2. Hi I need to ask based on ur exp that which visa u applied for spouse immigrant visa or 129 f non immigrant and which one is faster

    1. Germerican


      Sorry for the late reply, just saw your message now. Unfortunately, there's no black on white answer to your question. I think it really depends on your situation and where you are located. For us the IR-1 was the fastest option because we still had access to Direct Consular Filing at the time, which now is no longer an option now. However, even if we didn't have access to DCF, I still would have chosen the CR-1/IR-1 due to the fact that you will receive your (conditional) permanent resident status as soon as you enter the U.S., vs. having to go through AOS with he non-immigrant option.

  3. I was at the consulate yesterday. There is a very limited number of staff working and they are handling emergencies only. From my POV, to get an answer to your question you need to contact the consulate via email and ask them directly. Expect to wait some time for a response. We are going through an unprecedented situation and no one knows for sure what is or isn’t possible at the moment.
  4. On a side note, there’s an annotation on the visa that states “EXCEPTION UNDER PROCLAMATION”, which ensures that the visa holder is still allowed to travel while the proclamation is in place.
  5. Quick updated on our situation. My original interview was scheduled for March 16th and was canceled 2 days prior to the appointment due to the ongoing coronavirus situation. I reschedule the interview for the next available date, which was April 6th. At the same time I contacted the consulate and requested an emergency appointment due to our specific situation, which was granted for March 19th. Unfortunately, that appointment was also canceled the day prior to the interview. Early last week the April 6th appointment was also canceled and no further appointments are currently available online. Last Thursday night I received an email from the consulate that they were granting an emergency interview for today, April 1st. We were 1 of 4 interviews for today (all of us CR/IR-1s I believe). We received our visas in our passports on the spot (took about 2.5 hours of waiting due to final clearance checks). The interviewing officer mentioned that they were keeping track of our case and apologized that they had to cancel the first emergency appointment. So they are aware of people’s individual situations! With that being said, if you are in a situation where you need to travel asap, you can try to reach out to the consulate in an email and explain your case. Frankfurt is operating at extremely reduced capacity (no lines out front, no one inside the consulate). If you can wait a few more weeks, I’d suggest to do so but if you’re in a real bind you can give it a try and reach out to them. Hope this helps!
  6. Possibly. Although not every visa applicant is automatically barred from flying to the US. The proclamation seems to be fairly clear on scope and limitation.
  7. Germany as well. If I'd have to guess, I'd say they are shutting down the whole consulate for at least 2 weeks. Just speculation on my part though. I don't have any info as to why the interview appointments are being cancelled. I re-booked to the first possible appointment on April 6th, which was actually the day we had planned to fly to the US. Guess that's not happening now.
  8. I had my IR1 interview scheduled for 3/16 in Frankfurt. Just got an email that it's cancelled. No additional info. Online it says it's still scheduled. Interviews are available in April. Hesitant to reschedule at this point in hopes I can still get an interview before April.
  9. I have a visa interview scheduled for the coming Monday and just received the following email... When checking ustraveldocs.com my interview is still showing as scheduled. No additional information is available online. Obviously it has to do with the President's proclamation but I'm not sure why they are cancelling visa appointments I sent an email to the IV section at Frankfurt asking for clarification. Has anyone else had their interview cancelled? Not quite sure how to proceed at this point but this is throwing a serious wrench in our plans. 😒
  10. Glad you made it all right! I just scheduled my medical in FRA for the 9th and the interview for the following week on the 16th. We are planning to leave around April 6th, so if everything goes smoothly, we should be able to stick to that timeline.
  11. Well, DP hasn’t been very helpful. Status still hasn’t changed. I was getting ready to send out a status update request to the Consulate tomorrow, mentally preparing to find out that our paperwork was lost and trying to figure out our best course of action, when, just now, an email popped up from the Consulate, letting me know they are ready to begin final processing! ... Phew!! I don’t easily stress anymore but as we’re getting closer to our departure date and not knowing whether they had actually received our stuff, it was beginning to test me a bit. Now on to scheduling the medical and interview...
  12. Thanks for the update. I intended to send it via DHL and asked for Priority and Tracking at the counter. I was a bit in a hurry and didn't realize that they had sent it via Deutsche Post rather than DHL until it was already too late. I've read of a few cases where people got the "redirected" message but it eventually switched. Mine hasn't so far, which is beginning to really worry me. I have an email ready to send to the consulate as soon as it's been 30 days (Thursday this week). Still hoping that the tracking status just never updated though.
  13. Quick question to anyone who filed via FRA and already submitted packet 3. We sent in our packet 3 via priority mail on Jan 28. The next day the tracking status changed to and has remained like this ever since. Now, I assume this simply means that our packet was forwarded to a Consulate post office box and hopefully was received and is being worked on. Unfortunately, I don't know for sure and the Consulate's response was that we shouldn't contact them before it's been at least 30 days. My concern is that our packet is lost somewhere and I won't know for another 2 weeks. If that were the case, it would throw a serious wrench in our in our relocation timeline. I did already raise a trace request with Deutsche Post but no response so far. Has anyone run into something like this before?
  14. Good luck! Worst case, have them sent via regular mail. Again, ours took about 6 weeks during the holiday time period. Hopefully you'll get them quicker at this time of the year.
  15. We ordered them after submitting our I-130 and received them with plenty of time to spare before we sent in packet 3. I do believe they will only send them to the address on file (i.e. the address on your tax return) but I'm not 100% sure. Part of the reason why we couldn't get ours online was because we didn't have a US mobile phone with our name on the account. If you have that, I would give it a try.
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