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  1. Not really, My wife scanned the cert and emailed it so we had a scanned copy as proof, hence the 1 year.
  2. Well, I managed to mess up my passport agency appointment by forgetting my naturalization certificate, I was able to get a 1 year passport in time to travel for my cruise but have to re-apply when I get home to get a full 10 year passport so more cost but that was my fault. Nice to be fully done with USCIS.
  3. Interview was approved, ended up not taking the oath that day and traveled on my GC with approval letter and extension notice. Have same day passport appointment next week now that ceremony has been done.
  4. SSN updated to citizen today, next stop is passport.
  5. & just like that, naturalization certificate in hand. Shame it wasn't the Rockies ceremony I thought I was getting but at least it's done. Now the pressure of getting a passport I time for pur cruise. Good luck to everyone still on the path!
  6. & just like that, naturalization certificate in hand. Shame it wasn't the Rockies ceremony I thought I was getting but at least it's done. Now the pressure of getting a passport I time for pur cruise. Good luck to everyone still on the path!
  7. I'm home, but my work schedule is busy & critical. Letter would probably not make it in time to process.
  8. I was approved for naturalization May 2nd and was originally told my ceremony would be May 22nd. Actual letter has pulled that back to the 18th but I was out of the country when it arrived and now need to reschedule potentially due to work commitments. Has anyone rescheduled this close to the date? I called and they said they needed a letter listing why it is needed, but the info link they supplied has nothing on rescheduling.
  9. Congratulations, I had the same thing, IO didn't even want to verify I had my 2022 tax transcript even tho I mentioned it during the taxes section.
  10. They were having systems issues that was delaying the processing of applications post interview result, I actually went back after a couple of hours and everything had processed meaning I could take it then but we chose not to with this travel coming up next week. What was nice is she scheduled me to attend the first oath ceremony at the Rockies baseball stadium tho.
  11. Interview completed, recommended for approval and oath ceremony scheduled for May 22nd! The end is in sight.
  12. Interview done, recommended for approval! Denver office was very efficient, got there before my 15min window and we were told we couldn't go on before 15min. Smooth through security, checked in and went to the 2nd floor to wait. IO came out almost 5 min after we sat down, introduced her to my wife before heading up to her office. Clarified name, took fingerprints and oath. Test was first, reading the phrase "who can vote" then writing "citizens can vote" before my 6 civics questions. We elect a senator for how many years? We elect a president for how many years? The Federalist Papers supported the passage of the US constitution, name one writer. Name one problem that led to the civil war. Who did the US fight in World War 2? Name 2 national holidays. After that we went through my application, corrected a couple of mistakes, not once did she want to look at my documentation, even when we got to the taxes piece and I said I had my 2022 transcript. At the end of all that, signing the corrections and verifying information for certificate, she printed my paper saying I had passed the test and was recommended for approval. I was not able to get the same day oath at that point due to the system taking longer to process the applications. I asked about that with my travel plans and she said it could go through and to come back I'm a couple of hours yo verify. Went out to lunch to celebrate, came back to the office at the time to be told, yes I can do same day oath but we decided to wait so I didn't have to rush to get the passport done. She also said that I can do my oath ceremony May 22nd as they are doing a large ceremony at the Rockies stadium before a game so that's when it will happen. Done and done, happy days.
  13. That makes me feel better, having to print those is a pain (had to do 2 years as they were no longer available on its site. Praying for successful outcome and same day oath. Got an urgent passport appointment for the 9th all going well.
  14. Tomorrow is the big day and I am beyond anxious about this. Hopefully they will accept IRS transcripts in place of the full tax returns uploaded to my application (I wasn't aware of the transcripts when I applied), which will also include 2022s transcript. Checking my documents, I hope I have it all right and now I have to re-read the civics questions so my wife can test me tonight and in the car to the office.
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