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  1. I'm still waiting, similar situation except that my whole K1 documents were missing. IO told us the similar thing: it would take about a week or so, but now it has been 2 months and nothing comes back, and my case still shows Interview Was Schedule lol. But good to know that their maximum processing window is 2 weeks to 4 months, we are half way now
  2. Ahhh lucky you! 3 weeks is actually not too bad, I was afraid of 3 months lol... When we asked the IO, he said like could be a few days, weeks, months, and my face was like this 💀 ... Thanks for sharing your case with me!
  3. Good to know, when I search I couldn't find anything, guess I probably used the not proper key words then. And thanks I hope mine get approved soon too!
  4. Thanks for replying! Actually I’ve searched a bit in VISA journey and google, didn’t find anything similar to my situation, that’s why I’m worried. But good call on calling customer service, I’ll probably wait for a month or so and then call to check on the status. Thanks again!
  5. Thanks for replying!! One of my friends that went through the GC interview, IO said the similar thing as: I couldn’t tell you if I approve or not I have to talk with my manager, could be a few days/weeks etc., and 1 hour later their case got approved... Feel like that’s IO’s standard saying... And thanks for the tips as well, we’ve been doing similar things, keep those documents at the same place. I’m not from Armenia, I guess when I updated the timeline and the country column got messed up.
  6. Not sure about the I-130, but I guess no harm to call USCIS to confirm if everything is going on right.
  7. If you want you could double check on I-693 instruction from USCIS website, and on pages 6-7 they actually list exactly what do you need to do. And based on what you described, you don't need to another medical exam, but you do need to show proof that you complied with the vaccination requirements.
  8. I've finished my AOS interview earlier this week, and I think the interview went on well, but in the end our interview officer said, they couldn't find my original K1 file, it got split up with my AOS file so they couldn't make any decision yet, they'll request my K1 file send back to the local USCIS and then they would make decision, and will let us know if there's questions. Has anybody met this kind of situation? How long does it usually take? I'm a bit afraid that they lost my original K1 documents... Appreciate your inputs, thanks.
  9. Congratulations! If you’ve already included the medical exam proof/vaccine when you mail your 485 applications, then no need to do another. But I’ll take my medical exam and vaccine proof with me to the interview just in case.
  10. How is going right now, have you called them? Did you actually receive the interview notification? I've seen a few people that they didn't receive the mail letter, so they missed their interview
  11. Fax never worked for me... I tried multiple times from morning to the evening, so I just mailed it, at the same time I contacted with congresswoman office, so I'm not sure which one worked for me in the end
  12. Hi LizM, Thanks for replying! Yeah I did get my EAD extension letter so I could still work legally, but I'm not sure that would work for AP as well, if not then if there's any emergency I couldn't go back to my hometown...
  13. For cover letter, I just listed the documents I submitted, and describe briefly why I need to expedite EAD, make it a bit simple so the officer would read the key point. And make sure you quantify the financial loss (For my case, I anticipate another 4 months to get EAD if follow the normal EAD processing time, that means $ XXX amount of loss in total, and also 401K, bonus, etc.). I think your documentations are good.
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