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  1. Thanks for replying!! We did mail it out the 2nd day after we realized we only did AR-11 but not the I-865. Probably not going to expect any receipt back or case center change….
  2. Ugh, I did a little more research, there seems to be a $250 -$2000 fine associated to the late I-865 filing … Somehow I just forgot about this form even though some VJ mentioned about it previously …
  3. I randomly saw this post, and oh man I wish I had seen it earlier… My ROC is LIN(Nebraska center), and since the submission I have moved to California last year, I filed the change of address online and also received the confirmation from USCIS for address changes. We didn’t file and mail I-865… Any suggestion on if I should send now and maybe attach a letter to explain that we didn’t know we need to send this form? Thanks in advance!
  4. Congratulations!!! Thanks for sharing as I thought LIN center folks were all in their vacation for the last few months lol. Good luck on your neutralization process.
  5. I moved after I submitted the ROC, I submitted the change of address online, and my case didn’t get transferred.
  6. Oh man 23 months?… I looked at your timeline, California center supposes to be one of the fastest centers for ROC process, somehow your case was sent to national benefit center… I just moved to Sacramental area, I’m totally not excited about the upcoming citizenship timeline 🥲
  7. Same here for fingerprints, received letter in mail from USCIS and realized that my case got updated a few days ago with waiving fingerprints.
  8. Oh wow! That’s so funny! Well wish us good luck on the ROC process!
  9. September 2021 filed date at LIN here! Good to know there’s a LIN thread. We mailed ROC out on 9/5/21 and check was cashed this morning, hopefully bio and interview will both be waived since we had an interview for AOS!!!
  10. That'll be so great if they can waive the interview The evidence we provided in ROC is almost the same as AOS except they are the most recent documents... like 2020 W2, same joint bank saving and investment account, same house mortgage, same car title and insurance... Hopefully this is considered as stable marriage to help waive the interview since there is no change in the last 2 years lol Thanks for sharing these information, it helps me to understand what I should expect to happen in future!!!
  11. Thanks for calling out the form that I need to submit! For the I-865, does my husband count as sponsor? We filed I-751 jointly and no other sponsor is involved.
  12. Oh that's good to know, I thought Service center is based on region. Thanks for the insight!!!
  13. I'll be moving to California soon but I just submitted the I-751 and got my receipt number as LIN (Nebraska Service Center). Does anybody know if they'll transfer my case later to California Service Center?
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