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  1. Also I am on EAD now, if my wife has some delay in submitting I-865, would it affect where they would schedule interview? I have already received confirmation for AR-11 submission.
  2. Do USCIS accept cursive signatures produced on Adobe Acrobat? Or do they still require wet signatures, i.e. print document out, sign, and mail it? Or can we sign on the laptop using touchpad and print it out and mail it?
  3. Right now I am on EAD, and awaiting GC interview. I have submitted AR11 online now. Does she still need to submit I-865 for form I-130?
  4. Hello, My I485 application is at the "ready to be scheduled for interview" stage, but we are moving to a different address permanently. Should I use AR-11 to change address? I can't find any place else to change it, since there's no option on the USCIS account for it. Thanks!
  5. Sorry to learn your wife went through that. I don't think the CBP officers delay some arrivals at secondary screening due to any ulterior motives. From what I have read and seen, some countries like India just have way LOT more people wanting to get into the US, and so their entire immigration process is getting held up, all the way to the port of entry. Statistically speaking, these airports probably have seen more fraud cases from these high number countries and so they might process their cases with a lot of caution.
  6. It has been 6 weeks for me now. Should I be concerned? My local office is Washington DC. I have follow up questions: Do they not update the case status once they mail the NOA with the date of the interview? Should I call the field office and ask if they had me down for an interview date?
  7. Hi, My PD is September 25 2019, and I had to expedite my EAD, which was approved and sent to me early February 2020. The processing on my case was paused for almost 6 weeks in November due to an RFE. My I 485 case status online says "Case is ready to be scheduled for an interview". It's been stuck in that for almost 6 weeks now. Are 6 weeks normal these days for? Perhaps the delay is taking place because I had a pause in my case's processing, or could it be because I had an expedited EAD? I am hoping that USPS didn't lose any mail and that the online status is updated whenever they send the NoA out.
  8. Hi Guys, So I am back from the UK after a few weeks abroad. Here are my experiences: 1. Before my flight out from JFK, while I was checking in at the airport, the airlines staff seemed a little confused because I had put the number of my EAD card in the visa section on their website. Other than that, nothing major happened. I guess I had to put it in the GC box instead. 2. Nobody within TSA asked me anything about the EAD, they scanned it and sent me onwards 3. On the flight back, the CBP officer took my passport and EAD, scanned them and sent me to secondary inspection. I sat there for probably 15 minutes while they took their notes and then cleared me. No questions asked at either end. Very smooth experience. However, this was probably due to me being from the UK. There were a lot of non Europeans, most visibly Indians, who were being held up in secondary inspection for a much longer time. I asked the two on my either side if they had an EAD or visa, and one of them had an EAD. Both had been in secondary for over an hour. I wonder how long the others behind and in front of me had been there for.
  9. Thank you! I wil keep all things with me, and I will post here about my experience once I travel back to the US
  10. Thanks Loren, has your wife traveled frequently on the EAD/AP card? How was her experience at the Port of Entry upon return to the US while traveling on that card?
  11. I don't need a visa for my home country (UK). The screen on AA's website asks me to put in a US visa number and date of issue for my travel. Look at the screenshot below.
  12. Hello, I booked my tickets via American airlines and it is asking for my visa information. I have an expired H1B, and an approved EAD Combo card. Should I just put in the EAD number in the visa section?
  13. My H1B extension had a decision taken on it 7 days ago, and the document was mailed. The status has been stuck in this since the last 7 days on the case status website and there is no tracking number. I have asked my petitioner to check with USCIS on Monday if they can get a tracking number out of USCIS. I have to travel in a few weeks and I have booked my ticket to the UK, however the airlines are asking for a visa number. Should I give them the same visa number I had for the older expired H1B?
  14. Just to reiterate, my H1B expired 2 months ago but my employer had applied for its extension almost a year ago. We still haven't received a decision on the extension petition. I'm still on H1B status "technically" but my visa on the passport is expired, if that makes sense.
  15. To elaborate on the second line in your answer, you're saying that I have to make changes then with my employer stating that I should be classified under EAD status now? One thing that I read on this CBP page (Advance Parole) says that having the "AP before leaving US" requirement does not apply to people maintaining H1B status. From what I understand, since my employer has applied for H1B extension, I'm still in H1B status even though my H1B sticker has expired. Does that still make me need the AP before I travel to England?
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