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  1. What happens at the FO when they see a child? Do they make a fuss and finally say it's okay to bring baby in?
  2. There is no sitter that we can trust and our relatives are not closeby to take care of the baby. What's the worst that could happen? The baby is less than 1yr old actually is very quiet and cooperative.
  3. USCIS mentions on their I-485 letter that only myself and spouse are to come to the interview due to covid. However, we have a very small child of less than one year of age. Could we bring the child with us to the interview at the Field Office?
  4. Thank you, I'll follow your advice I am wondering what documents I should provide when filing I-360 so I don't get RFE? I have read here that they commonly send RFE for police certificates? I don't really care about RFE as long as I can keep on renewing my EAD while case is pending but I think it's better to provide things first rather than get RFE.
  5. My current EAD has almost 10 months left before expiring. I would like to keep that otherwise I will lose my job. thankfully my I-485 is still pending, but don't know for how long
  6. I am getting so many different pieces of advice. Some are saying file a new concurrent I-360 and I-485, and some are saying file I-360 and ask USCIS officer in writing and during interview to hold I-485. Not sure which is the best way forward, but for sure I have to use attorney so they can talk directly with USCIS if needed. One more thing I want to ask, how long is it taking nowdays for I-360 VAWA to typically be approved? I have a strong evidence of abuse.
  7. Why was his case denied? Because he forgot to show the officer his approved I-360?
  8. That is good news. I don't want to lose my current job and for that I need to hold on to my EAD that I have from I-130+I-485 concurrent fiiling.
  9. What is it technically mean to "hold I-485"? Does the USCIS officer understand that we are trying to say that we need it converted from existing I-130 to I-360 VAWA now? It doesn't mean that I-485 processing is to be stopped, right?
  10. I am sure that is the case. If USCIS doesn't have a problem for sure, then my attorney shouldn't say that they will have a problem.
  11. My spouse hasn't withdrawn it yet. and I will get in touch with congressman's office too. I'm still searching for any official USCIS guidance on being able to use old I-485. Is there anything on their website I can read up?
  12. Wow! This attorney was really misleading me then. She said that if we don't refile the I-485 concurrently with I-360 the officer will say that since my original I-485 was filed for an accompanying I-130, it does not have any value now due to divorce. I'm assuming your divorce took some months afterwards this interview took place?
  13. Was your divorce ongoing when you went for your interview?
  14. How long did it take you after your I-360 was accepted? And what office did you file it at? I'm assuming you filed I-485 too with I-360?
  15. Hi all, Some members here mentioned that I can file VAWA I-360, get its receipt number before my I-485/I-130 interview and provide it to the USCIS officer at the interview. I spoke with two different attorneys and they said that I have to file both I-485 and I-360 concurrently. They said I can't use existing I-485 and file I-360 using that since my divorce has been filed and once divorce decree is finalized, that I-485 will be null and void. I'm wondering if that's the case and I can't use existing I-485 and have it converted to I-360 from the already filed I-130?? This attorney I contacted is a very reputable one in Washington DC.
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