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  1. Whew! Okay so the first hurdle is down. And just to be clear, there are no NOA1s for I-130A and I-864, right? The former's is included within the NOA for I-130, and the latter's NOA is included within the NOA for I-485?
  2. This is a follow up to my other question (Question Here) My AoS application was received at National Benefits Center on 09/24/19. I saw their EAD processing timelines are currently between 4.5 months to 6.5 months. I have a few questions in that regard: Does that mean a minimum of 4.5 months for everyone who is being processed there? Are there cases where they have processed it sooner than the minimum estimate? I have a job offer, my wife doesn't work, and I would like to speed up the EAD processing by placing it on high priority. What is the average timeline of getting that done at NBC? Does Christmas break cause any unnecessary delays?
  3. I received my NOA1 for Adjustment of Status via postal mail 2 weeks after sending my application pack. The check cashed fine and all 4 NOAs (I-485, I-130, I-131, I-765) came in with receipt numbers and no issues. I had put G-1145 on top of the package but still didn't get any notification on my phone or email. Is that something I should be concerned about?
  4. What is the process for e-verify in such a situation? If they submit my application and a receipt number is received, could I not start working there?
  5. So here is my precarious situation: I have an H1B sponsored by a cap exempt employer that is about to expire in a few weeks, but my I-94 status is valid until October 2020. My H1b was never renewed/extended. There is an extension application submitted to USCIS on which we haven't received a verdict yet. I have applied for Adjustment of Status through Immediate Relative (spouse is USC) last month. I will hopefully have an EAD soon, but no idea when exactly. However, a very good company has made me a job offer, which I haven't accepted yet because I don't know if I could work for them. That job is very similar to the job I have with my cap exempt employer right now and in the same city. Suppose if they were to file an H1b for me (which would probably be rejected since I have never gone through the H1B lottery), how long before it gets shot down by USCIS? The immigration team at the new employer told me that they could file the H1B for me, and hopefully the EAD should come in soon before the H1B is rejected. That would enable me to work there legally. I am not sure if these guys know what they are talking about. Can someone here tell me what are the repercussions for me if I was to start working for them in such a situation?
  6. Good to know that EAD expedite requesting is a thing! What could constitute as severe financial loss? I think in my case the worst that could happen is that if I don't have the job, and the H1B is expired, my USC wife would suffer since she doesn't have a job herself. Do they accept such a situation as a severe financial loss?
  7. I have submitted my AoS application on 09/23/19 as a "concurrent filing" petition under the immediate relative category (my wife is a USC). My current H1B will expire by end of October and I have been given a new job offer from a place I interviewed at. They sponsor H1Bs regularly. However I am currently on a cap exempt H1B and that is a for-profit company that files cap-subject H1Bs (which need to go through annual lottery). I am concerned about two things right now: Hopefully I will be sent the application received e-notification soon. How long do I have to wait for the EAD? I do not know which Service Center will be allocated to my I-765 application. But if I get that, my assumption is that I am free to work whereever I like, is that right? How long do I have to wait for the Advance Parole Document? I have to travel to England for my sister's wedding in February 2020 and am not sure if I will have that AP document by then. Once my H1B expires later this year, and the H1B extension/transfer does not come in time, how do I start working if I don't have the EAD?
  8. I am on an H1B that is set to expire in October this year. However I have permission to stay in the US till Oct 2020, according to my I-94. I am filing for Adjustment of Status, concurrent filing of I-130 and I-485, and filing I-765 under category c-9, after marriage to USC wife. My question is this: While filling out I-765, part 2 items 24-25, could I put H1-B Specialty Occupation for item 24, and then I-485 pending for item 25? Or should I put H1-B Specialty Occupation in both?
  9. Okay, because the DMV didn't provide her with any documentation stating that she requested a name change. So the marriage certificate should also be listed as the document showing name change in the cover letter?
  10. Marriage certificate has her maiden name, not the name she has now on her drivers license. What document do we need to show that her name was changed?
  11. The Form I-130 instructions say the following My USC wife's name on the marriage cert is the same as her maiden. She didn't change it till later, and that was at the DMV. What documentary proof should I attach to prove that her name was changed legally?
  12. I was reading the instructions on this page: https://www.uscis.gov/forms-filing-tips It says there: I am not sure if this means I have to attach separate cover letters, each with a subject stating the nature of submission and the form number or if I could submit just one cover letter with a single nature of submission, e.g. Original Submission - Adjust of Status (Family Based I-130 Immediate Relative of U.S. Citizen) ?
  13. Another follow up question. One thing I didn't include in the index were details about the wedding reception. We have not had a reception yet, but it is planned for later this year. We have cards and everything printed out. Do I include that? Or would it end up confusing the USCIS?
  14. Her salary is not adequate that is why we are using mine instead to meet the financial requirement. Sorry about the W2 typo there, I meant when we will be filing the taxes next year.
  15. We have a joint bank account that we opened up recently and have not received a bank statement for yet. It will come in 4 weeks later and I don't want to apply after the new October rule is set in. We have joint health insurance and a lot of photos with family members, friends, and of us together. Regarding I-485: I have listed myself as the "applicant" there under all the boxes. Should I change the wording on I-485 section of the main index for my entire application and remove the word petitioner from there? Do you think that might confuse them? I used that word because in most of the other forms my USC wife is the petitioner and so I wanted to keep it consistent. For I-864, I had to use my wife's income because she recently got a job for a few weeks and thus will be filing a W2 for this tax year in 2020. I have used all of my earnings to meet the financial requirement.
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