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    nharris3428 reacted to Jeanne Adil in Fiance had Interview and was given a paper (not DS-5535)   
    send the needed documents thru Aramex courier to the embassy
    this form would have been used for CR1 but for K1 (and all additional documents Casablanca uses Aramex)
    Label the copies with your case #,  both names and both DOB's in the upper right hand corner and keep a copy of them
    i am not sure if you get a receipt from Aramex (others will know) but if you do,  keep it
    you should get an email from embassy that the items are received
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    nharris3428 got a reaction from butterfly26145 in No response from Embassy, becoming concerned   
    Thank you so much! Just keep emailing the embassy! Make sure to include your case number in the subject line. I don't know if that helped, but it can't hurt. They must get THOUSANDS of emails a day, and maybe having the case number would make it easier, visually, to understand that you are already in process. Good luck to you too! Keep me posted!!!!
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    nharris3428 got a reaction from Hanouna morocco in Help who's had same stuation   
    My fiance's case was in READY status back in February 2019. I repeatedly emailed the embassy (ivcasablanca.state.gov) and repeatedly got the canned response. FINALLY on May 14th, they sent me information that his interview appointment was on MAY 28th!!!! The interview letter was dated March 14th, so I am guessing they either never sent the documentation (they had the correct email, mine and his) or something got lost in translation. Luckily we were able to get all the necessary items finished, so he's ready for his interview. 
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    nharris3428 reacted to RJandHamid in Travel arrangements from Morocco to Los Angeles   
    He can transit through the EU (Paris, Frankfurt, Madrid  and Amsterdam are common transit stops when flying from Morocco) without a transit visa as long as the flights are booked under the same ticket (so he doesn't need to re-check luggage). He will need to stay within the transit area of the airport. 
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