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  1. Hi Jeanne, I'm new to this site & still learning to navigate it. I read your profile & journey timeline all I can say is wow u did it.I also love your photos posted & you both look great!

    I also have an age gap with my husband which makes me very nervous. Please let me know if I should be doing anything while waiting. Should I add him to anything while i'm in the US?

    I'm really upset when I hear things about age gap if the woman is older but not the man. But I guess that's life. Any advise will be greatly appreciated


  2. then go for it maybe you will be one of the lucky ones I don't have a job but i live on over $10,000 a month from an annunity and even i did tax returns , all i pay taxes on is the interest and NVC kept making me do the AOS over and over til i hired an attoney who showed my annunity and that my husband would inherit is
  3. sorry, but this is Morocco embassy like i said , ok for other countries but not Casa embassy others have been denied there for this very reason everyone here says morocco is hard / this is what we mean
  4. it is also important to Casa that you are of child bearing age but some CO's will see that trying to attend college and also raising a family is difficult not that it can't be done / my twins were born over Thanksgiving holiday and I returned Monday to classes (Junior year)
  5. mother's address is ok especially with bank account and insurance driving license with that addess is also good but you need a job or go to college and do this after graduation
  6. Will you have any income for 2019 and 2020 as appliction now will give you close to a 2021 interview date? most countries are ok but for Morocco you really need to be here with an income joint sponsor helps but still Casa embassy expects to see the USC with a job since you are willing to live there now (and none of us want to be separated) the embassy will say , you don't need a visa , you can live in Morocco it has happened to others not trying to be hard but i worked 6 years for a visa for my Adil and i know what can happen and don't use the moroccan address
  7. then why did they schedule the citizenship interview? immigration doesn't know????
  8. He , as said above, needs to send you the IRS transcripts (for 2018 now and 2019) if innterview takes place after April 15th 2020) unless they ask for something else that is all the USC sends/his personal infomation is checked out at USCIS and NVC Casa is only concerned at the interview with you and your personal knowledge of your husband and his life and family
  9. Because Morocco is already hard , you really need to return to the US and get work Just having a cosponsor for that country is not enough you need to prove you can provide not only the residency here in the US but income enough to pay for medical insurance Morocco often wants to see 3 years of IRS transcripts (more than often when they want to deny and use this as a tool) and of course, you put the US as your home address
  10. don't worry about the 751 all you need to do is study and pass the citizenship interview
  11. wallgreens they even did the background color different for the moroccan one they have the ability to cut and process any (unless you get the wrong employee)
  12. They can do either return the passport as they either need more security checks or documents or expect to deny the petition if they ask for more documents, they may say to return the passport with documents OR they can may keep the passport and how long? till they are finished with their job (one has been kept a year but that was in Morocco)
  13. follow the VJ guidelines from above guides drop down list https://www.visajourney.com/content/k1guide/
  14. you posted the ds 260 was accepted by NVC so, i am confused
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