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  1. Thank you! From what my fiance said, they didn't TELL him to send the passport back with the documents, but this letter they handed to him stated that the docs and passport should be sent via courier. The issue I am having is the link on this document to upload the information is not valid for K-1 visas in Morocco so why would they give him this form at all?
  2. Hello again! In looking at that document that my fiance received, (the one I uploaded) it doesn't say 221(g) or DS-5535 anywhere, and neither myself, or my fiance have received an email stating the embassy received the documents, (although I know they did because Aramex showed as delivered on 5/29/19) have you ever seen the document I uploaded? I also sent the documents via email to casablanca_file@state.gov. It said files received, so I am not sure where they actually went. They gave him back his passport when they ask him to send in the documents. We sent his passport back the the documents based on what this letter said. Do you think this is being sent back to USCIS?
  3. Did you ever get your visa? If so, how long did it take after you sent the DS-5535? What did it look like? My fiance received a paper but it did not say DS-5535 on it anywhere. They also gave him back his passport and asked him to send the handwritten documents to them via Aramex?
  4. When did you set the wedding date? I hope you have a refundable deposit just in case. You never know how long things can take. I hope that is not the case with you. I have not seen my man for 6 months now. We talk every single day, pretty much all day long on messenger and video chat, but it's not the same. I miss him terribly. I connected with another lady that has been waiting since January of this year. They also have heard nothing. Our paperwork was received by the consulate on February 6, 2019. According to the interview letter in the email documents they forwarded to me on May 14, 2019, the actual letter was dated March 14, 2019. So one month after they received the petition, they scheduled the interview, but we never received that email. By the grace of god, we got the forwarded email 14 days before the interview and we were able to get all the items done, including his medical exam. Just so you know, the fee for the doctor is 400 dirham, but there are other costs. 900 dirham for the chest X-ray, 30 dirham for the blood draw. If he never had the required vaccinations to enter the US, he'll need those. There were two of them, and he will need to pay for them at the pharmacy, that was about 1000 dirham. He will be responsible for going to all these places to collect the results as well, and bring all of it back to the doctor. He was able to do all of this in one day, and walked away with the docs in a sealed envelope that they are not to open, all in one day. Your fiance's court record and police reports expire three months after you receive them, so it's tough because you can't have them translated if you don't know when you have your interview because they could expire. Where did you look for tickets? I don't know what airport you fly out of, but Norwegian Airlines always has deals to Europe or Spain, then take another small flight from those cities, to Casablanca. I was able to get my last flights, combined total from LAX to Madrid, then Madrid to Casablanca and back home, for $589.00. This was November of last year though so prices are much better. I too am holding off going back because I am confident he will be here by then. Pray for us!
  5. Make sure when you send the email to the embassy, that you include your case number in the subject line. I am not sure if that actually triggered them to email me back or not, but it can't hurt. I am assuming they receive THOUSANDS of emails per week, so something needs to stand out so they know you are already "in process" and not just asking random questions. I am happy to share any information that I have. I really feel like the process is so broken. So much conflicting information out there, and being that you cannot speak to anyone at the actual embassy, it makes it even more difficult. I am praying everyday that this next step is a speedy one. Good luck to you as well!
  6. Thank you abdo1! He brought the documents to Aramex yesterday. The case number was written on a few of the documents, but not all of them, so I hope that's not an issue. He included his passport as well. He did receive a receipt with the tracking number, and I verified this morning that the documents were delivered to the embassy today, at 3:55pm Moroccan time. I am praying this will not be a major delay! All the prayer help anyone can give would be appreciated! Thank you!
  7. He paid in MAD. Yes you have to send them via an Aramex location. There is one in Casablanca. When they have the interview and they are asked to supply additional documents, they will give them a small white paper with the phone numbers and addresses. I am attaching a screenshot of the document. They did not ask about an engagement party no. Lots of other questions. How did you meet? How old are her kids? Where does she work? Etc.
  8. Hello! He had to pay in cash, at the consulate. The fee for the K-1 is $265.00 or 2,577.87 moroccan dirham.
  9. Thank you for this! You've always been so helpful with your responses! He did take the docs to Aramex. They did not give him a receipt, but the man told him he would text him the information (they were closing) This was today, so I'll make sure he calls them tomorrow and gets the tracking number. I had gotten this message after he already submitted the documents, so not all of them had the case number, and none had the names and DOB's so I hope that's not an issue. I didn't think of the fact that docs could be misplaced. We do have copies though, and I also sent the information to casablanca_files@ustraveldocs.com (I found this email on their website). Not sure if they will do anything with it. I did get a response that "files were received" from this site. Thank you again. I hope this process doesn't take a huge amount of time. I am looking into flights to come back to Morocco (fourth time). It's been six months since my last visit and I miss him so much.
  10. Thank you! Do you think this is the same for Morocco? The links you gave are for the Philippines. I am just worried. Thank you for you the response.
  11. Hello, My fiance had his interview today and they gave him this paper. When they interviewed him, they asked if he needed a translator, (he can speak English but not perfect) and he said this, and the CO said he was speaking English just fine. The CO must of misunderstood my fiance and thinks that we met in January of 2017, but it is actually June of 2017. We have the Facebook chat logs that go back to that first date. They also wanted to see copies of my passport that shows the three times I visited. When we originally sent the paperwork, I had visited twice by then. I can resend all this information, but not sure where to actually send it? This form they gave him says to upload the documents. The link listed in the upper portion takes you to this, https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/PDF-other/Uploading to CEAC-instrucions.pdf, If you try to follow the instructions, you log into the site, it pops up with this: You can only click "OK" and then it takes you back to the original screen. I called NVC (actually got someone on the phone) and they tell me it's because the NVC doesn't process K visas, they just assign the case number and forward to the embassy, and we needed to contact them. So, my fiance is still in Casablanca and is going to try and go back to tomorrow to get clarification on what the next step is. I checked the case status and it was changed from "READY" to "Administrative Processing". Does this mean we will now be stuck in this state indefinitely? I will know more later but I am just so discouraged by all of this. We had SO MUCH evidence of relationship that I am beyond sad.
  12. Thank you so much! Just keep emailing the embassy! Make sure to include your case number in the subject line. I don't know if that helped, but it can't hurt. They must get THOUSANDS of emails a day, and maybe having the case number would make it easier, visually, to understand that you are already in process. Good luck to you too! Keep me posted!!!!
  13. My fiance's case was in READY status back in February 2019. I repeatedly emailed the embassy (ivcasablanca.state.gov) and repeatedly got the canned response. FINALLY on May 14th, they sent me information that his interview appointment was on MAY 28th!!!! The interview letter was dated March 14th, so I am guessing they either never sent the documentation (they had the correct email, mine and his) or something got lost in translation. Luckily we were able to get all the necessary items finished, so he's ready for his interview.
  14. Thank you for this! I have begun some preliminary research on flights, (getting ahead of myself, but I am so excited and hopeful). I'm trying to find the best option that does not require him to change airports. Any recommendations are appreciated. This site has been a big help, I can't thank you all enough.
  15. Thank you for this! How exactly would that work? If he flew from Morocco to Canada, we he be able to cross the border with me if I met him at the airport or?
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