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  1. That scares me! My income situation is exactly the same as yours. The interview is in 2 days. Did you submit any documents proving 2018 income? I submitted a few docs as proof for 2018 income, i.e. W2, pay stubs, employment letter and bank statements. I haven't filed 2018 tax yet. Guess, I should brace for the worst! 😥
  2. This should be found on the Embassy website where you are interviewing. Don't just go by what different people say. For the Embassy in Dhaka they asked for color photocopy of passport, civil documents and birth certificate.
  3. I advice submitting what you have at this point, since getting the taxes done at this point will take time anyways. My experience is that NVC should accept them. In the meanwhile your husband can file his taxes. Then you can take your 2018 tax documents during the interview.
  4. Are you talking about RFE at the NVC stage, or after interview? I didn't submit any tax return or transcript for 2018. My AOS papers are accepted at the NVC. I submitted the W2 for 2018 though.
  5. I am guessing your mother's birth certificate also has her name correct. I don't know of your full situation. Where is your mother currently? Do you plan to apply for your mother also at some point? This might become an issue at that time. Is it possible to correct your birth certificate. In my opinion, that would be the best course of action.
  6. From my experience, they require the W2's to accompany the 1040 tax files. For tax transcripts, W2 is not required. Getting transcript can be done easily through IRS website. However, I didn't submit my transcript. Like you I only submitted the 1040s initially, then they asked for the W2 too. Then it was approved.
  7. suhridkhan

    Reschedule an appointment

    You can still call to reschedule, if that is what you want. Since March 14th is the only available date for them this month, I am afraid it will go to April. Why are you not prepared for March 14 interview?
  8. At this current timeline you must have submitted the tax documents for 2017. You should submit the W2 for 2018, if you already haven't filed tax for 2018. I don't know what kind of assets you are talking about. If it is salary from jobs, you can have the last 3 paystubs, and a letter from your employer.
  9. The 'Case Complete to Interview March 2019' thread has been closed. My wife is having her interview later this months. Those who are also having interviews this month, let's use this thread to share your interview experiences and ask questions regarding preparation of the interview, so that we can help each other. Good luck everyone. 🙏
  10. I am wondering why the 'Case complete to interview March 2019' thread had to be closed. The people who are having interview in March looking to discuss about interview preparations and experience doesn't really belong in this April thread.
  11. Does your sponsor earn enough considering the correct size of the family? If NVC didn't review the documents yet, you can just replace the AOS package documents with the correctly filled out documents. Are the income amounts different in their tax transcript and W2s? If yes, then how? Please provide more information so that people can help you.
  12. Interview letters in April are not likely until the 2nd week of March.
  13. The best time to call is at night time, about an hour before NVC closes.
  14. suhridkhan

    spouse visa(merged)

    People don't read anymore these days. 😥 Youtube and Facebook generation of people just want fast and cheap answer. Rather than going through the hassle of reading a 2 page document, they are just looking for a 160 word tweet to find all the answers. If you don't care to read, I advice just to do it with a lawyer. This is going to require some research on your end to do it right.
  15. Yes. affidavits and tax papers for petitioner, along with W2. I also did employment letter from my work. And, I am sure you are aware of the documents for beneficiary, like passport, police clearance, marriage records, passport size pics.