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  1. You are right. Tax transcript is what you get from IRS. You can download them from their website after creating an account. You can also request them by calling them. Tax return is what you submit to IRS when you file your tax. 'tax return transcript' is the same as tax transcript.
  2. Tax transcripts are sufficient, no W2 needed. But, in your post title you mention 'tax return'. Tax returns are not sufficient, you would need W2 with that. So make sure what you actually mean, and act accordingly... 😀
  3. What a coincidence! My wife received her card just today. I am from CO. Today marks the 119th day since her arrival, so I guess USCIS didn't miss their timeline! 😂
  4. We are almost 3 and a half months and no green card yet. We tried to contact USCIS, but they said wait up to 120 days before making any inquiry. So we are not worrying about it much, you should not either.

    My spouse interview  was Last week of this months  at US Embassy Dhaka and right now case status is Administrative processing .

    I see your Spouse case status  was also  Administrative processing.

    Did you email or contact with   embassy before getting the VISA?

    How long it was took  solve the problem?

    Please give me reply.




    1. suhridkhan


      Hi Mahfuz,

      Did the embassy give you any reason for Administrative Processing?

      What did the consular officer say at the end the interview? Did they keep her passport?


      I emailed the Embassy several time during the AP period, but they won't tell you anything but, just to keep waiting. They must have given her a piece of paper saying what to do next. Just do accordingly. 


      And feel free to contact me if I can help in any way.

      Best of luck.

    2. Mahfuz


      They  asked  about my marriage date and age of kids.I have two kids and  my marriage also 100% Genuine.They said to  my wife if your marriage statement is true you will get visa and we will call you but they didn't  keep Passport.They also said if we need passport we will call you.

    3. suhridkhan


      Don't worry too much if your marriage is genuine. Administrative processing is quite common these days. 

      If they didn't ask for any further proof or documents, I think it's good news. Keep sending them an email inquiry every few weeks.


      There is nothing really you can do, except just pray and hope for the best.

      InshaAllah you shall get approved soon.

  6. Very much agree with you, it's not just Pakistanis, it's almost everyone. The worst part is, most ppl just fill it initially, then at later stage never updates it. When they get an interview date, most people just disappears! And they come back if they are put into AP!
  7. The beneficiary lived in Japan for 4 years for graduate studies, that's the only travel history outside of BD. You are to the point about the tax history - most recent tax didn't reflect the current income. Although I submitted W2, bank statements, and employer verification, they didn't accept that.
  8. They would place anyone they like in AP for no specific reason! Keep that in mind. My initial AP was for they wanted a joint sponsor, although my current income is way above requirement. We submitted a joint sponsor within a week. But still they kept us in AP for 3 months. So, don't plan anything just yet. Wait till you get your visa at hand. I might sound pessimistic, but everyone in this forum will confirm, that’s the reality. APs are getting more and more common these days.
  9. After the visa is issued, it is only a 3/4 business days. The main question is if the visa is issued. What does the online status shows after the interview is done?
  10. We are also about 50 days and counting... No, green card. The social security card also didn't arrive automatically. We had to go to the SS office after a month of waiting and apply for one.
  11. Thanks for your informative reply. My wife entered 5 weeks ago. We are also waiting for the green card. Do you know how much time the social security card take? Or, should we just visit to the social security office, and request a card?
  12. A cashier's check has to travel by mail, then they need to open that mail, then entered into their system manually. So, there are a few variables in play there, while an online payment is automatically processed. You do the math. I would add about 4-5 business days extra for the cashier's check.
  13. There are many people stuck in AP just like you are. There isn't really anything to but do just wait. Nobody knows how much time this will take. And, nobody will be able to give you any answers/info either. This is the sad fact. Your husband will just have to redo the medicals when the visa is approved. I am waiting myself for 3 months now.
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