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  1. Hi guys hope you all are great. Did any of you face a situation where your case changed from F2a to f2b then back to F2a??
  2. Lol hahahahaha don’t worry it’ll come no matter when it’ll come... Just that the number of cases in the embassy there are too many due to the crisis but all cases are different and it’ll come just be patient and pray too... I’m wishing u the best
  3. Wow congrats congrats that’s very gd news my case was one strange one lol I waited for 8 months to get il I’m f2a by the way but CR-1 takes like two to three months then u get IL but it can’t take more than 3... there was a time I had given up waiting for il lol 😂 I waited 8 freaking months worst time of my life
  4. Please how did you get your dog to travel with u I wantu travel with mine
  5. Hey my fellow Cameroonians hope y’all gd ? Wanted to know if anyone recently attended an interview appointment at the US embassy how was it.. I heard it’s really tight there right now is it true ?? Is getting approved now really difficult?? And has anyone gotten approval just once ?? Like u didn’t hv to be rescheduled.. also anyone has any idea of the types of questions usually asked in an interview for a child ?? Thanks!!!
  6. Hey my fellow  Cameroonians I finally got IL after 8 months of waiting it was a difficult journey for me cus my wait time was v v long 

    pd feb 2017 

    cc Jan 7 2019

    IL sept 30 2019 

    interview date 8th of oct 

  7. Hlo finally got ok after 8 months of waiting cc 7th of Jan 2019 and il 20th of September intetview date 8th of October
  8. Damn! That’s sad but we just have to take it like I myself I’m from Cameroon waiting for IL for like 7 months now... I’m just tired of the whole thingy
  9. Please add me to the spread sheet Cc 7th January Pd 2 Feb 2017 F2a
  10. Wow congrats.. I'm waiting for il too. Its like yde has a v v v v long queue cus it's 6 months now that I've been waitibg for il
  11. They really have no rights at all... I've given up on the whole thing in tired of it all... I won't be bothered again I've just forgotten about it and I'm going on with ma activities
  12. 😭😭😭😭Nothing is actually happening its like they forgot about us... 2 Feb 2017... Cc since 7 of January. Did u try calling them?
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