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  1. It’s very difficult to tell what a Co is looking for or thinking at a particular time -has any of u been married b4 ? ... hopefully u won’t be in AP for long sometimes it might not be the evidences but smthn else we pray this won’t take long n he’s called to drop off his passport after their checks
  2. Then there’s something they not convinced about so they have to do more checks on their side and if they satisfied ur hubby will be called or emailed with further instructions
  3. No the Co doesn’t look at ur priority date n spousal visas don’t become current , they always available so ur priority date doesn’t matter here when was the interview because everyone goes through AP after the interview I was in AP for 8working days before I was finally issued at the Ghana 🇬🇭 embassy n it took exactly a month for me to get my passport bck after my interview
  4. Yes ooo was so frustrating mehnnn but hopefully u Dnt go through dt * I meant to write 10 or within after date of issue
  5. My interview was July 25 issued August 6 pickup was August 22 expect it within on 10working days after interview
  6. Oh yess I did August 21 n already in the states .. so I got my passport bck a month after interview some get it earlier within 10working days depending on wen u got issued
  7. If they kept the things u say n didn’t keep his passport then there’s smthn they not sure of Or convinced abt n want to run all the background checks they can ,if n when they are satisfied your husband will be called with further instructions either to present something or send his passport to dhl for his visa until then he will continue to be in AP and no one knows exactly how long this is gonna take, could me months or years.. prayers going out to u guys , hopefully they won’t take long
  8. Hello lovely people.. been a while here I’m happy to announce by the grace of the most high I joined my hubby in the states on Saturday 💕💕🥰🥰💃🏽💃🏽 n it was an awesome site to behold God see all those waiting through with the spirit of patience 🙏🏽🙏🏽
  9. Yes Ghana is now paperless n u won’t get any emails concerning that it’s been like that since last month I got no packets too including others I noe that have successfully entered the US when ur wife is asked for the packet she tells them exactly wt she was told that Ghana has gone paperless
  10. Omg my April thread partner u still here wow wts keeping the embassy from sending this letters tho is your embassy dt backlogged? God is sure in control.. delay is never denial... on my part have visa in hand n will be flying soon wishing u all the best dear
  11. Yes after the interview n u approved U create a profile on US travel doc for passport pickup
  12. U didn’t need to even email them for anything gh courier service isn’t like elsewhere cus even tho u input an address it won’t be sent there u need to go to dhl with any valid ID n go get ur passport
  13. Lool u shld be expecting pickup latter part of nxt week or nxt 2 weeks
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