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  1. One IL today has renewed my hope and put a spring in my step. What a great way to head into the weekend. My husbands birthday is today and while it’s not our IL, it is surely a gift!
  2. I've been checking flights myself. I'd rather ride out and go into AP than spend more time waiting for an indeterminate date. I've done that now for almost a year. Our lives have been suspended for too long. If they have any consistency it's NVC stopping contact in the middle of the month so by this week they'll be done with interview schedules for August.
  3. I believe that was in regards to someone who was approved, but interviews were not available until a couple months out so others with CC after them had interviews scheduled.
  4. Probably from last month. There were some people outside of VJ that did get interview dates for July 2 and 3
  5. So, CR1/IR1 is not listed at all. I've not seen this bulletin before; would they normally be included? Is that how it's figured our cases will be scheduled in September for October?
  6. Are these forums always riddled with people waiting for Mumbai? It seemed like a lot of people talked about it raining in May for June interviews, but here we are in July waiting for August with some people from April still. I've asked my husband to call the consulate tomorrow morning to at least give me some reprieve, but I'm at the end of my tether.
  7. Good morning (5:30am). I’m still here waiting for IL. I truly hope they don’t put too much priority and push CR1/ir1 cases aside. Our visas are just as important.
  8. It'll be a year for us on the 31st. I can't imagine going any farther! Praying you receive good news this week.
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