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  1. My husband just arrived in the US 6 days ago. for everyone who is IR1 or CR1, I was wondering how long did it take for your SSN and green card to arrive in the mail. For the SSN we hit the check box that said that we automatically wanted to receive it in the mail upon his arrival Thanks
  2. Okay thank you. We will wait for the green card to come in and if it's the wrong one, we will return it with the i90, but if they send us the 2 year conditional green card, we will keep it. Thank you!
  3. Okay thank you. So even though the visa and the stamp in his passport say IR1. There is still a chance that they will send in the correct green card (which is the 2 year conditional green card?). & okay, we will wait for the green card to come in and see the expiration date on it. If it's not 2 years, we will send it back with the i90.
  4. Hello all, I filed for a CR1 petition for my husband because we have been married less than a year, and after being approved he picked up his passport and it said IR1 instead. He did not notice it until he was traveling, and mentioned it to the POE officer but the officer said there was nothing he could do and stamped his passport with an IR1 visa. He is with me now in the states, but I want to make sure they send us the right green card, so I called USCIS and they said to call CBP (customs and board protection) because they are the ones who should have changed it. Has anyone ever been in this situation? How did you go about making the change? thanks in advance
  5. Good morning guys, Woke up this morning with the best present from the NVC. We received our IL at 4:00am EST. August 27th Cameroon Embassy CC May 17th My birthday was Monday and I was praying I would get something from the NVC this week and thank the Lord, my prayers were answered. I last checked our status on CEAC last night around 7:00pm EST and it said "AT NVC", and when I checked this morning after seeing the email it says "IN TRANSIT", so I am not sure exactly when the switch happened. Waiting for this IL was so frustrating. I have cried so much these past weeks, I never thought it would arrive, but here we are now. Stay strong and don't lose hope, your IL is coming!!
  6. My birthday is July 8th! I pray the NVC surprises with me an IL this month. That would be the best present ever 😅 CC: May 17th. Best of luck to us all this new month
  7. I never thought I’d like weekdays more than weekends 🤣 Happy New Week guys! I pray everyone gets their CC or IL they’ve been waiting for this week 🙏🏾
  8. I’m waiting with you 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 CC may 17th! Let’s keep praying! God is on our side
  9. PD: 01/09/19 NOA2: 04/02/19 Case number: 05/08/19 Docs Submitted 05/16/19 CC: 05/17/19 Now onto the wait for an interview date 🙏
  10. Thank you! I'm sure you will. Just make sure you submit all the evidence you can
  11. Thank you! I'm sure you will! I spent a lot of time reviewing the documents and making sure everything was filled right!
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