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  1. PD: 01/09/19 NOA2: 04/02/19 Case number: 05/08/19 Docs Submitted 05/16/19 CC: 05/17/19 Now onto the wait for an interview date 🙏
  2. Thank you!! & congrats on getting an interview date!!! 🎉
  3. Thank you! I'm sure you will. Just make sure you submit all the evidence you can
  4. Thank you! I'm sure you will! I spent a lot of time reviewing the documents and making sure everything was filled right!
  5. Hey guys, I just wanted to share with you all the exiting news that I just received. NOA2: 4/2/19 NVC received: 4/15/19 Case Number: 5/8/19 Submitted all documents: 5/16/19 -All documents that I submitted were accepted but they asked me to submit one more document 5/16/19 @1:30pm. -Submitted document 5/16/19 @5:30pm. (Right after work lol) -CC: 5/17:19 @12:00pm I am still in shock. If I hadn’t forgotten to submit 1 document I would gotten in a 0 days (just 6 hours). I was expecting a response in 3 weeks since they had already reviewed everything once. Thank you visa journey and to all of you for your helpful posts. I couldn’t have done it without all the tips I saw in this group. I wish you all a speedy process and stay blessed
  6. Okay, Thank you! I will do it the same way then. Good luck to you as well Perfect! I will keep it the same! thank you so much
  7. I am asking because I was wondering how he will receive his appointment package from the embassy
  8. Hey guys. I am filling out the ds 260, and it asked for my spouse's physical and mailing address. for his physical address I just put not applicable in the street name since most houses and streets in Cameroon aren't assigned, so I just put the name of the city, province and country, as I did on the i130 form for USCIS. For his mailing address, is it okay to do the same thing aka not provide a street address since he doesn't have one? Would the NVC or embassy be needing this mailing address to send him mails before his interview? Thanks in advance.
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