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  1. My husband finally got his green card in the mail on Monday! He called USCIS at 121 days to find out that they just hadn't processed his paperwork for it at all including our address change that we did right after he arrived. It took a month after he called USCIS and put in an inquiry to get his card. (POE Atlanta October 26, 2019)
  2. Just checked and my husband's green card is in the mail! POE was Atlanta on October 26th, 2019 . We inquired as to the delay at 121 days.
  3. At 121 days my husband called and found out that his AR-11 change of address never went through either. He had the receipt number to prove he did it (on October 30th). They created a service request and said 30 days. It's been two weeks so far... (But if it had been sent to the old address, that's my parents' house so we would have gotten it.)
  4. My husband called at 121 days on Monday and they told him they never updated the address (that we submitted October 30). But also that it hadn't been sent regardless. They said we should have it in the next 30 days.
  5. We just found out today that at 121 days of waiting, it turns out they NEVER PROCESSED his AR-11 with our address change that he did October 30th. It wasn't send to the old address either because that's my parents' house. They have 30 days to respond to this request.
  6. 10 business days or so. We didn't go to the Social Security office as I was told it would make things worse to apply twice.
  7. My husband called USCIS today. Turns out they NEVER PROCESSED his AR-11 that he did right after moving here (Oct 30th) stating our new address. However, that should mean the card was sent to the previously listed address (my parents' house), but no it just hasn't been sent yet. They told him within 30 days we will know when he's getting his green card. Hopefully they will just mail it to us within 30 days or I'm contacting my Senator.
  8. My husband's social security card arrived in about 10 business days after his arrival.
  9. Well that was fruitless. I got a person actually after 5 minutes of going through a bunch of options then waiting only 10 minutes. Unfortunately, they wouldn't talk to me because they have to talk to my husband. So either call together or have immigrant spouse call!
  10. Yep we are at 121 days. I am trying to figure out how to actually reach a human when calling USCIS right now.
  11. Today marks 121 days since my husband entered the US. Guess it's time to call USCIS...
  12. We are almost at 120 days. My husband entered October 26th. Still says fee paid if I go to "case status online" and if I log in to my husband's USCIS account it doesn't even list his green card request. I haven't tried calling. I have the form to send to my Senator that my husband needs to sign for permission for his case to be looked at. I plan on sending that in.
  13. If you go to verify your identity, it just takes you to another website with a bunch of forms to fill out and mail in. I tried "Add a paper-filed case." This is what I got to after I submitted our IOE number. If you didn't chose "Add a paper-filed case," then where did you find an option to add your case? I looked all around and found nowhere else to add anything except a paper-filed case.
  14. Hmm, I'm using my non-citizen husband's USCIS account. I tried to add the receipt number, and it asked me for an access code which I didn't have because we didn't file it with paper. Did you get asked for an access code too?
  15. Ah this had me excited for a moment, but when I logged in to my husband's USCIS account it has one case - our I-130. It still doesn't even show that as processed, which is clearly even more outdated than the Case Status Check page. Perhaps it's time to call USCIS.
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