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  1. Sorry for difficulties! My husband arrived on a CR1 visa on October 26th. We checked the box to apply for his SSN on his visa application. His Social Security Card came in the mail yesterday (11/4/2019). (We ignored the customs officer who told him to go to the SSA office ASAP because we knew we had already applied.)
  2. My husband has the file folder so I can't send a picture, but he took an accordion folder with 12 different sections so that each section had different things like one was "Tax documents" and another was "I-864 and documents for joint sponsor." We really didn't want to get put into Administrative Processing for not having a document so we were cautious and brought way more paperwork than they asked to see. Our goal was that he could get to anything quickly without feeling flustered and get nervous! Interview went smoothly and he said he was clearly way more prepared than most people there.
  3. Do you mean the Immigration fee of $220? Or the Visa application fee? The Immigration fee has to be paid to USCIS (not the embassy because that's a different department) online from a US bank account. The suggestion is to not pay it until your visa is in your hand. The Visa application fee is paid online before you submit your Visa application. You cannot submit your application without paying the fee.
  4. Congrats on your baby! So we didn't have a kid between NVC and the interview but I did move back to the US and got a new job. I emailed my husband's consulate and they said he was able to bring an updated I864 to his interview. We didn't upload it anywhere, they just took it at his interview. It all worked out, and he's arriving on Saturday!
  5. I know we just have to wait, but I am struggling with this too! My husband arrives in less than a week, and we are trying to line up all the steps. Some banks let you open an account without an SSN? But those may require an ITIN which would probably take even longer to get than the wait for the already applied for SSN. Sorry I don't know a solution but this is definitely an issue!
  6. My husband's visa was listed as ISSUED two days after his interview (October 8th), but we had to wait four days for the passport pick up because last Friday was a national holiday then the Embassy was closed for Columbus Day. He picked it up first thing yesterday morning! His flight is in just over a week 🥰
  7. We got DQ and had an easy interview with around 8 questions. Only paperwork my husband was asked for was the hard copy of my I864, our joint sponsor's I864, and his passport. My husband picked up his visa today. It's rumored that cases at our embassy are decided before your interview unless you really mess up at your interview. I don't claim to be an expert, but it's very clear that once things are past the NVC stage, it varies dramatically from consulate to consulate. Some consulates scrutinize things heavily, some consulates put a majority (or all?) cases in Administrative Processing after approved interviews, and some consulates deal with only a handful of cases each month and things go faster.
  8. We got an automated email saying our case was "Documentarily Qualified." That seems to be the official language to move on to the next step, the wait for the Interview Letter. I think people use the terms interchangeably, but that they are the same thing. Case Complete just means, in my understanding, that all of your documents qualified and the NVC is done reviewing it. Did your notice say DQ or CC?
  9. YAY that's exciting that your embassy was working today. My husband's is closed for Columbus Day... Which is annoying as his visa is ISSUED and we just need it to get to the courier.
  10. Our CEAC Case Tracker Status just changed to ISSUED! My husband just had his interview on Tuesday, but he's from a small country that only issues a handful of CR1s every month. I'm hoping we can pick it up from DHL (our courier service) by the end of next week!!
  11. My husband just had his interview and his visa was approved! They said not to make big plans until visa is in hand which takes two weeks here, but I'm sure that's the standard language. His country is small and in Eastern Europe. They asked him for our I-864 (AOS) for me because I had a newly filled out one to reflect my new job in the US, and the one for my brother, our joint sponsor. His questions were easy - How did we meet? Who was our joint sponsor? Did he meet my family? And a specific one for our case - where was my Peace Corps site? (We met when I was doing two years of volunteer service with the Peace Corps in his country.) He got there an hour early and was done a mere 30 minutes after his appointment time. My warning is this - every country is different so keep that in mind when reading about our experience!
  12. Hi! My husband has his interview in North Macedonia on Tuesday (October 8th). We are trying to bring anything possible they may want. We lived together in North Macedonia until two months ago when I returned to the US to re-establish domicile (get a US job, apartment, etc.). Do I need to provide any chat logs for the last two months we've been apart? He's bringing an album I made about our first year of marriage (including pictures of travels and with his family and handwritten notes to each other), Airbnb receipts from our trips, and a copy of my Macedonian residency permit that listed me living at his family's residence. Thanks, I appreciate insight!
  13. I added two pay stubs and a letter about my joint sponsor getting a recent promotion with his new pay listed. They were all accepted.
  14. Thanks! I just emailed my husband at least 70 pages of documents. He got an accordion file and will have probably 200 pages or so! We are definitely following that tip in our interviewing practicing. Fortunately short and simple is his natural style!
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