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  1. Not any time soon because this would require Congressional approval and currently this not at all an idea supported by the House. Indeed, it's not an idea supported by a majority of members of either part of Congress. It's just spin.
  2. You are probably really close! I just got approved yesterday but the notice was dated May 10th. The website and apps were not updated. My PD was June 6, 2018.
  3. NOA2 came to my parents' house in the US today!! Approved 5/10/2019. Online is still not updated. PD June 6, 2019. GET AT ME NVC!!
  4. Hi! We are a few months off from our interview because my I-130 is stuck in Nebraska. (Our PD is June 6, 2018 so I hope we know soon... We should according to estimates.) But my question is can I go to the consulate interview with my spouse? I am the American. I live in my husband's home country. I'm not worried about him going by himself but since I'm already here, can I go? Thanks~
  5. Yeah, I am June 6th. I haven't searched more than 150 cases behind me and 500 cases ahead of me. But all I see are RFEs issued from May 1-May 10th. I am telling my parents (my US address) to watch the mail carefully!! The only other info are denials - people who sent the wrong form or payment didn't go through. Those were denied last summer.
  6. This made my day! I'm a June 6, 2018 filer and I was getting sad just seeing RFEs from my PD date, no approvals. I'm glad to see they are moving for at least some June filers.
  7. Here in solidarity! My date is June 6th, 2018. And so far on case tracker, only RFEs around my number, not approvals. Part of me just wants to stop even checking all those things because it doesn't seem to be moving. On June 5th, I can contact them again.
  8. I have an account already. Unfortunately it just says my inquiry was sent to an officer for a response. And that response was given on April 5th - wait 60 days. Case Tracker just says they are doing RFEs for early June right now for the last 2 weeks, no approvals for the cases around mine. I am honestly wondering if they will even start giving out June approvals this month.
  9. Congrats! How did you know that your case was assigned to an officer for review? I did an outside of normal processing request on March 20th and I just got told to wait 60 more days. My PD is June 6th, 2018.
  10. 11 months and 2 days! I see that they are finally issuing RFEs for my PD (June 6th). A few more issues each day over the last week. Just hope that I'm not one of them! Have not see any approvals though. This was the first any of the 200 or so I-130 cases around mine were changed since last summer.
  11. Hi I don't know the link because it's an app on my phone, but I can tell you the name and describe it to you! I have an iPhone. It's called Case Tracker and the icon has a vertical American flag with a white eagle (in a navy blue circle) in the middle.
  12. No. My PD is June 6th. I have been doing the Case Tracker app search for the 500 cases around mine every day lately. There has been some movement in sending out RFEs over the past few days but no approvals.
  13. Same! I know I'm one of the lucky ones living with my spouse. But I'm just not trying to focus on it every day. (But that said I think my NOA2 SHOULD be coming up soon actually... PD June 6, 2018.)
  14. Every few days I do a search on Case Tracker for the 500 numbers around mine. I just did one and while no one has gotten approvals, in the last 5 days they have sent out 12 RFEs to folks from either my PD (June 6, 2018) or the PD the day before. So I'm taking this as a sign that these cases from my PD are at least FINALLY being looked at by a human.
  15. Yeah I totally agree. Like they clearly know they are behind, just aren't willing to admit it OR do anything about it.