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  1. karishma

    NVC to Mumbai

    they saw my documents before going for the interview. there they asked me about my pcc issued by england police. they never saw any of my husbands tax or transcript documents. she asked for proof and i gave her my small wedding album and told her i didnt bring the big one as its heavy. she looked at it and didnt ask me anything. they took all my original documents and returned back after i was approved and kept the passport.
  2. karishma

    NVC to Mumbai

    about joint sponsor was that how was the joint sponsor related to me and my husband. what does the joint sponsor do/work
  3. karishma

    NVC to Mumbai

    I got approved. i was interview by a lady. she asked me about my husband, how we met, if it was an arranged or love marriage, who arranged it, what are his likes and dislikes, where he works and has he been to india after the wedding, and if he has how many times. because i had joint sponsor i was asked couple of question related to that. she also asked me question about my husbands family members. finally she ended the interview with couple question related to my education in england and what are my plans after getting to USA and last but not the least i want to thank each and everyone who was there to answer all my query. Thank you all. Thank you
  4. Anyone got any idea how much do we have to pay for medical in surat, Gujarat. I checked online the price is about 11000 + 2000. Now the lady from Apollo clinic calls me and says that i have to pay them 18000 including vaccinations, the consulate has raised the amount. Could anyone help with this. I am just so confused.
  5. I have something similar. my indian pcc is valid till november and i will enter US before it expires. But i got my passport renewed recently as the other one was going to expire. Now the Indian pcc that i have has old expired passport details in it. Do i need to get a new pcc. But i have been to UK on student visa and stayed there for 5 years. I had to submit UK pcc to nvc and uscis. Now i am worried about the UK pcc validity. I am not sure how long it stays valid for. My interview is on 15 october. Please if anyone could help me out with the query. Please.
  6. karishma

    NVC to Mumbai

    i got my IL. PD: 7 march 2017 CC: 4 june 2019 IL received: 20 september 2019 interview date: 15 october 2019 location: mumbai, india category: IR1
  7. i got my IL. PD: 7 march 2017 CC: 4 june 2019 IL received: 20 september 2019 interview date: 15 october 2019 location: mumbai, india category: IR1
  8. i got my IL. PD: 7 march 2017 CC: 4 june 2019 IL received: 20 september 2019 interview date: 15 october 2019 location: mumbai, india category: IR1
  9. hi there i got cc from nvc and soon going to face interview. havnt received IL yet but soon its on the way. i got my passport renewed as old one was going to expired and now i am worried what will happen. you have faced this situation i guess can you please guide me. dont want to get back home with nothing after long wait.
  10. i feel like they should get something by next week. fingers crossed. they'll get something. lets all pray
  11. the whole week of 28th will be off as there is diwali thing that week.
  12. karishma

    NVC to Mumbai

    i thought that we do get letters through post which states everything about what needs to get done before interview like biometric and medical. because without the interview letter your medical wont get done i guess. i am not 100% sure. anyone got idea about this.
  13. karishma

    NVC to Mumbai

    no i havnt got the IL yet. waiting for it. by the way we get email from them first regarding the interview date and then we get the letters through post, right?
  14. karishma

    NVC to Mumbai

    i havnt received anything from them yet. i was hoping for something this week as i completed 60 days after getting DQ. i didnt get anything so no hope. i am not expecting anything untill the april and may people get something, i am DQ on june 4th. people from late april and may are waiting, so they will get something before me.
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