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    Been married almost 18 years and this is the second time around applying for a green card for my English husband - the first one was granted back in 2002 while living in the UK and then we lived in the US for 8 years until we moved to Australia for a job opportunity. His green card expired and hence we have to go through this process again. We are very ready to go home again!

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  1. My husband received his passport with the visa today! Only 2 days after the interview which is quite impressive as we were expecting the receive the passport some time next week. How long has it taken others out there?
  2. A bit late but congratulations!! My husband had his interview today in Sydney and it was also approved! I am so relieved and can finally relax! Since we've been married for almost 18 years, we were not asked any questions about our relationship but the consular officer was very thorough in asking about our assets and a few other things in regards to his previous marriage (over 20 years ago) and my job here in Australia which I thought was kind of weird but that's fine because our assets were fine. Good luck to those waiting for their interviews - I hope everything goes well!
  3. Thanks for that. I was thinking of going ahead and creating a new i-864 with the new information just in case but will definitely bring the original one with the original supporting documentation just to be on the safe side. I feel like we have to bring a novel sized portion of paper to this interview! Will definitely check out the view! Thanks for the heads up
  4. Forgot to ask my other questions: As my husband's petitioner, I was originally using our assets for financial support. Since I submitted the financial documents in May, our assets have grown quite a bit. Since May as well, my job transfer to our Atlanta office has been finalised and hence will have the offer letter to include with the financial evidence as my salary will be more than enough to prove that I can support him. So, my questions are: 1. Does he just take what I originally submitted on CEAC for the i-864 or do I need to have him bring an updated version of the i-864 and supporting documentation in addition to what was submitted on CEAC? 2. He's going to bring the offer letter as well to the interview but does that need to be uploaded to CEAC?
  5. Question for the interview: My husband's Australian police check is going to expire before we enter the US to activate his visa so he got another one to make it more recent. The case has already been transferred to the Sydney consulate but do we need to upload the new police check to CEAC anyway? Thanks!
  6. That's ridiculous about the ILs for you guys in Mumbai. Great idea to raid NVC like Area 51 though. Hope to see some ILs for you guys soon!!
  7. Congrats! We have the same interview date but on opposite sides of the world
  8. Congrats! We have the same CC and IL dates as well but different interview dates! CC: 10 September IL: 20 September Interview date: 15 October 2019
  9. Awesome! 3 different people at the NVC have said the same thing so it’s definitely all good 😊
  10. Can you please add me to the spreadsheet as well? We got CC on September 10 for Sydney.
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