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  1. Congratulations! Finally! Plus less hassle since you'll be getting the 10-yr GC :)
  2. Just wanted to update everyone that my AOS has been approved. Thanks for all the help from this group
  3. Can you update us afterwards? I'm still waiting for my GC but I have heard about them before.
  4. Good luck, @H2CO3 Forgot to update everyone. My interview will be on Oct 5 at the Federal Plaza building at 8am.
  5. Wow. You have one of the fastest timelines I've seen on this forum @chibichummy with everything going on in the Philippines, it might be best to do AOS here instead. Haven't seen my family in 2 years but I wouldn't risk it especially now that most hospitals are in full capacity due to Covid and the government seems to be making a joke out of it instead of taking things seriously. Might take another year or so to be able to travel safely back to the Phils.
  6. The sooner, the better. Here's a thread where they delayed their AOS and had to face the consequences. https://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/706560-beware-bad-information-on-aos-deadline-for-k1-fresh-out-of-jail/
  7. You're welcome. Hopefully someone can make use of this info and I also wanted to encourage the others to share their doctor's info.
  8. For South Brooklyn applicants, here's a list of doctors in the Coney Island area: Dr. Boris Ripa 718-891-2700 M 10 1; 4-6 W 10-2 Th 3-6 S 9:30 - 130pm $250; lab test, form only (with insurance); cash basis only X-ray and vaccines not included Dr. Leonid Volfinzon 718-787-0700 2nd week of Sept: MWTh till 4pm $280; vaccines free Dr. Irina Vladimirsky 718-576-2012 $320 cash; vaccines not included M-10-2pm T-S 10-5pm 1 week after come back to fill out the form Dr. Leon Nitkin 718-646-8808 $375; all included T-F 4pm - 7pm Available this week (last week of Aug/ 1st week of Sept) Dr. Mikhail Akselrud 718-517-2500 $200; $350 w/o insurance; no vaccines W 2:30 pm Dr. Boris Mazurov 718-368-1170 No answer Dr. Genia Bekker 718-332-6525 $250 cash; no vaccines (Staff and doctor weren’t really friendly over the phone when we called) Dr. Adelia Akpan 718-946-5915 $300; include vaccines 7 days a week, 24/7 (I think she works from home) UrgentWay Manhattan 646-213-0190 M-F 9-6pm $300 (with insurance) Open for new appointments by Sept 20th Complete medical examination by a civil surgeon Blood tests Vaccinations Completing an I-693 form
  9. Thanks! I checked USCIS processing time and it still says 18 - 42 months. I'm now calling nearby doctors to schedule my I-693 since I didn't submit it yet. I feel like you will be scheduled sooner as expected as well, so better to be prepared!
  10. Updating everyone that my status changed to "interview scheduled" today. Awaiting letter from USCIS. In the meantime, I have to find a doctor! Thought my interview will be scheduled after our 2-year anniversary, lol.
  11. Just got an email from USCIS stating that my interview has been scheduled. And here I thought it won't be till next year, LOL. @iy2020 have you had your interview scheduled as well?
  12. @Zach2015 @Adventine Thanks! I have another question. Do I send out the original documents in the mail for my ROM? Are they going to send it back to me?
  13. @TahomaI live in NYC and the Consulate is less than an hour away via subway for me. @Zach2015 I'll be doing the same thing. ROM via mail then passport in person. @Adventine When I reschedule my passport appointment, how can I indicate that I will be applying for overseas voter reg as well? I think I tried to do another appointment for the same day and time but the website said I already had an existing appointment.
  14. I think I'll go ahead and wait for the ROM before renewing my passport to lessen any inconveniences I could possibly experience with a different AP and passport name. Thank you for the help @Chancy!
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