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  1. Korean ground beef that I made lol
  2. When my initial package was rejected, I only found out about it via USPS Informed Delivery. I think they immediately sent it back right after being scanned. I am not sure if your whole package will be rejected or they will just ask for an RFE or outright denial. Best to have everything ready and hopefully, you get it and send the new completed forms before Oct 2
  3. My timeline is in my signature but here it is for you Aug 21, 2020 - USCIS account updated to RFE (waiting for mail) Aug 27, 2020 - Hard copy of RFIE received in the mail (I-864EZ rejected) Aug 31, 2020 - Response to RFIE sent to NBC Sept 9, 2020 - Response to RFIE received by USCIS
  4. Please correct me if I'm wrong. But from my understanding, my papers would go to NBC then local which is Brooklyn, where both biometrics and interview will be, right?
  5. Hi. I got an RFIE specifically for submitting the I-864EZ even though I qualified for it. They will not be rejecting the whole AOS package. You will simply get an RFIE letter to submit a completed I-864 form along with its requirements. They have accepted my new I-864 packet with no issues (so far 🤞).
  6. It seems that Texas applications are moving to the interview stage. If I can just get my EAD/ AP, I'd be one happy camper
  7. I wonder if it's just the AOS applications that are not being given the biometrics appointment or everyone in general (ROC, naturalization, etc). Good luck to us 😢
  8. Maybe I should move to Mount Laurel, NJ till I get my green card 😆
  9. This is what I'm afraid of as well being from NYC. No movement after the I-693 notice. Please update us when you get the chance to talk to a re. Hopefully you get some good news
  10. If you are talking about photo evidences of relationship, you can just send one file for your "evidence" folder. Otherwise, passport photos are needed for I-130, I-485, I-765 and I-131. The forms will be sent to different departments so you cannot reuse those photos and / or certificates.
  11. Just got my I-693 deficiency notice in the mail. Anyone here who recently got biometrics appointment?
  12. Hi. I'm filing from NYC as well. Have you tried calling USCIS to check on your case? I filed mine in July but was was RFIE'd.
  13. Update: Received I-693 deficiency notice in the mail today. Still no biometrics appointment
  14. After sending an updated I-864, I haven't heard anything from USCIS as well. I feel like July applications are at a standstill. August filers are moving, though. It makes me wonder if they are just doing the initial checking, cashing payments and sending NOAs then putting everything else on hold 😔
  15. @laylalex OMG. You had me at bacon. LOL Thank you! Excited to try it this weekend!
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