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  1. My travel exemption to leave the country that gets checked. I am traveling into Sydney domestic airport and leaving Sydney international airport. They are totally separate locations so I have to grab my own suitcases as far as I know.
  2. Exemption approved and now we will be leaving for the US on Tuesday to start the next part of this crazy process!
  3. Yes. Four flights. BNE to SYD to SFO to DEN to FSD. I bought my ticket directly through the United website. I will make sure my bags are checked all of the way through but I know that I have to collect them at Sydney anyway right as I have to change terminals? I am flying with United but the first airline is Qantas and the rest are with United. I am checking in online and choosing seats so that is not a worry. I will have checked in before I go as always to save some time! I have just under three hours at Sydney so I am pretty confident that's alright. Total travel time is 29 hours and I am tired thinking about it for my poor three year old lol. Really I was just wondering if they would ask about the exemption at Brisbane at all!
  4. Nah no expiration date and you don't have to use it on the day you put.
  5. Yep all good to go now! I am leaving on Tuesday (14th) Speaking of that. I am going from Brisbane to Sydney first and then connecting to my US flight. Will I have to deal with any exemption stuff in Brisbane as I check in for the complete flight there? Or no as it is the domestic airport? Just trying to see how early I have to be there as the flight itself is early too. zzz
  6. I got my exemption but I had to start again because of the error so just wait for it to be issued again.
  7. A question though. Did anyone else's approval say this Departure port: Sydney Destination country: Australia My destination country isn't Australia obviously and above it it even says that I am leaving Australia too?
  8. I hope so too! I’m worried about borders and Trumps visa bans and everything. I feel like I need to be there as soon as possible. Thank you.
  9. I didn’t. I haven’t heard back and that flight is gone. I call and they won’t help. I’ve contacted two MP today who’ve said they’ve enquired for me. I don’t know what else to do. I feel so defeated. I haven’t been denied or asked for more evidence or anything..
  10. I’m so upset guys. It doesn’t seem fair! I’m not sure how I got so unlucky when everyone else here got theirs approved. Does anyone have advice? I haven’t even gotten a rejection just no contact at all. I contacted two MP today who have requested information for me but I don’t know what else to do.
  11. Applied for an exemption. The date is tomorrow. Still haven't heard anything.
  12. Early tomorrow morning. I can deal with a last minute approval but I will not cope with a last minute rejection!
  13. I called them on Friday in which they escalated my case and I called them today when they said it hasn't been looked at and all I can do is wait. So I have been trying! Today they said my case hasn't been looked at yet.
  14. The Australian government is being so frustrating. The exemption to leave are really frustrating. I have applied and not yet heard back. The flight I put in leaves in less than 24 hours. I have shown proof of canceling everything including where I live and shipping it. As well as my fiances health. Due to this they escalated it to the people who confirm or deny but they said there's no guarantee I will even hear back. Really stressed as I bought our tickets for $800USD and now all tickets seem to be around $3700USD.
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