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    We have been a couple for a little over two years. Initially Sarah travelled back and forth between the US and UK to visit with Tyler then return home to work. We filed I-130 in January 2019 and it was sent to Nebraska for processing. In April 2019 Sarah came to Oklahoma to visit Tyler again (having married on a previous visit in November 2018). During the visit the decision was made to pursue adjustment of status instead of Sarah going back to England. We filed in June 2019, the interview is scheduled for October 2019.

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  1. There is no divorce in the Philippines
  2. I had no records and they ran titers to see what I was immune to. Anything I wasn't already immune to, they gave me a shot for. They also gave me a tetanus shot automatically because I hadn't had one in the last ten years. No blood test for that one in my case.
  3. Merry Christmas, June filers. Thanks for being on this journey with me. Got home tonight after a few days visiting my in-laws and my social security card was waiting in the mailbox. USPS tracker says green card will be delivered on Friday. Best Christmas present ever 💙
  4. Honestly, I'm not sure but my guess is that if you have the card then that is proof enough of your approval. But if in doubt I believe you can call them and request another copy. They can see from your old receipt number that it was approved.
  5. I know that my approval notice for my EAD came after the permit. I guess it doesn't much matter as long as you have the card?
  6. Had our interview this morning in OKC - Green card approved!!
  7. EAD received today! New interview is in 8 days haha. Do I need to hand over the EAD at the interview? Kinda hoping to hang on to it if I can as I have no ID in my married name and it would be useful to use if green card takes a while or if there are any more unforeseen issues.
  8. Good luck to you too!! Hopefully this one will go better than my last one!
  9. Had some wonderful news today! My interview has been rescheduled!! New interview date is December 17th!
  10. I just checked my case status again as I got into bed and scared the ####### out of my husband when I screamed - my EAD has updated to 'New Card Being Produced'!!!! I cried haha! Finally, a step in the right direction.
  11. Still waiting for approval of EAD/AP. Still waiting for new interview to be scheduled. So frustrated.
  12. My understanding is that when you marry you can change your name to anything you want, so you may be able to both rewrite your names as you want them on your marriage license. I'm not 100% certain but it could be something to look into.
  13. An update to this: USCIS have now confirmed that my I-130 is at the field office. Based on the dates they have given me I believe it was requested on the day of the cancelled interview and arrived in OKC on November 7th. I know I'm impatient but every day that goes by that we don't hear anything or see any update is really hitting me hard. When I call USCIS they just say I'm within normal processing times of up to 25 months, and that I can't contact the field office myself as they do not have public phone numbers. Does anyone have any suggestions of anything I can do to prompt them to schedule the new interview? I don't care if it's scheduled for months into the future, I just need a date to work towards! When we were told by the officer that's dealing with our case she said she would schedule it as soon as the paperwork came in, and gave me her name, but I have no way to contact her. Thank you
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