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    Tyler and I met online playing Mobile Strike in 2015/16 we knew of each other for quite a while before actually getting into a real conversation for the first time in July 2017. We met in person in October 2017 and then married in November 2018. Sarah is based in Hebden Bridge, England (for now) and Tyler is in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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  1. Sarah G

    CR1 passport photo

    Mine literally looks like a mugshot. So bad.
  2. We got our NOA1 on January 10th. So disappointed it has gone to stupid Nebraska.
  3. Thank you all for your thoughtful responses and sharing your experiences. It really helps to know that we are not alone in this and that so many others are dealing with the same thing. It's very helpful to read of the various ways you deal with it, both practically and emotionally and I truly appreciate your input.
  4. I have been terrible for leading around 85% of our conversations towards talk of immigration. I think i have struggled since I returned from the US as I have been waiting to go back to work, so with not much to do it has been consuming my thoughts. However, I returned to work today and I already feel much better. Distraction is good, and it gives me more conversation 'material'. I will be working 7 days a week from today until a few days before my next visit at the end of April so I will be very busy and it will help my mind from becoming so preoccupied as I will have something else to focus on. He is very much affected by my mood so this will help him too, I'm sure. It's not an easy process and I remember people telling me that getting married was the easy part, doing all this stuff would be hard. I'm not sure I appreciated how hard I would find it, but I definitely see it now. I would love for him to come here and be with me but sadly it's not an option for us, he's unlikely to even be able to visit as his job is not flexible and he doesn't have any vacation time accrued - nor do we have the funds to cover a trip for him here, as well as my trips there. We had a good conversation today about how all of this is affecting us both and agreed we will try harder to be open with each other about how we are feeling, rather than both trying to be strong for the other and pretending we are fine when sometimes we aren't. None of this is going to be easy, but we have a strong marriage and we will get there.
  5. I definitely know we are lucky that I'm from the UK, and will be able to visit him in the interim. Alcohol has long been an issue. When I'm there he is better with it, when we are apart he uses it as a crutch. We have discussed it several times, and he is seeking therapy to deal with the underlying issues. My problem is that I am a control freak. Usually it manifests quite healthily but in this scenario I have no control over the immigration process. The waiting makes me feel powerless and I find that hard to deal with. My response is to read constantly about this process, knowledge is power, and I need to feel some kind of power or I am all kinds of uncomfortable. I know we will be ok, and we will get through. We love each other and usually are great at supporting each other and communicating. Right now we are having a tough patch but I know we will overcome it, too. Thank you all for your advice and perspectives.
  6. For those who are going through fiancé or spousal visa processes, how has this affected your relationship? We have only just submitted the I-130 and already I know the stress is having an impact on us both. I find myself unable to talk to him about almost anything other than immigration related things, and I know it frustrates him hugely. His approach is to not talk about anything much at all, and stay home alone and drink all evening, every evening. Neither of us is dealing with it in a healthy way and it's really tough. I only left the US from my last visit nine days ago and already it feels like I haven't seen him in months. We tell ourselves this is a temporary situation, that every day that passes is a day closer to me getting the visa, but it really isn't that comforting. How on earth do you all cope?
  7. The VIP treatment!! Wearing two pairs of shorts is a little unusual though so I can't blame them 🤣
  8. Hey now... 😂😂😂 So far I've only ever taken one! Plus a carry on... Plus a personal item. 😇
  9. I've been questioned at secondary twice and expect this trend to continue. On previous trips this has happened before collecting my bag but I guess they always have the right to have me collect them so they can look. I think I'll be selective about what I take, to be on the safe side. I'm just trying to find ways to save a little money in this hellishly expensive process 😂 Thank you all for your thoughts, much appreciated.
  10. So I'm wondering... I don't have a huge amount of stuff to ship to the US but I know it will be cheaper for me to pay for extra baggage on the visits I make to the US between now and when I go there for good. If I have enough proof of ties to the UK, and my NOA1 to show to the CBP agent, will they be unhappy if I am carrying belongings I intend to leave in the US when I return from my visits? Advice always appreciated!
  11. It would definitely be better! I always tell them when they interview me at secondary that I make all money in the UK and bring it to the US to spend! I travel to and from the UK. He hasn't been here yet, we were planning for him to come in the Spring but its prohibitively expensive with all the other things we need to pay for now. So I keep going back and forth as my job is flexible enough that I can take three months off at a time and still have work when I go back to the UK. However, I work 7 days a week when I'm here to be able to have the funds to visit for the periods I do. Essentially, I have already given up my life in the UK, while I wait for my life in the US to start.
  12. Sarah G

    Previous CR1 applicants from the UK

    Hi! I'm from the UK too. We got married in November and have just filed for the spousal visa. Be prepared if you enter the US with the intention of getting married to a citizen, you may be interviewed at the border (I was). You will need to convince a CBP agent that you are just visiting and getting married and that you intend to leave. Have a return ticket, a letter from your job saying they are expecting you back on a certain date, your lease or mortgage information to show you have a home to go back to, and sufficient funds in your bank account that you can show them relative to the duration of your trip. You may have already done all of this before, but just a heads up that they can want to see these things. Maybe you are in the US already and had no problem! Happy to talk any time as we go through this process too.
  13. Oh my gosh, I really feel for you. How on earth do you cope?! I'm already struggling with the likelihood of waiting 14 months! Do you get to visit much? We try to see each other twice a year for 2.5 months or so each time if we can afford it. He's moving into our new house on Feb 1st, but I can't go to stay in it until late April (assuming CBP let's me in when I return. They like to haul me off to secondary every chance they get, but haven't refused entry yet!)
  14. Then mine is also Nebraska!