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  1. My fiance had his interview on September 8th and we are in AP. His passport expires on May 23, 2020. His Medical was August 22 2019. So when does the “cant expire within 6 months rule apply”? Then If he went ahead and renewed it now anyways, do we update the embassy or CEACs website at all? Thanks
  2. As a Jordan member I will tell you since she is just a girlfriend and coming for the first time, get to know each other well first. There is no rush! I dont know how long you've known each other but it always looks better to the CO when there are several trips made. If you are certain about each other for marriage, and since you are male, go the CR1 route. It is longer than usual processing times though so prepare for that. WHATEVER YOU DO, do not get married and then apply for K1 to avoid longer processing times. They can and will find out so see how it works on the first visit and then decide. Good Luck.
  3. The OP said she and others have proof. If she does and its valid, they will look into it so long as she contacts the correct depts and representatives.
  4. I agree. The system is ridiculously messy. Specially MENA countries. Now every MENA man (K1 or CR1) seem to be going into a P regardless of the circumstances. And they are very lengthy.
  5. Mine was after and had no issues. It valid through 8/25 a d interview was 9/8.
  6. You are the only one who has brought me so much ease. You’re right I’m not going to inquire anymore for now as I was inquiring once a week since our interview on September 8 but have not done so in a week so I’ll wait another week or two and then just drop another friendly email. It’s been almost one month so I’m hoping it will not take more than another 30 days at most. Every lawyer and liaison has told us it’s very normal now and Jordan to go into AP. Thanks again. So much! 🙏🏼
  7. Mostly due to incomplete petitions not as bad as it states. They are not really seeing toi many RFE’s. Per my lawyer
  8. Our interview was Sept 8th. The man "at the last window" gave us the passport, took his number and said we will call you shortly. Sent an email to them two days later asking what this all means and they replied we will call you soon we need info from his side. still waiting....
  9. As for me, we did not get the white slip at all. Just given back the passport with no paper and told expect a call shortly adter being told everything looks good. After emailing to inquire they said they will call us very soon and info is required. No call. Still emailing. Very frustrating as no one knows. Yes each case if different. No two are ever alike.
  10. So basically I wanted to speak to a Supervisor to inform her or staff of my particular situation. I was successful in that in where she was walking by and heard my request and stood behind the intaker to read the computer screen and she asked if I was given anything at all, as I should have been, and I was not. Now it reads escalate to post this morning. Fingers crossed.
  11. I apologize I may not have been clear in my email. I already went in a second time. Walk in. They had no issues but limited information. Many from Jordan are frustrated and when emails are not replied to for so long we are walking in. USC only of course...
  12. Hi All, My fiance had his interview here in Jordan on the 8th and I attended with him. I just wasn't at the window. Anyhow, he was handed back his passport and the gentleman at the last window they sent us to asked for my fiances cell number. He gave it to him and said we will call you soon wait for our call. No 221g, no papers they gave the others with our rights, etc, no nothing. Very disappointed we weren't approved but we expected that this can happen. I was not at the window during the interview questions but I can hear it all. He breezed through it. The CO asked 2 questions not pertaining to our religion. Struck me as odd. I came home to find we are in Admin Processing. I emailed on the 10th and asked what exactly is going on. Why no paper no slip no nothing. They replied 2 hours later saying we should expect a call shortly and they require some info from my fiance. You would think they would have requested it at the time of interview. Im concerned the CO never reviewed our petition. I made an appt on the 17th and went down to the Embassy to inquire. When I arrived I arrived at the time they intake Visa documents so to be sure an immigrant officer was present. They called my number and went to the window, handed mine and my fiance passports along with our previous appt letter and asked kindly to speak to a supervisor. She asked why. I shared my concerns. She said I should worry about the questions that they were just merely questions even if it was not related to our religion and not to think much of it. (really...ok). I asked again for a supervisor and just when I did a supervisor was walking by behind her, stopped, backup and stood behind the woman at the window and asked her what was the issue and was reading the computer screen. I told them both again my concerns and why didn't I receive a slip when he was handed back his passport. That got the supervisors attention and then supervisor asked you weren't handed anything? I said no. She proceeded to read the computer screen. the woman seated said just be patient. The interview still has your petition. When she is done reviewing everything she will contact you with a decision. My feeling is to continue to email them since now I know there is something required from us and they didn't ask at the time of interview. What do you all think? Email or wait? Im in Jordan for just a few more days.
  13. 🤗🤗🤗🤗 big hug for you! Thank you. We are positive it’ll come soon!
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