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  1. I would talk to a lawyer and see what he suggests. But this familys lawyer did just that. If it were me, I would reach out to my local Congressman first.
  2. There is another Palestinian family waiting close to 5 years. Their lawyer will not file a WoM until the local Congressman has verified that the security clearance is complete. They are depending on their Congressman to advise their lawyer because as everyone here said of you sue and your background/security not complete youre denied. Last I asked the sister why its taking that long the response is they are doing extreme checks based in “associations” with other members with criminal background. Likely that throws a weench in things. Not sure about you but hire a lawyer. A good one too.
  3. Then I should introduce you to a another Palestinian family that’s been waiting for for 5 years.
  4. I was about to say the same. People just dont get it. They feel so entitled. There is another family waiting close to 5 years so.. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  5. Not sure if anyone knows this but when you call USCIS for an automated status update, is that information linked to same info we would see on their web if we logged in or the internal information we would get if we spoke to an agent? Because we know there’s a difference between the website and calling in. I guess this applies to more than K1 so tagged accordingly.
  6. SJordanS


    Cathi, You petitioned CR1 not K1 as I thought. So I’m thinking that yes they do allow you in the interview for CR1. I’m not so sure about K1 though.
  7. So ive picked up there is a difference in religion. One trip lasting 2 weeks. Asking for more evidence on relationship. USC has been previously married. But we still don’t know the age gap? There are three almost identical scenarios to this in the Facebook group that I am in. All resulted in the same. Denial. HOWEVER there is one that applied for CR1 after K1 denied some years ago. They applied everything everyone here in this thread and other threads suggested and they were approved at the interview last week. Im guessing it can be done via CR1 if you both work at it. Good Luck.
  8. Im Hoping they can UNLOCK the thread because it’s a very important topic and I would like it to continue. It can benefit so many of us. Besides how was she supposed to update us?
  9. No one got trolled. I’ve already reached out to the moderators day before yesterday. If any of you guys have been following the original post you’ll understand I had a friend stay with me after finding out her fiancé had other motives. Thats the short of it. I put her on Visa Journey so you all can better help her get answers. She stayed with me for five days as some of you who know being it was direct more than a tough time for her. She left home several days ago but she was the last one logged on visa journey. Unfortunately and unbeknownst to me here I am posting away on my thread and other thread under her profile. Thats all there is to it @TBoneTX is aware as I reached out to directly first to help fix this so him and captain are aware. Thats all - no trolling.
  10. Well heck then I must be in the line that’s marked 15 items or less, cash, only but everyone has a full cart, the checker is half blind, with arthritis, getting price checks on every item and the customer has coupons and a checkbook PLUS we bag our own grocery. Thats the line Im currently in.
  11. Yes somebody else here on VJ told you the same thing so I don’t have my hopes up much. If nothing happens on the 45th day I’m reaching out to my congressman.
  12. @Jorgedig I actually posted this. Sarah is a friend of mine who was staying with me for several days. I put her on VJ as I was seeking help for her. She never logged out before she left. For the past two days I’ve been posting under her without realizing it wasn’t me. Moderator cannot switch it.
  13. How many K1 October filers are actually still waiting for NOA2? I see a few of you in the last pages of this original thread. This could mean there are just a few of us left. I did hear requesting an expedite can delay your processing as well as placing an inquiry. I requested an expedite December 18, they would not grant it, then I placed an inquiry after 6 months of waiting and was told via email it was currently being adjudicated and to allow 45 days. Could mean nothing or could mean something. Overall Im 195 days waiting. Very frustrating and Im so anxious. December and January filers are getting approved by the numbers each day. Every day of not hearing anything is another depressing day. Trying to stay busy with positive thoughts though!
  14. Me too. It’s so upsetting. Yet another one on Facebook K1 group got approved in just under three months! I’m happy for them but I just can’t express it because I’m so upset that I’ve been waiting close to seven months just like some of us here still are.
  15. Hey you! No they didnt. Im going to speak to a Tier 2 on Tuesday because I know Ill never get through on Monday. This way they can tell me if its a more extensive name check. Hoping the best for us both!! 🙏