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  1. Hello All, My husband and I married October 18, 2020. He received his 2 year conditional green card in May 2022 (long delays, then RFE, then approval). When can we apply for citizenship? I'm hearing its a 3 year wait time from time green card was "issued". Just need help managing my timeline on what to do and when. Thank you!
  2. That is correct I did not mail it in. I'm going to add more details to anyone who has the same situation.....I took advice of Tier 1 agent (as I only called to ask a question, didn't feel it required Tier 2 agent) and it was that phone call where they encouraged me to upload it which was followed by a USCIS email instructing me how to upload evidence requested from RFE. That email was submitted with my i-290b which may have very well helped me. In retrospect had I not received the email, I would have simply mailed it in but since it was explained why its encouraged, with a follow up email I felt it was fine. Once uploaded I also took advice of the Tier 1 agent and called USCIS back and had them confirm all items were uploaded properly and clear and he at that time said he would send a message to the Immigration Officer who conducted the interview to pull items and that it was completed. Officer had not acted on the email. When I received the denial (site also said case closed) I called back into USCIS and they said they would send another message to the TO and have a Tier 2 officer call me but they would also have a Tier 2 supervisor review everything and to give it 5 days. He said get an i-290b ready just in case. Thats when I found my wonderful attorney. From the time she submitted to approval was exactly 5 weeks. They did not "re-open" the case, request updated documents, ask to re-interview, just CASE APPROVED followed by card produced next day. Thanks all.
  3. It said mail. But when I called USCIS to simply ask a question, they encouraged me to upload it so it wouldnt get lost and officer can see it. They would notify the officer. Well hadnt seen it and I got denied. UPDATE: Then I had an excellent lawyer file an I-290b and after 5 weeks, it was approved. Green card is enroute.
  4. Update: Just had an excellent lawyer file an I-290b as it was pointless to do a new I-485. It was approved in 5 weeks and green card enroute. Celebrating this part is finally over.
  5. To be honest, and I know everyones experience is different, I LOVED working with my local Congressman and highly recommend it. In fact thats how I knew my husbands Green Card was approved. Through them. They knew before my lawyer. My lawyer eventually knew when she called in that same day but they emailed my CM with details. Prior to that I had put in an inquiry to my CM and they said they will check every 14 days. So on the second time around they inquired they got the detailed response via email not even lawyers can get. This is not the first time my CM gave me good news. The same happened when the issued my husbands Visa. I heard through the CM office with details so I say GO FOR IT! Good Luck.
  6. So my husband and I had our interview October 6, 2021 for adjustment I-485 from K1. We thought everything went great until: - The officer handed us a "file being held for review" letter. - On November 16, 2021 we received an RFE and started preparing - On December 13th uploaded everything onto the USCIS portal and met the deadline which was December 21st - I waited 60 days as told then I called USCIS in January to check on things and agent confirmed he saw all evidence and send a notice to the interviewing officer to review and get back to us within 30 days - I went to my post office and opened a letter today which was dated March 7th and it was a denial stating we never submitted the documents required by December 21st and therefore we are considered ABANDONED. (#######!!!) - Letter also stated we can not appeal but can file a motion to reconsider I-290b. What would you all do in this case besides the obvious which is file an I-290b. Should I create an infopass and go down to the USCIS office, hire a lawyer or?? Thanks,
  7. Following my husband‘s green card interview we received an RFE. I uploaded all the required documents and photos online as advised by my lawyer RATHER than mail it in. Evidence has been uploaded two weeks ago. Now we wait. Anyone else go through this and how long did you wait before you heard anything?
  8. Didn't think of that. We got out of AP after WoM yes but he did submit a police clearance out there 1 year prior to his interview and then once the Embassy called for his passport he had to renew the police clearance. We have now submitted everything as of 2 weeks uploaded police clearance and all evidence online and we are waiting....
  9. I found it strange that after my husbands green card interview we would get an RFE asking for police clearance as well as the same evidence we SHOULD present on removal of conditions. Anyone else get a request for police clearance as an AOS request AFTER the interview? Very odd (and irritating). Adj from K1 by the way. Thanks.
  10. Hi Visa Fam, In submitting my evidence per an RFE we received, is it better to submit through USCIS portal which allows us to upload documents, through express mail or both? What have any of you done in the same? Thanks!
  11. I don’t know where it’s written or if it’s even written, but pertaining to a WoM (Writ of Mandamus), what do you all think a federal judge considers to be an UNREASONABLE length of administrative processing when considering the WoM?
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