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  1. The only way you can find out is on the country Embassy website. Each embassy is different. It must abide by that countries government instructions. My embassy which is in Jordan, has not given a definitive date but most businesses will be opening next week as part of phase 4 so chances are the embassy were open as well. Same may apply for yours.
  2. SJordanS


    When did you get that response? Did you get it these days during covid lockdown? So it sounds like you guys sued USCIS not the embassy correct? Is your case is still with USCIS? That means that they are rushing to resolve and come to a decision and I’m pretty sure it’s in your favor!
  3. SJordanS


    So I got word that they are not working at all on any AP cases during this pandemic but they plan to resume after Ramadan
  4. SJordanS


    My fiancé is also in administrative processing in Jordan. There is no telling and I can’t get information from here or from there. But what I have heard is that they are back to full-time after Ramadan. Chances are they haven’t done a damn thing.
  5. We have been in AP for nine months waiting for my fiancé to just get approved and come out here now I think that’s been out the window for now. I’m so depressed over this!
  6. Yes everyone uses Jim Hacking. He has a 95% success rate and yes its quick if its unreasonable.....for example when they say send us back the 10 questions and you should get a response in 30 days then nothing for 90 days as in her case, it is unreasonable. Im 180 days since interview and I will consider Jim Hacking or Josh Goldstein, another lawyer with very high success rate. Wish me luck and again THANK YOU for all your help! You are GOLD.
  7. I actually posted this Q both here and on Fb hoping to hear from any who have filed WoM and is a member here. But as you are saying you havent seen many so not many on VJ....so I did get info now from a gal who used a local attorney here in Los Angeles. She confirmed her lawyer told her the Judge will check the USCIS post on AP and decide based on that and she filed after being in AP for 90 days and was finally able to get their Visa (CR1). So Im filing first part of April.
  8. Hi there. There are a number of successfully approved WoM filers on Facebook in a group specifically for ADMIN PROCESSING and Im a part of that group. But no one really knows what the Federal Judge looks at or considers as "unreasonable" but one person said the judge follows whats on USCIS. I have yet to find that section on their website.....which is why I also posted it here. So again many have had success and all approved with the exception of one from Mumbai. Wanted to also say thnak you to you @Boiler You're always one of the first to reply! Youre awesome.
  9. I don’t know where it’s written or if it’s even written, but pertaining to a WoM (Writ of Mandamus), what do you all think a federal judge considers to be an UNREASONABLE length of administrative processing when considering the WoM?
  10. My NOA2 it’s coming up on one year April 26 and I’m still in administrative processing. Anyone know what happens after a year?
  11. According to my status and everyone in all of my groups on Facebook and many people here, it seems this morning CEAC switched those in administrative processing, specially those issued a 221g, to refused. Most have not had a change in date. It is very possible that this is just a systemwide glitch. No lawyer has any answers so we will wait and see what happens in the next days. Just hoping this is a new procedure. Who else saw this?
  12. https://www.facebook.com/groups/visaadminprocessing/ There you go.
  13. Everyone is right. YOU should have just googled like he said.....good grief...
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