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  1. Hello guys! i filed for AOS on Dec 30, and Received NOA1 on jan 05. I changed my address on Jan 11 and I received a notice of address change on Jan 13. I don’t know what center is processing my petition, and I was wondering why I haven’t received biometrics appointment letter? although it’s been almost 2 months since I filed and most people get their biometrics done within one month of filing. any idea? thanks!
  2. HI, I received my k1 visa on August 21, and my flight to USA is scheduled on November 15, how would I proof that my fiance will add me to his health insurance coverage after marriage at the port of entry? Will this be something to be asked for at Port of entry?
  3. Hello! My port of entry will be Chicago, my fiancé will pick me up from there and we are going to his parents in Missouri to get married there and stay for a week, then go to Colorado where he originally resides, and file for AOS from there, then we will go back to Chicago and stay there temporarily for his work project for couple of months, after work project is done we will go back and live in Colorado permanently. Will this cause any issues at the POE? P.S. I put in my Ds160 that we are going to live in Colorado since it's his state of residence, and I don't know what should I disclose if I'm asked (where I'm going to live) at the port of entry. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello! i was wondering if Civil marriage in USA is considered legal if the non-US citizen's country doesn't recognize civil marriages, what if the couple's only choice is civil marriage and they are not willing to register it in the foreign country, Will this be an Issue with the validity of their USA civil marriage?
  5. I have scheduled an appointment for K-1 visa interview on August 21, 2019, Wednesday, through my UStraveldocs profile. on August 7, 2019 I went to the US embassy -Jordan to drop off my documents as instructed, to find out that my appointment is wrong and there's no immigrant visa interviews on that day, because they hold immigrant visa interviews on Sunday-Tuesday-Thurdsay only, accordingly they refused to take my package. I contacted ustraveldocs with this issue, and their feedback was that my case was escalated for final resolution, and US embassy Amman will contact me soon with the next step. Given that my interview is on August 21, 2019 which is 4 days from today and I haven't received any feedback on what should I do, Nor I can resechedule because there aren't any available dates on the website, what if the embassy never contacted me, will I be considered a "No show" if I don't attend the interview, what can I do exactly without having to pay another fee? the error is from the embassy's side not mine, in this case what's my best option? Cancellation or wait for the date to pass without doing anything?
  6. No, I have bachelor in pharmacy, graduated from school of pharmacy/University of Jordan i will have to ask again, I have a friend who's going through those examinations, this is why I thought I can do it too, she's also not a PharmD. But as you said, it is better to ask. I graduated in 2018
  7. I don't know what vaccination I have received or what I have not. This is why I'm waiting for the authorized physician judgment. Because a girl I know applied for Spouse visa, didn't have record, and on medical examination they decided she doesn't need any. My country is Jordan.
  8. I know that I have to go through 5 examinations, I graduated from US accredited school of pharmacy, I believe that those examinations will be enough. But I will ask for sure. Thank you!
  9. I don't have vaccination but I will have the required vaccination upon medical exam, should I say No, and put my explanation abd willingness to take them? Also I am not pharmD, I will have the exams required to be an equivalent once I am in USA I don't have any records, so should I answer No, and explain that I will have the required vaccination upon my medical exam?
  10. How to answer the following questions: -"Do you have documentation to establish that you have received vaccination in accordance with us law?" -"are you a health care worker seeking to perform such work in the United states but have not yet received certification on graduates of foreign nursing schools or from an equivalent approved independent credentialing organization?" Knowing that I am a pharmacist. But I haven't been certified to work in USA yet.
  11. Hello Regarding Ds-160 question: "Have you belonged to, contributed to, worked for a professional, social or charitable organization" Does this include Labor union?, for example, I am a pharmacist, and I am a member of pharmacist association /representative organization. Should this be listed? Also when I was a student a volunteered with a pharmacists student association, would this also count?
  12. I tried searching on Google doesn't work, I tried to reach for MySpace website, an error message show up (you are not authorized to view this page), I checked the email to which my account was linked to, still doesn't show what user name I had Haha, and It's been a long time I have visited my space, but I can't quiet remember if it's been more than 5 years or not.
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