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  1. what that means pls? am I getting the approval soon? thank you
  2. what that means pls! am I getting approval after getting the clearance and is it close to get the clearance? thank you
  3. same status here since dec/2019 I had my interview and I'm under administrative processing
  4. what about Administrative processing when biden get the office?
  5. What does it means when the embassy planning to schedule a second interview after being in administrative processing since Dec 2019. Thanks
  6. I got the same response but I'm under administrative processes since Dec/2019? What that means pls
  7. I'm stuck in this response from embassy four months ago. But don't lose hope , it may could be soon to get approval.
  8. MophRose


    We didn't sued uscis or embassy , I got this response there days ago and I'm getting it since 26/12/2019 after I sent the embassy my personal informations. Why do you think that our case is in USCIS , the officer told me that they going to send my case to Washington DC. Hopefully I'll get visa soon , and I wish so for your fiance Got this response three days ago
  9. MophRose


    Hopefully , thank you
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