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  1. we went in to SS today to apply for SS Cards. How long after you applied you got yours?

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    2. aceegreene


      Thank you!

    3. Comanutd33


      I went back in February before covid. It took 2 weeks

    4. DoriOli


      After applying for Social Security on June 12th, we received SS Cards today

  2. We went in to the office and applied. Waited 2 weeks after receiving ead and nothing came to we just went in
  3. We are in the same situation as you. So I guess we just have to wait it out? My hubby came on a K1 we married last year but as far as the stimulus check I received money for my self only
  4. Thank you! Just debating on if I should walk into to the SS office and wait in that long line or just assume they sent it automatically
  5. About two months from the date of filing for expedite to receiving the combo card
  6. There’s a whole post on expediting EAD/AP I followed the post and they approved my case. It has to be based on a few criteria’s that they have
  7. Sorry I should note that it never changed to approved. It was On we’ve received your request And then changed to card being produced
  8. How long after “request for additional information received” does the status change?
  9. Thanks! We’ve been refused and they said it’s due to his immigration status. Which doesn’t make sense but the lady at the office said some K1’s do get denied. Oh well guess more waiting for us. At least he’s here with me ❤️
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