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  1. Hello all! Our interview was scheduled for 9/9. It went well but given that it's Afghanistan he was put into extra AP so now we wait....more.... So happy for all those who will be reuniting soon
  2. Yes! I just received this as well. Looks like almost everyone does in Kabul
  3. Interview is scheduled for tomorrow! I am so excited, any last minute advice? @Greenbaum ❤️
  4. Usually at the end of the month they’ll email you for interview dates for the next 2 months. It takes a while to hear from the embassy. Patience is key
  5. My fiancé’s is tomorrow too. In a regular passport photo the ears show anyway. I think it’s for women who need to show ears under the hijab. I think the family photos is for those who are applying for a family visa? I followed the attachment the embassy sent when they scheduled the interview rather than the confusing confirmation for the medical. Hope that helps. Good luck to the both of them tomorrow
  6. What did you all take in terms of proof of relationship? We've only met once since and got engaged. Due to security threats I haven't returned. Are chat logs ok?
  7. Also waiting for Kabul! I'll update you if anything, my case has been there since late June so we've just hit one month
  8. I am in the same boat. I emailed them asking for an estimate date and they told me to basically keep on waiting for them to email me.
  9. My status has been on ready since July 4 and still no p3. I think at our embassy p3 and p4 is an all in one? Anyway, I’m planning a vacation with my fiancé for end of August but can’t finalize anything because we don’t know even our appointment date is. Should I just email the embassy and ask?
  10. If the case status on ceac still says ready but the last update date finally changed does that mean that p3 is being mailed out
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