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  1. Update Allhamdulliah status shows issued we will get passport with visa by next week. Praying for all to have 221g resolved Inshallah. Dair hai andhair nahi. Praying for everyone.
  2. update ...sister family F4 interview 7/26 221g given. 8/28 tax transcripts sent So 10/11 visa status changed from refused to ready. now 10/30 visa status says AP. With instructions it could take 2 days to several weeks. Praying soon! I guess another wait time.
  3. I disagree they have not “stopped “ visas my 3 family members got visa F4 June and July 2019 no problem but my married sister is the only one stuck in 221g for 3 months. Hopefully she will get it soon .
  4. Usually they do. You still take xray with you along with other documents ion interview. Also ask the medical exam facility if they did send it .
  5. Oh so now your sister status is AP. I wonder how long will that take ? Keep me posted .
  6. July 26 interview was perfect was told congratulations just submit tax docs which we did next day. Category F4
  7. My sister got an update again status changed from REFUSED to READY. It says your case is ready for interview? But we have our interview already! It says wait for your appointment date and time? Do people get interviewed again? Or this is a glitch?
  8. So I sent tax documents next days 2 weeks later they said they also want tax transcripts sent next day. After that no response case just updated yesterday still refused.
  9. Praying for same my other siblings were single they got visa immediately in July too. But this sister is married so I don’t know if that’s the reason? Waiting.
  10. Yes brother we have 2 update with status still Refused. We sent tax docs courier, isb portal and ceac. Only 1 email came first month to wait since than no reply.
  11. My sister has interview 7/25/19 221g given for more tax docs case update two times still status is REFUSED. i don’t know why REFUSED still ? No in processing like others? send 3 emails no response 9 weeks still waiting all it says passport in embassy. anyone else in same pickle? How long?
  12. Yes first we waited 69 days now we are waiting for 90 days. My other siblings came 1 month before no problems no 221g. But they were single. This sister is married with kids so may be families take time ? Frustrating.
  13. We send the documents by isb website ceac and by embassy mail. Case updated 2 times only but no change and no reply yet.
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