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  1. Petition against the immigration ban... Please do sign this petition against the cancellation of proclamation. Make sure that we've to reach 100,000 to make it effective. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/cancellation-proclamation-suspending-legal-immigration-all-around-world-usa-june-22-2020?fbclid=IwAR0AAh8A6iCNXnpok2H4OpBIG0WDBOcNBZnYGIH4Jif4h0GcKfXGDGNSZTA
  2. Can u tell me how long it took for u to get the interview after being documentarily qualified??
  3. Salam. I am F4. I need to know how long it took for you to get the interview. I was dq on 23Nov2019 but still I'm waiting for interview date. Can u tell me how long it took for you? Or do u know anybody who recently got interviewed?
  4. I have a F4 visa case and I'm waiting for the interview. It has been more than 3 months. I was dq on 23Nov2019. Can u tell how long it took for u to get the interview?
  5. Priority date is 12Aug2005. We did not receive any document. You have to check the visa bulletin for that. Payment is done when the case becomes active on CEAC by NVC
  6. I have been dq since 23nov19 and waiting for the interview. It's been 100+days
  7. Salam.

    I have F41 case like you and Iwanted to ask about how long it took to get the Interview letter after being documentarily qualified?

  8. You need to contact NVC and request a new joint sponsor and only then you'll be able to add documents. P.S. make sure that both the petitioner have sufficient income to sponsor. There are guidelines of low income earners on nvc website.
  9. How long it took between documentarily qualified and interview letter?
  10. Make sure that both your sponsors have enough income to sponsor you otherwise it is going to make a trouble for u. They might put you in processing.
  11. Salam I have created this thread to know how much time Islamabad consulate will take to schedule your interview after becoming Documentarily Qualified in F4 case category? DQ : 23-Nov-2019 PD : 12-Aug-2005 it has been 3+ months waiting for Interview appointment and still there is no response from NVC? Share your experience please.
  12. Salam. I have f4 category and pd 12Aug2005. I got DQ on 23 Nov 2019. I have been told that it takes 60 to 90 days to get IL.
  13. SALAM. I was reading a thread where you mention about the F4 visa where your sister was interviewed in Islamabad embassy and was put to AP. Can you please help me in this as i am waiting for the interview and it has been more than 50 days since I was documentarily qualified but how long do I have to wait for the interview? Secondly, if you can tell what documents or proof of relationship was asked by the CO at the time of interview so that I will be prepared.
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