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  1. Sent in passport application expidited 10/10. Passport received 10/30. Locator 42. Will now be waiting for supporting documents. Anyone here know how soon after the passport do they come? Thanks!
  2. Happy to say I'm done with USCIS. I appreciate how much of a great resource visajourney has been throughout my immigration process. Quick summary of my recent timelime, Aug 28 - interview Recommended for approval, I could have done the same day oath in Indianapolis but I did a name change so had to wait for another date Sept 28 (Thurs) - oath! 🇺🇲 Sept 29 (Fri) - went to Social Security to update name and status, no problems Oct 2 (Mon) - sent application for passport Best of luck to all!
  3. Hi ya'll! Got approval for RoC sans interview. It was a pleasant surprise since I will also be interviewing for n400 at the end of the month. I did include a cover letter stating my pending I-751 when I applied for the n400. Maybe or maybe not it helped the RoC to move along.
  4. May 17 filed online (3 yr rule, pending 751) Biometrics reused July 24, interview scheduled for end of August Can't deny how pleasantly surprised I am to get scheduled when processing times are around 10 months in my area. No movement on my I-751 but hoping for a combo interview. Best of luck to all!
  5. Applied online and sent it in today (May 17.) Yes, I did find it pretty straightforward since I had most files scanned and saved on my computer. I'm so excited to be almost done with the immigration process.
  6. I'm aiming to submit next week based on the 3 yr rule pending I751. How hard/easy it is to do it online? How long does it take to complete? What documents are they asking for? I'm just now gathering info about the process since life became too hectic and really had no chance to update myself earlier. Thanks!
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