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  1. Sorry just saw this, LIN was super slow for a lot of us and then there was sudden flurry of approvals, hoping you get good news soon.
  2. Just got my card today too. Actually could have got it on 22nd but USPS managed to lose it by delivering it to someone else's house 4 miles away. Thankfully the gentleman who lives there dropped it back to the post office and I was able to get it back. Quite a fun weekend LIN filer too
  3. That helps,thank you, looks like we have a few more days of waiting.
  4. Does anyone know what the next step after this is, do they send a notification that we mailed your card or do they mail it. Also for those who have got their cards , how long did it take for you to get it after the status changed to approved
  5. Just got a notification today, card being produced LIN filer as well Biometrics waived date : 05/28/2021 So looks like there is some movement, hang in there. Does anyone know how much time does it take from card being produced to actual delivery ?
  6. awesome, looking at your biometrics received date, i am in the next week group , hopefully we would hear some good news soon.
  7. Likewise, finally had an update today morning that they are waiving biometrics and they will use the previous ones. LIN filer here.
  8. Its like they decided to go an extended vacation after working super hard earlier... I am in the LIN group and I still havent even got my biometrics notice.
  9. It should be on its way, If you have not , i would sign up for USPS informed delivery so that you can see what all mail is your dashboard and if there is any important mail coming that day.
  10. Finally cashed my cheque as well. Delivered on 11/13/2020 Cashed on 12/31/2020
  11. This is frustrating,i get that this the holiday season and there is limited staff, but some movement would have been nice...
  12. makes sense, i am just checking every day since i am one of those people in the 11/13 batch and its been a long wait..hopefully this week will bring some news
  13. likewise, this is getting ridiculous, I still dont see any checks cashed looking at the google sheet.
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