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  1. I think I misunderstood something in the new fees report. I thought if you currently have a I-485 pending ie. have a NOA1 for AOS, and you need to renew the EAD and AP (not a combo card) the fee was waived. However if you are filing a new I-485, I-765 and I-131 the new fees apply. Please help to clarify this for me
  2. My husband filed for his EAD and AP separately. However the EAD and AP arrived about 3 weeks apart(no combo card). Due to COVID related USCIS closings and backlog, it looks like we won't have our AOS interview anytime soon. He will need to renew both the EAD and AP. We want to know: 1. When should he start to file for his EAD and AP? 180 days or 90 days before they both expire ? 2. Is it possible for him to file for both the EAD and AP at the same time and receive a combo card?
  3. Hi All Just an update: I got a rejection notice for my I-131. I made a foolish mistake and sent an outdated version on the form. I had the updated version but printed the wrong one and sent it in (DUH). Like @Nafisa Zaripova my rejection notice said something about the incorrect fee but they cashed my check for $1,225. I printed out the correct form and sent in the same documentation as I did previously. But I added a sentence in my cover letter stating I did not owe an addition fees because I paid the fess for the I-485. And I included the NOA1 for the I-485. I sent my I-131 again today. I am hoping to get a receipt number for my I-131 form soon.
  4. Hi All Just a question or two Early this AM(around 12:30am ish) I received 3 text messages from USCIS saying they received my case. However the first two texts had different receipt #s but the third text gave the same receipt #s as the first two. So I only really received two receipt numbers but I sent off for AOS, EAD and AP. I haven't received the hard copy of the receipts just yet. I know you can email the lockbox support to ensure they received the package I sent, but will they tell me if they received the AOS, EAD and AP? Also should I contact USCIS about receiving the third receipt #?
  5. By you post, this change must have taken place pretty recently.
  6. It seems your DS160 number is not linked to your appointment confirmation. According to the consulate, "You are to ensure that the DS-160 confirmation number on the DS-160 confirmation page matches with the DS-160 number on the appointment confirmation letters. Any changes to the profiles must be made at least 3 working days prior to the scheduled appointment day. It is important that the most recent DS-160 confirmation code matches the DS-160 code on the appointment letter on the day of your appointment. You will be turned back at the Consulate/Embassy if their DS-160 numbers do not match." Just send an email to the support@ustraveldocs.com giving your name, DOB, and passport number and telling them you want to update your profile with your DS-160 confirmation number. I did that and I was sent another confirmation with both the DS-160 confirmation number on it and the UID number.
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