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  1. The instructions only require to tell when you met in person. However my now husband is from a high fraud country so while I didn’t include unnecessary information I did included some information on how we were introduced, when we met in person and length we dated. I also had proofs of theses events ( WhatsApp screenshots, flight itinerary, hotel receipts and pics) As for the TOS for Jwmatch, I don’t think it will hurt to included them, but I am sure USCIS have come across this website before. Wishing you the best
  2. My husband had his AOS interview in November. The interview was in person, with masks, behind plexiglas. He had original documents and the copies just in case. The IO asked for some original documents, viewed them and gave them right back. The only thing that was kept was the tax transcripts. We will keep the copies and to send them with ROC.
  3. Congrats!! Yes you have to attend the interview together. Hopefully the holiday mail doesn’t slow down your interview letter. Usually the interview is about 6 weeks or so after the date the interview scheduled. Our interview was schedule like 5 weeks later. Be on the look out for the letter. Start getting you documents ready to bring to the interview and Congrats again!
  4. Just wanted to give an update we got approved!! It took a few weeks after the interview but I was so happy to see " You Case is approved!'
  5. I know background checks have to be done but I can’t imagine them taking this long.. I will take your advice and wait a few weeks and give a ring. I am hoping I don’t have to call, but if I do what do I say? I’m just checking on my status of my AOS interview? I keep hoping to see the USPS informed delivery with a pic of a envelope with the GC in it..
  6. We had our interview last week and havent heard anything yet. It is nerve racking to wait because you do second guess things. I am just hoping I received something soon. A friend asked me to call the field office to see if the IO needed any other documents from us. But I am scared to do that because I dont want to be penalized.
  7. Just wanted to share..we got our interview letter yesterday. We are scheduled Nov 25th. Im excited and scared at the same time. I thought we were gonna have to wait until 2021 for our interview. Wish all with upcoming interview the best.
  8. Hubby and I are still waiting. It is frustrating but we have been just collecting our documents and cheering on those who have has their interview and have gotten their GC. Our time will come and yours will too. We are just hoping we have a nice CO who is in a good mood. 😁
  9. I think I misunderstood something in the new fees report. I thought if you currently have a I-485 pending ie. have a NOA1 for AOS, and you need to renew the EAD and AP (not a combo card) the fee was waived. However if you are filing a new I-485, I-765 and I-131 the new fees apply. Please help to clarify this for me
  10. My husband filed for his EAD and AP separately. However the EAD and AP arrived about 3 weeks apart(no combo card). Due to COVID related USCIS closings and backlog, it looks like we won't have our AOS interview anytime soon. He will need to renew both the EAD and AP. We want to know: 1. When should he start to file for his EAD and AP? 180 days or 90 days before they both expire ? 2. Is it possible for him to file for both the EAD and AP at the same time and receive a combo card?
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