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  1. In countries where Covid tests are only done by private healthcare companies, and you do not get a rebate for reasons such as for travel purposes, check with the airline you are flying on if they have a deal with someone. Here in Northern Europe where I am visiting my parents at the moment, the cost of a Covid test seems to be discounted for those living in the country (which I am not as a US LPR), but even for those residing here, no government rebate is given if the purpose of the test is traveling. A private healthcare company administered Covid test would have cost us a whopping $230 per person! Finnair had a (meager) 10% discount code, but we are going to stop in Sweden on the way home, and found another deal through SAS website, which is available in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. PCR test something like $120 per person, easy to pay and book online 👍🏻
  2. No, Tier 1 agent didn’t mention anything like that. I’ve understood from other threads on VJ (not sure if it is correct) that if you have to reschedule an actual ROC interview, you would want to request this in writing and send the letter to your service center. The appointment letter simply said that if there are reasons requiring rescheduling of the fingerprinting, you should request it by calling the USCIS Contact Center. If they don’t contact me by the end of the week/Monday, I will have to call another Tier 1 at the contact center and ask for a supervisor. Hate to be a male Karen like that, but this really irks me.
  3. It has been a week now, no call. I do have my US SIM card with me here, though. Although I don’t think they work Saturdays or Sundays. My fourteen days will be just a couple of days before the appointment is supposed to take place. I guess I will have to call them again next week if nothing materialises. I find the whole way how the callbacks are implemented extremely inefficient and nerve racking. I am supposed to be anxious for two weeks straight until USCIS comes up with a solution, and be ready to answer the phone at any given moment…ugh… Why not let us self-schedule biometrics within a certain time window when they are requested without threatening to deny petitions just because USCIS is so inflexible in their ways 😒
  4. Similar situation, I am currently abroad and I am unable to change my return flight. Also, the USCIS appointment letter said something like if travelling out of the country, one should NOT visit their offices within 10 days upon arrival if not vaccinated against Covid. I am vaccinated (wouldn’t have travelled otherwise), but still doubtful if they’ll let me have another appointment as soon as I return to the US. I called USCIS Contact Center when I received my appointment, and a Tier 1 agent scheduled a callback from a Tier 2. Haven’t received one yet, and quite stressed about it… (yes, I am a calamity howler)
  5. Just vented my frustration in the November filers thread. Something's moving along with MSC, they decided to schedule me for a biometrics appointment...right when I am in Europe. There is no chance I can reschedule my flights either. It's scheduled right smack middle of visiting my parents for the first time since January 2020. As if I needed this kind of stress. UGHHHH.
  6. Exactly the same. Are they putting everyone from a certain geographical area redo their biometrics, ugh... Got the same letter today, and there is no update for the actual case number. Twist for me is that they've scheduled the biometrics appointment for exactly when I will be in Europe to see my parents for the first time in nearly year and a half. UGH. In regular cases I would not like to reschedule anything this important, but there is no way I can attend my appointment. "~If you do not establish a good cause for the rescheduling, your petition will be denied." UGHHHHHHH. Edit: Our Service Center for any interview would be Santa Ana, CA.
  7. We filed in November, although our category is CR-1, and absolutely no sign of biometric updates... Same predicament for many on our monthly spreadsheet, it seems.
  8. Biometric appointment/waiver desert for us CR-1's continues... On a positive note, I received today a corrected I-797 by mail after more than four months of waiting. Hopefully won't be needing another InfoPASS appointment until July '22. And the InfoPASS lady had nerve to claim that my name doesn't need to be correct on the I-797 for valid international travel...maybe she should pay for any incurred costs in case airlines refuse to board me with a wrong name on my document (error that was due to USCIS to begin with) -- By the way, I almost learned this the hard way regarding USCIS Tier 2 callbacks: when they call you, ANSWER! They promised to call me within 14 days as my issue was considered to be "non-urgent", but I actually received the call in a week or so. I was on a train going to apply for a new passport when they called the first time, and would have been so mad if I had missed the second call. Fortunately he called back within just 10-15 minutes. You will receive instructions from the Tier 1 agent as well, but you should be receiving the call from a (202) number.
  9. Congrats! I noticed we have the same service center. Hopefully we'll get our interview in Santa Ana within the next 12 to 18 months. Could you please write in this thread and tell how was your interview experience? I am interested because I had a horrible InfoPASS experience at the Santa Ana Service Center last week, and was hoping that the lady from downstairs isn't one of the officers who actually interview people
  10. Now my memory is getting a bit hazy as my interview took place at the Stockholm embassy 2.5 years ago, but as far as I can remember, I had all documents in English, since those were the ones we had to upload for NVC, and the Embassy just double-checked the originals that they were not fake. At the time of interview I had not lived in Finland for years, but did have to present a Police Certificate for both Finland and Sweden per instructions at https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Visa-Reciprocity-and-Civil-Documents-by-Country/Finland.html One of the police documents was in several languages by default, just can’t remember if that was the Swedish one or the Finnish one.
  11. MSC here, and no fingerprint waiver either. Still says November 13, Case Received
  12. I noticed on SAS website that they had listed some "partners" through whom you can take the pre-trip Covid test in Sweden, Denmark and Norway if you fly with me. Of course now SAS haven't flown the direct route between CPH and LAX for a year. How much did it cost for you, @Vanessa2020 to get a test in Sweden without being a resident? I'm trying to sort out my itinerary to go see my parents in Finland after my second dose of vaccination, but for Finland SAS did not provide any "testing partners". Over there a pre-travel PCR test ahead of return to the US seems to cost a whopping €200-250 ($235-295).
  13. While I guess technically it would be possible to circumvent this issue by getting another passport, and then answering no to the pertinent questions on the ESTA application form, lying to authorities never works out well... Especially if you are looking to at a future date to immigrate to the said country, that seemingly innocent lie could come back to haunt you years after.
  14. While I can't provide you assistance on your actual question, I second using Wise (formerly known as TransferWise). Their services work pretty well when transferring money from one country to another; I use them monthly to transfer money from my US account to my Swedish account (a Swedish loan I am paying off). I've found them to be cheaper than other similar services like OFX, and definitely cheaper than PayPal. You can also sign up for a daily e-mail that gives you the current rate in case you need to transfer money more often = when is it more advantageous to transfer the money. I don't know how strict Australian banks are with international money transfers, but as previous posters have explained, anything over USD 10,000 is going to trigger some paperwork on your part. With Swedish banks I have (even with relatively low sums of money) had to explain a couple of times why I am transferring money from abroad, and how I have obtained the money (ie. no money laundering). If you are anticipating doing a bigger one-time transfer, perhaps you can also message your bank, and whichever intermediary transfer service you will use, asking what can you expect/if you need provide any paperwork when transferring a large amount of money internationally.
  15. Have you checked the IRS website how to do a substantial presence test? https://www.irs.gov/individuals/international-taxpayers/substantial-presence-test
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