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  1. Yes, my case is electronic. That’s why it baffles me a bit! But perhaps you got approved in the interview directly and thus didn’t receive a sealed envelope with your passport.
  2. I got my CR-1 approved around a month ago but the visa was issued with a few days delay since my medical results had not made it to the embassy on time. However, when my passport was delivered to me, I also got a sealed envelope that supposedly has got my medical. According to the visa page in my passport all other information can be found on CCD. Interesting to see how that will go. My point of entry will be in January.
  3. Locito


    What I have learned in the process is that all situations and cases are individual, depending on how strong your case is (red flags, evidence etc.) and which Embassy you are going through. Which country are you in as the applicant, how much evidence did you send, how long before the interview did you do your medical? Edit: Previous poster beat me to it.
  4. Congratulations on your approval! 😊 I thought in this instance even K-1 counts as an immigrant visa? After I was approved for my CR-1 pending the medical results, I could see the same day that my visa was under administrative processing. In the example it says that your Application ID or Case Number can begin with AA or the year. What do your papers say? My immigrant visa all the way from NVC started with STK. If yours starts with STK, then maybe it is under immigrant visa, too?
  5. Just wanted to post an update that I was at the interview last week and approved pending medical results. So despite having had my medical two weeks before the interview, the results had not made it to the embassy on time. Someone in the Scandinavians thread in the Regional sub-forum knew that the medical papers are sent by snail mail rather than electronically so take this into consideration 😊 Also, for the the benefit of any applicants with diagnoses on the autistic spectrum who are reading this thread in the future, be more proactive than I was and don’t believe if someone tells you don’t need any additional papers from your doctor. Get it/them in English (either directly from the doctor/psychiatrist or by using a certified translator) and make sure that the certificate brings out how you can be a fully functioning member of the society (ie. not become a public charge) and that you do not pose a threat for the security of yourself or others.
  6. Thanks a lot for the tip, @Scandi 😊 Any major airport in the LA County would work, even SNA in OC and ONT in San Bernardino County. But I think from here that would mean at least two layovers on the way, most likely with KLM/Air France to AMS/CDG and another at a POE in the States. Previously Norwegian did have direct flights ARN-LAX but now SAS unfortunately has got no competition on the direct route = fares going up. What complicates the matter further for us is that I’ve got two cats I can’t bear to give away so they’ll become (almost) Legal Aliens, too 😸 Hence direct flights would be preferred; poor things having to sit in the cages 14-15 hours! Me and wife have got really bad experiences from Norwegian, though. Them rather going to court than pay the EU261/2004 compensation for delayed flights. Most recently they delayed ridiculously long (read: weeks upon weeks) to refund her after they re-routed her flights for the Thanksgiving (ie. no more direct flights ARN-LAX in the winter timetable). Maybe I should go over to FlyerTalk to complain more 😉 We actually started a GoFundMe campaign, too. Never tried that before, and it feels a bit sad to have to be “begging” money from family and relatives...but what are you gonna do with all these costs piling up...
  7. At the visa interview earlier this week the CO asked me specifically how we met. When I said that we first had a contact on a discussion board before having an actual relationship, she wanted to know the name of the site and what it was about. So just be open and honest, and you will do fine 😊
  8. And oh yeah, yesterday was a day of great joy for me and wifey. Checked the CEAC frantically several times during the few days that passed since my interview and going into “Administrative Processing” since my medical hadn’t made it to the Embassy on time. Sure, I was approved at the interview, but when I saw it down in writing after coming back from the grocery store, I FaceTimed CA and we were both laughing and crying!! 😭 I know it is tough for everyone here to be apart from our loved ones, but FINALLY! Got a notification from PostNord in a timely fashion, too, so just waiting for my passport to get back to me. And then we’ve gotta get flights that ain’t cheap when buying one-way tickets. Probably tanking up on airline miles/bonus points and getting an award flight. Wife will be coming here for the new year so if things work out as planned, we will fly back together ☺️
  9. Please let me/us all know how you fare! Can think that there are other lurkers around here with several AE and/or OE in their names 😁 I am still in Sweden so no idea how my GC is gonna look like. Thinking it is with the AEs and all after what they told me at the Embassy. I have actually never possessed a driver’s license (that is probably have to going to change in the US 🤭😅) so don’t know about that.
  10. Admittedly I have never been to Switzerland so cannot comment on the destinations, but would venture to say it is easier/cheaper to fly to ZRH (Zürich) direct with SWISS or layover in Germany with Lufthansa. But then again, if you do do a layover, check how much extra it would cost to get to GVA (Genève) directly. ZRH, however, is the biggest airport in the country and many destinations can be reached easily by trains.
  11. And oh yeah, before I forget, congratulations @Paul & Mallory! 😊🎉🍰
  12. @Reverie, sure, I like Flygbussarna, usually use them to get to Arlanda even if local transport with a monthly pass would be slightly cheaper. If you get your ticket in advance from their website or using their app, one-way ride will be only SEK 99 which will be hard to beat. The price is SEK 120 when bought from the airport or aboard the bus. There is one line, though, where they have raised the prices recently, but the lines going to Cityterminalen and Fridhemsplan/Hornstull/Liljeholmen should be cheaper. Plus the buses have got charging ports and free wi-fi, too 🙂 (no, I don’t work for them but will be gladly accepting any free trip vouchers sent to me the company reps 😁)
  13. Being a Nordic sandwich aficionado (what else do you eat for breakfast than savoury sandwiches?!) I am going to miss Swedish sourdough ‘Levain’-type bread. California Sourdough tastes disgusting! 😅
  14. And oh yeah, I was preliminarily approved today! They had not gotten my medical results yet (I wonder if these are sent electronically or by snail mail...) so I got a 221g on that. And the CO lady was wondering how I knew the name of their procedure. I told her “VisaJourney” 😝 I will try to write more on my experience later. There should be no further surprises, but had a couple of hiccups regarding the medical (panel physician wanted an extra statement from my doctor), so I will have to be waitig and keep on tapping F5 on the CEAC Status page 😉 As for now it’s in administrative processing.
  15. Don’t pick up a taxi from the ranks closest to the terminal at Arlanda. You WILL get ripped off. Best one, I think, is Taxi Stockholm (be wary of small differences in name such as “Stockholm Taxi” since you are bound to get ripped off). TopCab is okay, too, and a bit cheaper. SverigeTaxi/Taxi020 or TaxiKurir _can_ be okay depending on the driver. As for any other companies, I would not trust them. Uber is available to some extent, but nowhere as much as in other countries. And the price doesn’t seem to differ too much from a regular taxi anyway. A fixed price taxi ride should be SEK 520-590 from Arlanda to downtown Stockholm. Do NOT get a taxi just because they offer you “a fixed price”, agree on the price BEFORE hopping in the vehicle. I am personally a transport buff so I would just take Arlanda Express from Terminal 2 or 5 (20 min when there are no signal failures, train failures etc.) for SEK 295, or commuter train from SkyCity/Arlanda C for SEK 151 (40 min) or Flygbussarna for SEK 120 (40-50 min), but I understand others just want to take the easiest possible route 😊