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  1. You all make a great point that I didn’t even think of: non-essential people at the interview. I’m sure when they open and for a good time afterwards they will be limiting the amount of unnecessary people in the building. I will just have to wait and keep an eye on the situation. It seems that this embassy location looks favorably on both people being there for the interview, as all the reviews say this and also indicate that both parties were called to the counter and questioned in the interview. However I can also see them not wanting both parties there now because of distancing issues. Thank you all for your insight!
  2. I fully intend on going to the interview with my fiance when that time comes. It’s been our plan from the beginning because - at least in Cambodia - it appears to be a positive thing to the IO. However, with the current virus situation, there’s always a possibility I may not be allowed back into the country for the interview. So I have two questions regarding this: 1. Would having evidence of an appointment help in getting an exception from the Cambodian Embassy in the US for an entry visa? 2. If I can’t make it, would the embassy be any more understanding than normal of the fact that I wasn’t legally able to enter the country and not count that against us? We have a very strong case otherwise, lived together here for over a year, lots of quality evidence, etc. A lot of the reviews of the American Embassy in Phnom Penh say that both parties being there is highly recommended but my hands are tied if there is another entry ban.
  3. I logged into my USCIS account and can only find a place to update my (petitioner) physical address. My beneficiary moved a few hours away from the physical address I listed on the 129. My mailing/physical address has not changed, I already got my NOA1. Do I need to update his address and if so, where do I do this?
  4. Great info, thank you. I’m concerned about super invasive family members getting into my personal business.
  5. OP, I’m in the “no photoshoot” camp also. If you guys want to do this for your own sake or for memories, then that’s one thing. But you absolutely should not include that in your petition or even bring it up to anyone in immigration. Photos aren’t technically required but they help to bolster proof of legitimacy in some cases. These photos should be casual, spontaneous, and authentic and definitely not staged or professional. Listen to what the most established members (i.e., @Greenbaum) of this forum are telling you and read the links that they provided. People have had significant issues up to and including denial, specifically because of this. Any risk at all that this will lead to suspicion, delay, or denial is not worth it. The adjudicator and IO are looking for signs of an authentic and genuine relationship prior to marriage - staged/professional pictures are not appropriate or helpful for this, rather they are detrimental because they look like you’re fabricating evidence. My fiancé and I have been to several countries together - we included a few normal, spontaneous pics in front of major attractions that showed us having a good time and traveling together. If you’re going to submit pics, anything but this type is going to hurt your chances.
  6. Mine was delivered on a Thursday afternoon by DHL, my credit card was charged the following Wednesday. See my signature.
  7. EvaAir was 2 legs, 24 hours from Chicago to Bangkok for me. Also I’d avoid transiting through China anytime soon. Not only is it a pain in the #######, anyone who transits through China will face travel restrictions/bans in many places.
  8. Just sent in my packet via DHL to the Lewisville address. When exactly do they charge my credit card, before or after NOA1?
  9. I’m definitely going to attend the interview if we get one.
  10. I ended up doing this. I was specifically advised against sending 2 card forms. I’ve contacted my bank to notify them about the charge so it doesn’t get declined.
  11. Just went to DHL in Cambodia to send my completed petition package to the US. They saw the money order in the paperwork and refused to ship it. This is the first I have ever heard this, I’ve sent money orders via UPS/FedEx/DHL many times and never encountered a problem. Cash I can understand, this I can not - it’s made out to the DHS and it’s a USPS domestic money order, it’s not like someone could steal it and use it. Just checked the UPS website and it says they prohibit money orders as well. Anyone else dealt with this?
  12. I agree. FB is generally unreliable. I didn’t accept it as gospel, just wanted to verify it nonetheless as it would be a pain to get one after I left if it was required.
  13. I just read (on FB, perhaps misinformed) that both applicants (petitioner and beneficiary) need police clearance certificates. I understand that my beneficiary obviously needs one from his country. But I have lived in Cambodia for the last year with him - does this mean I need one from Cambodia also? I’ve already compiled my record from the US to include with my petition but now I’m wondering if I need one from Cambodia since I lived here.
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