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  1. Our consulate does (Cambodia). I’d like to do this without a joint sponsor but I don’t want to assume that I can get approved alone on a technicality. I would rather have a joint sponsor available and ready in case I need them. I’d rather have a strong case and not have to worry about it.
  2. To clarify, it will be the Phnom Penh, Cambodia consulate and they do accept joint sponsors.
  3. I’m looking to file my petition within a few weeks but I will not return to the US and find a job until April. I plan to be working at the time of our interview. However, at that point I will have been unemployed with zero income for 2 years and I do not have sufficient assets to meet the asset requirement. Worst case scenario (unlikely but I’d rather plan for it) is I don’t have a job at the time of interview. So I will use a joint sponsor. This person has well over the required income and assets. How does this work? Is it acceptable if that person has income/assets and I don’t?
  4. At the time of interview, I will be employed. But because I will not have sufficient employment history (gap year), I wish to use a joint sponsor. I’m wondering if I can - after having worked for a while(and after fiancé receives green card) - remove this joint sponsor. I can’t find any threads relating to this and was wondering if anyone has done it or if there is even an official option.
  5. The timelines are the “processing” part that you mentioned after the NVC gets the case?
  6. Ok thank you. So now I have to determine how long from filing until the interview so I can go home and start working. Is this what the listed time tables allude to or is this just the time it takes them to process it and forward to the respective embassy? I assume the embassy will have their own timeline for processing?
  7. I guess I’m trying to figure out at what point after filing the petition I need to return to the States and start working so I can show proof of employment at the interview date. I’ve been told by several people that it’s not necessary to show employment at the time of filing but definitely necessary at the appointment date. Does this sound accurate? I don’t want to leave 6 months before the date but I don’t want to wait too long either.
  8. So in the example pic I posted, the CSC is just now processing K1s that were filed on May 28? Or am I understanding this wrong?
  9. Can someone explain this to me? I don’t know exactly what the acronyms and dates mean.
  10. Thank you Daphne! One thing I’m having trouble finding a clear answer on is whether or not I need to be back in the US working when we file or at the time of interview. My savings will cover us for a year above the Federal Poverty Guidelines but I’ve also been told that I need to be currently employed at the time of interview or we will get rejected. Can anyone shed some light on this? Also, do I need to be in the US to file a K1 petition or can I do it at the embassy here in Cambodia?
  11. I’m a natural born USC. I met my BF in Cambodia and am interested in bringing him to the US on a fiancé visa. We are both male, I’m 38 and he’s 20. I’m here looking only for immigration advice, not personal opinions or judgments about our relationship. When we first met, I was turned off by the age gap. It wasn’t supposed to be serious but has grown into a great, stable, and fulfilling relationship for both of us. There is admittedly a large age gap, but because of the cultural difference, not a large maturity gap. He’s far more mature than anyone I’ve dated before, even those closer to my age. Being from Cambodia, it’s difficult for him to immigrate anywhere. I’m looking into the possibility of the fiancé visa, as we can legally get married in the US. I’ve been to Cambodia 3 times in the last year. The first two times were a month long each, and the 3rd and most recent time(Feb), I decided to live here for a year and I’m currently studying at a language school. We live together, spend time together, and share friends together, much like any other relationship. He’s successful and doesn’t get any money from me. We split all the bills and share all expenses equally. I say all of this to say that it’s a normal, healthy, functioning relationship. We have FaceTimed every single day that we were apart since we met. We’ve got every (thousands of messages) communication between us saved. Lots of pics of us traveling and spending time together. I’m close with his family and we have mutual friends. He speaks fluent American English. He seems older and I seem younger than our respective ages. This is a normal, legitimate relationship. Next year I have to decide whether to go back to the US or continue staying here. We would both like to live in the US. I sold everything and have been traveling for the last year - I do not have a job waiting for me in the US but based on my qualifications, it will be super easy to get one the week I land. I have savings that will cover each of us above and beyond the Poverty Guideline requirement. He’s healthy with no criminal record and has traveled to several ASEAN countries with no visa issues. I’m also healthy with no visa or legal issues. What is my best course of action here and how long should I expect this to take? Do I need to hire an immigration lawyer? Any hiccups/issues I should be especially aware of? Is the age gap going to cause problems? I appreciate any insight from anyone who’s dealt with this, it’s all a bit overwhelming.
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