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  1. Hello Grace, we just sent our Packet 3 in so I'm not sure about the interviews yet. I'm also not sure what you mean by "how long until he is able to come back". I can tell you that my case left NVC on Oct. 17, 2018 and was received by Madrid Embassy on Oct. 23, 2018. So it took only 6 days. We waited about 3 weeks before we too had to email because of not getting Packet 3 instructions. We have been waiting on Packet 4 only 4 days. Hope this helps!
  2. LuFlolady, I know what your going through. I waited for 6 wks/42 days for a simple RFE (drop dark passport photo and a skipped yes or no question). Hang in there. I got through it and so will you! We are still here praying for and supporting you!
  3. APPROVED!!! Finally we got approved! I'm so excited! I am so ready for the next stage. Thank you guys so much for your positive thoughts, support and most of all your prayers! I will continue to pray for you. NOA 1: Jan 5 RFE: July 28 RFE response received: Aug. 8 NOA 2: Sept. 20
  4. Yep, I was thinking that I read on here it was 60 days to respond. I pray none of you have to wait that long but if you do, just know you're not the only one!!
  5. It is longer than we anticipated. I hope it's not just sitting in a stack while they work on other cases! Old website still says application received and new website says RFE response was received. I'm going to call again this week.
  6. Hey guys just checking in and and giving an update on my application. NOLA 1- Jan. 5 Received RFE 7/30 ( passport photo too dark and skipped question on IMB) Returned RFE 08/03 USCIS received 08/08 Called 08/30 still under review ..... Praying we all get relevant updates, information, and approvals!
  7. I found this website a few weeks ago and have been checking it quite frequently. I really like how positive and supportive everyone is. I sent my application on 12-28, and got my NOLA 1 on Jan 5. I just received an RFE yesterday 7-26. I have no idea what it could be! A delay but not a denial!! Wish you all the best!