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  1. I've read that they will NOT accept a transcript that you've printed out. They need an official copy.
  2. I appreciate you checking into things. Very strange regarding NVC. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks! Since Cuba Consulate doesn't process visas except for emergencies, it's going to Guyana (Georgetown). I tried DHL as well. Hopefully they didn't send it on like an oil tanker or something. Haha!
  4. I just called and they gentleman I spoke with said it was actually mailed out yesterday. Maybe they just like to change things around to keep us all guessing? LOL
  5. NVC Shipped Visa to Embassy Today I had missed the packages going out from NVC last Tuesday and was patiently waiting for our application to go out on Tues, Feb 5th. From what all I have read here, they only send them out every other Tuesday but seems ours was shipped out today, a full week early. Received an email from NVC today stating our application had been sent out to Guyana today. When I checked status at CEAC, it shows as READY. Curious. NOA2: January 2nd NVC Received: January 18th NVC Assigned Case Number: January 22nd Left NVC: January 29th
  6. I had to call the civil surgeon's office late last week to ask about an unrelated matter and while on the phone, I asked her about it out of curiosity. She told me very matter of factly that most people just never tell the doctor and the doctor can't ask if the applicant has HIV. But she did say if it is disclosed, then they have to do the sputum sample which takes 2 months and so you would have to reschedule your embassy interview for an additional 2 months.
  7. True BUT for those persons living with HIV, they will be required to submit sputum cultures which require 2 months to obtain results. These sputum cultures are required to detect the presence of Tuberculosis. It seems regular TB test is not accurate if a person has HIV.
  8. Just spoke to NVC and was assigned a Case Number yesterday, January 22nd. It looks like we just missed the shipment out yesterday. Also, the main number (603-334-0700) keeps saying all agents busy and to call back later. Here is a number for non-immigrant visa applicants: 603-334-0888 I was only on hold for about 5 minutes before getting through to an agent.
  9. I tried to find some info on this subject for you. I found that physicians no longer use the skin test but are directed to use the blood test which I guess is a reliable way to detect for TB. I did read that if they do the sputum cultures, there will be a delay of about 2 months while they wait for the test results. I'm going to guess that if they do the blood test and it comes back negative AND if chest is clear, they may not do a sputum test. Perhaps it is reserved for those who show up as having latent TB on the blood test OR have had exposure to it some other point. I also read that if the TB test came back positive that they require the beneficiary to take 6 months of treatment. I would assume they would delay or deny the visa in that case. Ugh.
  10. May I ask, what do we need the invoice number for? Thanks!
  11. Sorry but I thought the OP mentioned that the beneficiary had a successful business [overseas?] from which he could hire the Petitioner to meet the income limits. Surely the Beneficiary could still have a business in another country while waiting for AOS?
  12. Perhaps if his beneficiary makes good money from his business, he could "hire" the Petitioner as an employee and pay him enough salary to meet the income levels while also going to school?
  13. I'm so sorry to hear of your difficulties. They received mine on Friday, January 18th. My NOA2 was January 2nd.
  14. Hi, I can't say for certainty but I remember coming across an article that stated HIV is no longer considered a reason for denial. It's like any other disease such as diabetes or high blood pressure. I've heard they do check for things like Tuberculosis and Syphilis. Here is an article that talks about the exam: https://www.***removed***/immigrant-visa/medical-examination-consular-processing.html