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  1. I have been where you are now. I totally understand how it feels. In my opinion it is totally okay to go home on AP. I did the same and it really helped my mental well-being. What would be great, if somebody could check your mailbox while you're gone to notify you if USCIS sends you an invitation for the interview. They do it well ahead, like 4-6 weeks in advance, in my case I received it with a 5 weeks notice. What is also cool these days, due to the Covid-situation most major airlines offer free date change for your travel itinerary. So you could return right before the interview. If I may suggest, I'd rather not postpone the interview because of the trip, but instead fly in for the interview and go back to your home county again. It might be pricier but time is money and the clock starts ticking once you get your residency. It will give you way more freedom, flexibly, and ease of mind too.
  2. I have already seen petitions circulated on social media among aviation community to cancel all non-essential flights within the country. So it might very well happen. Plus more and more states issue stay-at-home orders. The last thing I've heard is that 13 states are still resisting the idea but imo they'd have to give in eventually. With no vaccine on the horizon, there's no batter way than to shut everyone down.
  3. First you need to establish if you can be qualified as "resident for tax purpose", see the 183 day rule on the IRS website. Second if you don't have SSN, you'd need too apply for ITIN. This alone takes about 6 weeks according to the IRS website. In the meantime you can calculate using turbotax approx how much your family can save by applying jointly vs separately. Then decide for yourself, if its worth the trouble.
  4. I did so. I visited my then BF several times while our I-129F was pending. Zero issues. As long as you can prove on the border the purpose of your visit, it is possible. It is not hard, you just answer truthfully where your going, how long you're going to stay and so on. They record all your answers in the system so better keep your story straight.
  5. Hey, I remember you advised me the same but now when I got my green card I can confirm that only one copy of marriage certificate if needed. So basically only I-485 needs a marriage certificate and all other papers while I-765 and I-131 require only bare minimum as IStorM mentioned. I really don't know why they asked you this. From my experience I sent only the papers that were mentioned in the instructions and never got an RFE and no problems at the interview either.
  6. Do not oversleep! Better spend the night in front of USCIS doors lol
  7. I'm sorry to hear that! glad that you're alright though. I hope the situation resolves soon in the best of your interest
  8. I don't know guys... it looks suspicious that all timelines suddenly doubled. It's not like the waiting period was raised in one area but lowered in another. It may be a glitch or some changes in USCIS policy. But I wouldn't get upset so soon. Its just like none of us got those EADs when the timeline showed 2,5 months, right?
  9. Hold on there, girls! I'm just like you, applied for AOS in late May and still no news on either EAD/AP or GC. As much as I'm getting excited for other people receiving their papers as much I get upset about no updates on my own case. I keep making a list of things I'm going to do when its all over. Certainly first thing I'll do is to fly back home (alone haha) and finally spend time with MY family and party with MY friends instead of my husband's. I have no idea how other people cope with homesickness. But I can tell you I have never loved my home country more than I do now after I moved to the US)))
  10. Have you done only vaccination transfer by chance? If so, then yes, they do it and its alright.
  11. Hey Meghan, my appointment for biometrics came exactly in a week after NOA1 and the appointment was scheduled 2 weeks after that. Hope this helps!
  12. Hi! I got a question too. I recently submitted my AOS package and included only one marriage certificate for I-485. I was following the instructions on all of the thee forms but only I-485 asks for evidence (marriage certificate) while I-131 and I-765 require only photos and passport copies. Did USCIS really sent RFE for not including 3 copies of your marriage certificate?
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