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  1. Hey guys, on the text msg they said ( form I-797) , i look it up the noa1 is I-797C, anyone else notice that?
  2. Hi Guys, My fiance sent the i 129f package last monday january 28th.
  3. she was an TA at the university she been studying at for her Master degree. so we will need a cosponsor ? and thank you
  4. last was in 2017 summer. she stay for 3 months
  5. we meet 3 times in the past 3 years she stay in total 17 weeks, and i was asking just if she can petition with only W2 in january that is all
  6. her last 3 years income doesn't make the requirement , but she have been working full time in 2018, she will have only W2 next january. is it enough to apply for k1
  7. she visit me 3 times, 3 week 2 week and 3 months, and we are in love , the issue is about income requirments for the passt 3 years tax return