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  1. How Ironic.... 10 minutes after I posted this my status just updated to We mailed your new card on July 14th 😆
  2. Mine has been stuck on this for 3 weeks, (6/24 We ordered your new card.) When can I expect it to change to being produced? It is an EAD AP combo card.
  3. Hey everyone! Just to give an update. I filed AOS, EAD, and AP January 25th for K1 and K2. NOA1 for all forms 2/4/2020, received all the NOA1 letters in the mail 2/8/2020. Received Biometrics letter today 2/14/2020 in the mail. Biometrics Scheduled for 2/27/2020.
  4. Or maybe the lady at my home SS office knew what she was doing She said no problems doing it that way and we just need to wait an extra week or 2 for the card because they have to match her with her new name. and of course we had to give them a copy of our marriage license.
  5. I think its better to wait to apply until after marriage, so no need to go back and change the name. My wife applied for her SSN after we were married and no problems getting it. Received it in about 4 weeks. She entered the US 11/13/19, married 11/25/19, applied for SSN 12/10/19, and received the card in the mail 01/08/2020.
  6. Thanks for your response. We appreciate it! Good luck to you and yours!
  7. Hello, I hope someone here has gone through this and can help give some insight on the subject. My fiancee in the Philippines just went through the court process of correcting her BC. The judge ruled in her favor on July 3rd. My fiancée received the court ruling in her mailbox on July 10th. She was told all other parties with involvement of the case must be notified, before they can produce the certificate of finality. As of today August 20th, her lawyer said he filed for the certificate of finality this morning and the judge told him they want to make sure that the case does not get appealed from the OSG. We are confused about this because as he stated and as Philippine law states, if I’m not mistaken, is that the standard waiting period is 15 days and it’s been almost 2 months already...... So if anyone could please help Shed some light on this for us we would appreciate hearing about your experience. Through this entire process we have been told one thing from the lawyer or people in the court only to hear another and have to endure more waiting time. It’s very frustrating for both of us. So really my ultimate question is.... if anyone has gone through this process recently or a similar one, how long did it take from the time your lawyer filed for the certificate of finality, until you actually received the certificate of finality? We can’t wait to get this process done. Once we receive the certificate of finality, then we need to wait on the PSA process to release the annotated BC. Does anyone know how long that usually takes after the LCR sends it LBC to the PSA in Manila. I only see that in old posts on here and I see anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months. BTW, we will have inside help at the LCR and the PSA from a friend once we send the documents there. Please if anyone has answers on this we would appreciate your response. Our NOA 2 was April 26th and we are still waiting on this court process to complete, that was started last August already 😢
  8. Your welcome! Try not to overthink so much about the airport and just try to enjoy the time you have eft there with your fiancée. The guards are nice, they are pretty easy going. You don't need to worry too much about the airport.
  9. I was just in Manila May 28th. And my fiancée left through the main exit to go home after I left. But it doesn’t matter what exit your fiancée will use. She can go back through runway Manila if she wants too.
  10. You do not need a ticket to go into runway Manila. We have been in there many times, as I always stay at the Belmont hotel when I am there, it’s very convenient! Anybody can enter runway Manila, all you need to do is go through the security check and your in. Once you get into the airport she can walk around the upper level and food courts all she wants. But that is where it stops. There are guards at the escalators that won’t Allow you to go down to the ground level departure area without a ticket. When I leave Manila, my fiancée stays on the upper level and I wave goodbye to her before I enter the departures area.
  11. @Hank_ Thanks again as always Hank!! Appreciate it!
  12. @Hank_ When paying the K1 and K2 visa fees at BPI Bank, What is required other than the printed out deposit slip receipt on your website? I ask because I read that you need to show your passport BIO page but we do not have the K2's passport yet, but we want to pay the fee now to get it out of the way. So do you need your passport when paying the visa fee or not? Thanks!
  13. Hi I just received, the interview appointment e-mail from the US embassy here in Manila, Philippines. When looking it over, they have the wrong date of birth listed for my finances K2 child. Is this a big deal? Everything has had the right date on it until now when the embassy here processed it. Do I need to contact the embassy here or the NVC and inform then that they put the wrong birth date down? Or does it just automatically get corrected when we fill out the DS-160?
  14. Are my documents good as long as they are no more than 4 months old? I’m in the Philippines right now. I’ll be eating Lumpia tonight, my personal favorite!! 😋 and drinking and signing karaoke with her family 😀 🎤 good times to be had tonight!!
  15. so it would be a good idea to pay it as soon as possible then? And as far as the documents go.... Should I generate new ones before the interview or is it ok to have them be 4 or 5 months old? I will wait to do the proof of relationship until right before interview. But I am mainly talking about the financial documents and I-134. Are they still acceptable 5 or 6 months old? Or do I just need to provide my most recent pay stubs?
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