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  1. Good to know! I need to renew my license this year. Thanks!
  2. Submitted my N-400 on Saturday 02/17. I found the receipt and biometrics reuse on my account right away. I'm in Wisconsin. Luck everyone!!!
  3. Check was cashed on the 23rd Today I got my extension letter for 48 months
  4. Update: Package Mailed: 02/14 Delivered to USCIS Carol Stream, IL: 02/16 Case received and receipt number: 02/16 LIN (Nebraska: processing time within 19.5 months) Text message received: 02/22 They haven't cashed the check...
  5. Hello! Today I sent my package through USPS. Good luck everyone!!!
  6. Hello everyone, Hopefully we'll send our ROC package this month! I'm almost done, except that we're waiting to file taxes 2022. Also, I'm deciding on printing the relationship pictures on photo paper or regular paper, at home. Entered the US as a K1 in 2020, married and filed AOS same year. My GC expires in 05/03. Local office (and I don't know if during ROC it matters): Milwaukee, WI.
  7. Thanks!!! Everything is clear now hahaha. I'm really sorry, I guess I was getting a little confused. 🙏🙏🙏
  8. Yes, sorry if I'm not being clear... She will list her kids in her form, but she won't file/pay for their K2 visa. They won't immigrate with her: she wants to make K2 process for them after she enters United States, and that's what we were wondering about, if it's possible to start their K2 alone, and... ... I think this is the correct answer.
  9. Thanks!!! Yes I guess they have to be listed. I'm asking for someone else that is going to file for K1 but CAN'T/WANT add K2 for now (less than 15 years old girls of previous marriage).
  10. Maybe I didn't explain well. I meant: if possible not filing together in the same I-129F as K1, but petitioning the K2 child in a complete new process.
  11. Hello! Asking for someone else... Is it possible to start K2 visa process when the K1 holder is already inside the United States (married or not). Or K2 is ALWAYS attached to a K1 process.
  12. We had a relaxed 20-25 interview yesterday. We were APPROVED! A couple of hours later status changed to New card is being produced Thanks for all your help! ❤️
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