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  1. Hi guys, I just want to give an update regarding our interview. We had our AOS interview today at San Fernando Chatsworth field office scheduled at 12:15pm. We arrived at 12 and there was a line for 12:15pm appointment. We passed through security like you go through airport security, removing shoes, emptying pockets etc. Got in line again for the initial process which is identification and fingerprint scan, got a number (time stamped was 12:45pm) and waited to be called. After roughly 30-40mins, we were called and we were scorted by our interviewer to a private room/office. Took an oath to tell the truth. My spouse and I were asked to show our original BC, marriage certificate, and passports. My spouse who is the applicant was asked basic questions like our full names, physical address, both our birthday, marriage date while referring to the application form to check accuracy. After that, was asked a series of security questions that is answered by NO :). Was then asked for proof of bonafide marriage such as joint assets documentation, pictures. Interviewere didn't ask for affidavit of suport. We were also asked to tell about our love story hehehe with follow up questions regarding the love story. Interviewer then returned our original copies back to us, said she was just printing something and casually said:, "oh by the way, I approved your application. Congratulations." Green card is supposed to be here in two weeks. As soon as we got back to the car, I checked my phone and there was a notification saying that the application was approved and moments later, got another notification that says card is being produced. P.S. we didn't bring our phone, but turns out you can bring them. i-129f 06/25/2019 K1 visa approved - 02/06/2020 US entry - 03/08/2020 AOS filed - 06/05/2020 SSN/ EAD/ AP received - 10/15/2020 AOS application approved - 05/25/2021
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