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  1. I misread your post. My bad. One thing that had my fiance(e) worried was that during the prescreening, the lady circled something, which my fiance(e) thought was her mother's name. In her BC, it's Maria and in Cenomar just Ma, but the CO didn't say anything about it during the interview. I guess we got really lucky. There was a lady in the embassy that she was talking to and got a 221g for a cenomar as well. In your case, hopefully it's only a corrected Cenomar.
  2. I don't think being a same sex couple is a concern. My fiance(e) and I are same sex couple and we got approved. Hoping for the best for you and your partner!
  3. Fiance(e) had her interview today and got approved! She said it was a long wait at the USEM. She was there for 3 hours or more. Her and the CO had a small talk before the interview, which helped her relaxed. The actual interview was very casual. CO only asked a few questions. It was very quick and straightforward like many have experienced. Next is wait for the visa to be issued and do the CFO seminar. I just want to thank everyone for being so helpful here, especially Greenbaum and Hank! Best wishes to everyone!
  4. Sputum culture result negative! Finally moving forward to the interview on Thursday! Thank God!🙏🙏 Happy seeing everyone getting approved!
  5. Cancelled interview due to sputum test. I was just checking ceac.state.gov to see if there were any status updates. Our status changed from READY to AP even though we cancelled the interview few days before the interview date. Has anyone experienced this before?
  6. When my fiance(e) went back to SLEC for the pulmonary evaluation, the doctor said that there was a white fiberish on the xray that my fiance(e) couldn't see when the doctor showed her the xray. Fiance(e) has no history of TB, always had to do medical exam from her work, and she was always cleared. No idea what the doctor sees that my fiance(e) can't. Very frustrating for sure but SLEC is required to follow CDC guidelines.
  7. My fiance(e) had her medical exam on November 26th and she was told that day that she had to go through the 3 day sputum test. Majority in her group that day had to do sputum test. Yesterday she went back to SLEC for the pulmonary evaluation and she's cleared from the 3 day sputum test. She is going back to SLEC in January 30, exactly in 8 weeks from yesterday. Hopefully, we don't get the dreaded call before 8 weeks mark. I'm not sure about the 12 week time period though. I feel your pain! If my fiance(e) didn't stop me, I probably would've booked her flight already. The only thing you can do now is comply. Good luck!
  8. Just an update. My fiance(e) went in for her medical exam today and has to undergo the dreaded sputum test. We are devastated about this, I can't imagine what my fiance(e) is going through right now, emotionally, but life goes on. 2 months is nothing compared to being in an LDR for more than 7 years. Weird thing is that, everyone in her group has to do sputum test. Coincidence or what?
  9. Congrats! I think it varies from where you are from. For the Philippines, in our experience, it took only a day to change it from in transit to ready. Good luck!
  10. you do need your NVC letter with MNL#. When did yours go in transit? Usually, they email you once your case is shipped out to your Embassy. When I checked mine early in the morning, the status changed from at NVC to in transit, and after a few a hours, I got the email from NVC with the MNL #.
  11. Congrats! You do everything on your own. Medical is walk in and you set up interview through USEM website, but you have to pay visa fee first before you can schedule. Have you completed your ds-160 yet?
  12. 4 times. The first time we met was in 2011, we weren't together yet. we were just meeting as friends. 2nd time was in 2015 3rd was in 2017 in July and 4th time I came back in November and stayed for a year.
  13. That's awesome! I'm happy for your family! My fiance(e) and I have been together for more than 7 years (LDR) and lived together for a year last year in the Philippines. Hope it's good enough for the CO. 🙏🙏
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