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  1. My fiance didnt come from a country with a ban. He came from Mexico. I highly recommend waiting if at all possible because it may not even be possible to get married right now depending on where you're going. I was able to find just one judge in my county that is willing to do the ceremony but it is scheduled for 2 weeks out. And she wont allow any guests. I'm anticipating that it will be cancelled.
  2. my fiance came from mexico with the k1 just this past monday because we wanted to get ahead of any possible travel restrictions. we were going to have a courthouse wedding since it isn't advisable to have a big ceremony with many people. however, the courthouse closed to the public effective tuesday so we didnt even have a chance to go. so now we're just hoping this blows over soon so we can marry and prepare AOS within 90 days. I'm definitely happy he is here with me and i wouldn't change our decision for him to come now. so if your plan is already to come in July, i would keep that plan. it seems like other countries are already containing this virus so 3-4 months should hopefully be enough time for this to blow over. but of course no one knows for sure.
  3. it went just fine. he landed about 30 minutes ago and is already out of the airport, i didnt think it would be so fast. he told me they had a questionnaire asking how you felt before you got on the plane and how you felt after, and there are people taking temperatures. but they didnt make him do that. he flew from Mexico City to Chicago O'hare
  4. decided to come ASAP. my fiance is on the plane right now.
  5. i think they are just asking here for reassurance. it can be nerve wracking completing these forms.
  6. i happened to wear my hair in a bun on the top of my head in my picture so most of it was cut out. i never had any issue.
  7. must be a technical issue. maybe try again tomorrow and check on the cards to make sure they weren't charged. i paid the interview fee with my US credit card and it went through just fine so i don't think that's the issue. i hope it works for you later 😕 boa sorte
  8. did you double check the adress associated with the card to make sure it is correct?
  9. My beneficiary's K1 interview is scheduled for March 4th and I have some questions about the documentation required for the affidavit of support. My 2019 income is $41,000 but I'm not sure if I will have my 2019 tax transcript by the date of the appointment. Will they accept the W2 as proof of income instead? I'm worried because my 2018 income was only around $25,000 (I was still in college and only worked part time). I will try to file my taxes as soon as possible. Does anyone know how long it takes to generate the transcript after I file online? Thanks!
  10. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond, seriously, I really appreciate it. We decided that we'll just get the certificate from the current state and the federal one. We won't worry about the other states. Thanks again!
  11. travel.state.gov says "In Mexico police certificates are only available for applicants 18 and over. A police certificate from every state in Mexico is generally not required for an IV application. A single police certificate is sufficient. Only when an IV applicant has lived in Mexico for six months or more and after the age of 18 is a police certificate required. However, consular officers may request a state police certificate where an individual was resident for more than six (months) on a case by cases basis." I guess I should clarify my question. How does one obtain the state certificates if requested? Do we need to physically travel to each state?
  12. Hey guys, my fiance is from Mexico and has lived in 4 different states (in Mexico) since he was 16. We are trying to do research on how to get police certificates there but honestly we are so confused. If someone that has done this can chime in on how the process works, it would be super helpful. I have read that you obtain a certificate from the state or if it's not available from the state you get the federal one. My fiance read that he can't get a state one in Nuevo Leon so he would have to get the federal one. Would he still have to get the other state ones if he already has to get the federal? He read that he would have to travel to all of the states physically to obtain them. Is this true? That would be so complicated I am hoping the single federal police certificate will suffice. Thanks so much for any help you all can provide.
  13. Recently received NOA2! Yay! However, we know we're not in the clear quite yet. I'm thinking ahead regarding the documents we'll need to collect and I'm a bit concerned about the police certificate the beneficiary has to obtain. I read that in Mexico you can get this from the state. The beneficiary has lived in various states throughout his life... does he need a certificate from each state he's lived in, or just the current one? Also, I've been reading that people are waiting months for an interview. If he gets the certificate now, is that too soon? Will it "expire" after a certain amount of time? Oh, another question: On the NOA2, it says the aporoval will expire in 4 months. But if it takes more than 4 months to get a slot for an interview, what do we do to make sure it remains valid? Let me know if I'm posting this in the wrong place. Thanks!
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