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  1. Hello everyone. Still waiting for bio-metrics here in Wisconsin.
  2. I am from Wisconsin too. No biometrics so far. Applied in June.
  3. Same here. Lets not loose hope. I chatted with emma live agent and she entered service request for me. Please do the same if you haven't yet.
  4. June filer. No biometrics yet. USCIS is slower than molasses. Trump has worked hard to ruin USCIS.
  5. I am from Wisconsin. Applied in June. Haven't heard anything other than the receipt numbers. No biometrics yet. Considering that, I would say actually Baltimore is faster.
  6. Good News!!!!!😀 USCIS has cancelled the furlough plans. Instead they are planning budget cuts in the department.
  7. They were on recess. Madam speaker called the House of representatives back because of the USPS issue. However, Senate is still on recess. So, nothing is moving until Senate comes back. Recess ends on Sep 10th.
  8. Obama Vetoed 12 Bills but only 1 was overturned by congress. Trump has vetoes 8 so far, 0 of them have been overturned. Getting 2/3 majority is nearly impossible in congress. But I like your optimism 😉
  9. It needs to be passed by the Senate and signed by Mr. President, and that is the even harder than Senate 😃😐
  10. Same here. Applied in june. No biometrics yet
  11. Hey Aeiou Applied in June. Haven't heard anything for bio-metrics. Have you?
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