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  1. Congratulations! For me, it took exactly one week from the new card in production update. Mine was mailed Monday and got delivered today!
  2. Thanks for replying!! Yes crazy timing indeed!! I really would love to go that route, but I think I’m going to call USCIS to make sure we do the right thing. These things can be tricky. Thank you!!
  3. Hey! If you don’t mind, when did you receive the email and when did you receive the actual letter? We got our email today and I’m trying to get an estimate of how long it will take because we’ll be out of town. Thanks!!
  4. Hey everyone!! So, I haven't been checking the forums often because the processing time for my office in Denver, CO is 9 to 24.5 months and I'd rather find something to occupy my time than stay checking everyday and worrying (like I did with K1 lol) BUT THIS MORNING at 10:45 a.m., I got a text message saying my case was updated so I went to check my USCIS account and lo and behold, my interview was scheduled and they will mail the interview notice. Now this would have been very exciting news except my husband is in the military and he just got orders TODAY for his new base. Oh and we leave this weekend.... for MARYLAND What would you do? Change your address and "possibly" be bumped down to the end of the queue for the next processing office you'd be transferred to? OR Stay here, let him go, have him fly in for the interview (which from reading is usually a month or so after the notice - usually) and let them know of the address change at the interview, hoping they understand because it's the military and we have no control over his move. I'd love to hear some opinions, thanks! Edited to add: AOS packet was sent December 22, 2018 NOA1 dated December 31, 2018 Biometrics appt was January 24, 2019
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