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  1. Case complete yesterday!! We are so happy!! Now on to the interview, gotta wait for the date
  2. Omg that’s great news to hear!! Thank u!! I will keep y’all updated
  3. Great news a double check and my AOS (tax docs) documents was accepted, maybe they changed the way they do things, But we are definitely in the clear regarding the AOS now just waiting for review of resubmitting docs!! Thank you
  4. Well I hope these docs are good enough for them. If there was a problem with my tax forms or anything else, would the NVC request re submission all at once?
  5. Hi Everyone, on Wed 6/12, my husband and I received a message from the NVC stating that 3 of our documents were Rejected. 2 of them (his passport bio page and birth cert) they requested another or better scan and our marriage licence was rejected because part of the paper was cut off. I uploaded and resubmitted the request items today. Does anyone know how long does it take for the NVC to review resubmitted documents? also does the NVC request all rejected documents at once? I hope so, this is delay my honey love being here with me. I also wanted to let everyone know, when submitting scanned documents, be sure to have the entire forms and be sure that they are legible because the NVC is veeeerrryy ticky about everything!! If you dont the process could be delayed.
  6. Wow everything went quick for u guys!! Interview date and all congrats!!
  7. So you’re telling me u waited 3 weeks for CC, 4 more weeks for interview date, and then 4 weeks after that to actually attend the interview 😩🙄
  8. Wow I thought the actual interview date would come days after CC 🙄 this process is sooo long
  9. Ok thanks!! Let’s us know when u get the interview date!! I was wondering how long after u get the case complete, how long will it take to eat the interview date!!
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