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  1. @YecaCruz, Uffdah, it's good to see another North Dakotan on here
  2. Right, it supposedly does not apply to dual nationals, but through these efforts, we are trying to effect change in how people associated with the MENA region in general are processed when attempting to enter the US to be with their American spouses and fiancés. It should not take multiple years for someone like my fiancé to attempt to receive a visa to join me here or simply visit the US, especially when he has already been thouroughly vetted like everyone else. My fiancé was able to visit the US freely back in 2012 using only his Norwegian passport, no visa required. He is no longer able to do that, so clearly something has changed in the past two years since applying. By encouraging this ban to be overturned, we are hopeful that the current process for MENA area citizens will not be so abhorently difficult, especially as it relates to those simply waiting to be reunited with their American fiancés, spouses, and immediate family members, whether caused by the current ban or not. May I ask what your personal experience has been with this ban? Thank you for the comments. Attempting to effect change may not always have the results we hope for but it’s always worth a try, right?
  3. Just wanted to mention I just uploaded my video to https://app.in-it.com/missions/StopTheBan - it was very easy to do and only takes a couple of minutes of your time. If each one of us affected by the ban here on VJ would take the time to contribute a short video, in-it would be able to reach their goal and use our experiences to make a difference and hopefully allow us all to be reunited with our loved ones sooner rather than later. Happy recording!
  4. As far as the I-134, the USC should fill that out and send it to the beneficiary to bring to the embassy interview, which won't be several months from now. For the "How We Met" explanation, just one of you can write that up. Just remember that for the Letters of Intent to Marry, you will each need a separate letter with your own individual signature.
  5. US embassies around the globe generally have slightly different processes depending on which embassy you are going through. But usually, the "ready" means the embassy has your file and you are now allowed to log on to their website, fill out the DS 160, and select an available appointment slot. While you are waiting, this is the time to get the medical completed as well so the results will be available on the day of the interview. The "ready" status change usually serves as notice from the embassy to go ahead with the above next steps, and they probably will not be contacting you in any other way outside of the status update. If you haven't already, you can do a search here on VJ for the Saudi Arabia specific thread for more specific details. Good luck!
  6. JennaL

    Parent details missing

    Not knowing this information is fine - just fill in his first and last name. For the rest of the information on him, just write "unknown." The important part is to fill in the boxes with at least something, just so it doesn't look like you accidentally missed a question.
  7. https://app.in-it.com/missions/StopTheBan This could be a helpful link for US citizens looking to get their stories heard about their struggles to get their banned spouses or fiancés here to the states. It looks like they want to hear from anyone affected by the travel ban, stuck in administrative processsing or waiting on waiver info.
  8. Thanks for the response - yes, you are correct, but his visitor's visa interview was done at the embassy in Oslo, Norway. Our fiancé visa interview was done in Stockholm, Sweden, as the embassy in Norway does not handle fiancé visas. The Oslo embassy is the office that is asking him back for a second interview regarding his visitor's visa. I guess we'll just wait and hope it's good news.
  9. When my fiancé and I were first dating, he applied for a tourist visa to come and visit me in the US. He is a Norwegian citizen but born in Iran, so was told he would need to undergo additional background checks and has been in AP ever since the interview two years ago. The other day, he received an email from the embassy requesting him to come back for a second interview. We were pretty surprised as we had moved on to AP for our fiancé visa and had pretty much given up hope on the visitor visa. We are not sure what to expect at this second interview, but guessing he needs to bring updated proof of his intent to return back to Norway in the event they are ready to grant him a visa - does anyone have any insight as to why they would call him back to the embassy after this long?
  10. My fiancé is not from the UK, but he also received the 221g three months ago - we're still waiting in AP. We have been following a similar spread sheet in a thread from his area. It definitely helps to be able to keep updated on others in the same boat as us. Good luck and I hope your fiancé's visa is issued soon!
  11. I haven't heard of anyone, at least specifically here on VJ, who have filled out the DS5535 and received their visa. There are a few on here that have been waiting for close to a year now. Does anyone have any insight as to why the long wait times after filling out the DS5535? I'm thinking not enough staff to handle the workload, or possibly uncooperative countries who do not openly supply the info on the visa applicant the embassy is looking for for vetting purposes....or a combination of all of that and more. Anyways, here's to hoping 2019 will see more visa approvals for those of us waiting through this frustrating process.
  12. Wow, @bashar26, thank you so much for sharing this. These types of personal stories need to get told more often. I feel like so many here in the US have no idea just how far reaching and extreme the effects of this ban have become on US citizens and their far away fiancés and spouses.
  13. 1. Visa class: k1 2. Country : Norway (originally from Iran) 3. Interview: September 20, 2018 4:DS 5535: September 20, 2018 5: USC/Beneficiary: USC 6: Total Time since interview: 2.5 months
  14. Right, he is not banned so does not get a waiver, however, as he has a connection to a banned country by being born in one, he requires extra vetting which is what the 221g is for. Also, the last time he was here in the US was in 2014. Back then, he did not need a visa, just his Norwegian passport. Two years ago he was planning a trip to visit me here in the US and found out the rules had changed and he would need to apply for a visa since his Norwegian passport lists his birthplace as Iran. We never have heard anything from the embassy in the past two years and his visitors visa has been in AP since then as well. I'm beginning to become a little suspicious of any "exceptions" like being a dual citizen, etc. It seems if you have any connection at all to a banned country, you are indefinitely on hold from entering the US. Hopefully there is an end in sight and fiances and spouses will soon be allowed to be reunited with their loved ones in the US
  15. Today is considered National Day of Mourning (President Bush's funeral), so many government offices and agencies are closed today.