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  1. I'm not certain, but I believe only certain "officials" and their families from Venezuela are currently banned, and not regular citizens. You can search on here and find the message board for Venezuela and gather more information there. You may also want to consider getting married and filing a spousal visa vs. the fiance visa as there are a few more benefits to that, especially if you are worried about encountering any issues due to where your fiance is from. Good luck!
  2. Let your girlfriend know about this site and have her make a free account here. She can ask questions and study the different options since she will be the one responsible for preparing the paperwork for your visa. You can both read about the fiance visa or spousal visa on this site and then discuss together and decide which option would be best for the both of you.
  3. Congrats, that is such exciting news! You and P will be excellent parents and will finally be together before you know it 💕💕💕
  4. Since you're parent's case has been stuck in AP for 2+ years, I would definitely be contacting your state rep. - they may not be able to speed anything up, but they can sometimes get a slightly more detailed response than the average citizen would get.
  5. I would start with searching for a phone number or email contact for that specific embassy and attempting to get ahold of someone there who can give you more direction as to how they want to receive the medical/photos. You can also search for the Pakistan form here on Visa Journey and ask there as well.
  6. Yes, we have had them do that a couple of times. They get the same answers as we do, so it hasn't really done much to help.
  7. I'll pipe in here too and add that my fiancé received the DS5535 as well. He is a Christian, Norwegian citizen (although he lived as a child in a banned country for a time.) We've been stuck in AP because of this since September 2018 with virtually no updates unless we inquire on our own. I am glad to see people are successful in finally receiving their visa after being subjected to the DS5535 though
  8. If you still know the number of the expired passport, go ahead and fill it in - otherwise, you are not required to show them any old passports. Most people destroy old ones anyways. What's important is your current passport.
  9. I would advise putting N/A in every blank that does not apply to you - leaving it empty may look like you mistakenly forgot to enter information.
  10. Yes, I have heard that even if you have never been to any currently banned country, but you have immediate relatives who come from there, even if they do not currently live there, it will trigger a ds5535 for you. Basically, if you have any connection at all to a banned country, weather or not you've ever been there, you are in line for extreme vetting. If you ask me, it's complete overkill, and causes a lot of undue hardship to those of us waiting to be reunited with loved ones. There seems to be more of a push lately in getting government to be more transparent with the process and finding ways to speed it up. Good luck, and I hope you won't be waiting for too much longer!
  11. My understanding is that the Department of Homeland Security and many other agencies, etc. are the ones performing the extra vetting/background checks. The embassy needs to wait until those other agencies have completed their investigations in order to pick back up with processing our visas. My fiancé and I have been sending an email once every 30 days or so to our embassy asking for a status update, even though the only thing they can ever answer back with is to tell you it's still in AP - we've been in AP for 9 months now, and many more on here for have been for upwards of 1 to even 2+ years. It stinks, but the only thing anyone can really do is just have patience.
  12. @Cashorino - there is also a "part 2" for the ds5535 thread found here: https://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/706690-form-ds-5535-supplemental-questions-for-visa-applicants-part-2/ My fiancé (Norwegian citizen his entire adult life, but born in Iran, not muslim) waited 2.5 years for a visitor's visa and was also given the ds5535 for our fiancé visa. It has been 9 months with no word from the embassy. Not to be discouraging, but it seems to be taking quite a while for the extra vetting to complete. You'll just need to have patience and hope it ends sooner rather than later.
  13. Right, maybe under “Interview Result” there could be another option to add if/when a ds-5535 was received.
  14. Great idea - I just submitted a request for this under the Forums section - "Site Related Discussion".
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