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  1. CEAC changed the status of everyone who is currently in administrative processing to say "Refused" - that just means that they can't give you a visa until your administrative processing is completed. What it does not mean is that your case is closed and you will not be getting a visa. Nothing else has changed in our cases and we will just continue waiting. Once administrative processing is complete, the CEAC status will change again to reflect that.
  2. I spoke to any attorney and my embassy and they both said it is just an updated way of saying your case is refused until administrative processing is completed - if you check your online status, the statement should say the following: It does not mean that your case was rejected and closed.
  3. There seems to have been a lot of this going on today - see below thread: Also, it wouldn't hurt to send off an email to your embassy, just to double check.
  4. Mine as well. Apparently, the sentence to look at on your status is: "If you were informed by the consular officer that your case was refused for administrative processing, your case will remain refused while undergoing such processing." Assuming this means these cases are still open and active, despite the misleading update.
  5. The sentence to pay attention to in the US Dept. of State's notice is: "If you were informed by the consular officer that your case was refused for administrative processing, your case will remain refused while undergoing such processing." So nothing really changed as I assume we/our family members were already told this at the end of the original embassy interview.
  6. The same happened to our case today too, as well as the bulk of others waiting in AP, apparently. According to a post I just read from an immigration lawyer on Facebook, it is a new way of stating that cases under AP are considered refused until AP is over, hence the "Refused" status. I emailed my embassy just now to double check though.
  7. My fiance is Iranian as well, but now a citizen of Norway. We've been waiting in AP for 1.5 years and our case just updated today to "Refused" as well. From what I have read so far online from others, is that this was either a glitch in the computer system, or just a change in the way they note that you are in AP (for example, your case was refused at the interview, but still under AP, and not closed or rejected, hence, the Refused status.) This seems to have happened to a big chunk of applicants today, so I am not going to worry about it, but just to be safe, I have sent an email to our embassy to double check.
  8. Although a Norwegian citizen, he's originally from Iran.
  9. My fiance and I have been in administrative processing for 1.5 years now and have never been offered an "escalation for final resolution." I would take some encouragement from that response, although you won't know where they are with their process until they actually update your status letting you know it's been approved. Please post back when you finally receive the visa - there a many people stuck in the same position as you, and it always boosts moods to hear of another approval.
  10. Anyone who can write it properly can fill it in, doesn’t have to be your fiancé.
  11. The bit about a translation certification refers to official documents you may include, not really the address in the native alphabet. In my K1, we just wrote in the address in my fiance's native alphabet where it asked - no trouble from USCIS.
  12. You should be fine. I also printed out WhatsApp screen shots and they weren't the best resolution and I encountered no problems with USCIS.
  13. I actually suggested the same idea in the sight suggestions thread, but didn't get much of a response. It sure would be a helpful feature for those of us who are stuck in extended AP to have in order to get a sense of how similar cases are progressing and moving. Good luck on your case and I hope you see a resolution to your wait soon.
  14. My fiance is a Norwegian citizen, but born in Iran, so he was required to apply for a B visa to come to the US to visit me. Like you, he waited over two years for it to come through. We inquired with the embassy every couple of months until it was issued. Unless there is a reason where you know you will never again have any interest/need to travel to the US, I would recommend you keep waiting and checking in with the embassy frequently. I am sorry you are going through the frustration of not knowing what's going on - I can relate
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