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  1. Hi everybody, I have a specific question. My fiance will move from usa to me very soon and we will live together and finalize the marriage and after that we are gonna go for cr1. We intend waiting and living the process together out of the states. 1- Can she still petition me while she lives out the states? She lives in her parents house and it was her mailing address and domicile. She can proof that she lived there and she and I always can go living there. When her parents will be my joint sponsor and they meet the income requirements. 2-Does she still have to sponsor me regardless of her unemployment and income ? Because she is not gonna have income or job in the states. Thank s alot and God bless if you know the answer to my questions.
  2. Yeah, but we heard, you can't enter usa if you have an immigrant visa pending.
  3. Thank you for reaction and sharing your experiences. I think that should reconsider what visa are we going to choose. the only reason why we wanna go for k1 was that we heard k1 visa is faster to get and there is no administrative process. But cr1 visa can result in ap which can take forever and it takes more longer.
  4. Thanks a lot for information. apparently not all informations are correct on the internet😅 I thought k1 is much faster and easier to get. Because our goal is to be together as soon as possible.
  5. Sir, I got some questions regarding cr1 visa if you would have time to answer, I'll appreciate it. I just read and research about cr1. Can my fiance come to me (Europe) and waiting while cr visa is pending ? Because we heard, cr1 takes for a long time compared to k1. Can she file affidavit of support when she is there and after approval moving here ? Or must she stay there ? Because, we don't have joint sponsor! There would be no problem with domicile because she got her mailing address and house even she is abroad but she has to give her job up if she wanna come to me. So, she has no income then. Many thanks in advance
  6. That's awesome! Does it matter if we get married out of the states then ? Like in Europe?
  7. Great! Thanks a lot. Very useful information. But, for cr1, you must be married officially for more than 2 years ? Or did I get it wrong ?
  8. Hi everybody, Is it chanceless applying for k1 visa if you are in relationship for half year. Of course we met a few times and we have spent time together like 4 weeks so far. Thank you all,
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